Join Team Sunny & Try Estee Lauder New Dimension for FREE!


While contouring doesn’t seem like the hottest trend anymore (do you also have the impression that “strobing” is what everyone’s talking about nowadays?), defined facial contours never ever go out of style. Estee Lauder’s New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum is designed to do just that. The great news? You have the opportunity to get on team Sunny and show off your #BestAngle with Estee Lauder for free!

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Helen & Her Not-So-Guilty Guilty Pleasures

lola's guilty pleasures

The Beauty Spotlight Team decided that it was time for its members to reveal some of their GUILTY PLEASURES, and since they didn’t have to be beauty related we were given considerable latitude about our choices. Helen, from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog, certainly reveals many of her beauty product obsessions, but can you guess some of the other things about which she obsesses? Click here to learn what guilty pleasures delight her.

#5forFriday: High-End/Luxury Brow Product Smackdown

#5forFriday Brow Product Smackdown

I have what I call a lifelong brow complex. My eyebrows are born very sparse, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes trying to make them look normal. In this week’s #5forFriday, I am showcasing the luxury/high-end brow products in my stash. If you have similar coloring/brow issues, this is a post you do not want to miss!

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Soft & Romantic for Fall: Guerlain Bloom of Rose First Impression & Swatches

Guerlain Bloom of Rose fall 2015 photos, swatch, review, look

Guerlain is great at thinking outside the box, and their Bloom of Rose for fall 2015 is yet another example of that. While other brands are busy cooking up rich metallic colors (not that it’s a bad thing!), Guerlain has soft and romantic shades for us instead. Let’s take a quick look at *Beaugrenelle Écrin 6 Couleurs, *Crazy Bouquet KissKiss Roselip, *Orange Fizz KissKiss, *Nahema Smack Gloss d’Enfer, and *Nailift La Base[Read more…]

Hitting the Skincare Jackpot with Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Serum & Age-Defying Lip Balm

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I’ve had pretty good experience with Darphin in general, so I didn’t hesitate when the good people from Darphin asked me if I wanted to pick a few products to try. I ended up with four little gems, and today I’d like to give you the 411 on the *Exquisage Beauty Revealing Serum and *Age-Defying Lip Balm first!

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