Beauty Spotlight Team Round-Up for 19th April, 2015


This week’s Instagram highlights (follow me!):

1. Pretty much the last tulips of the year (especially with the weather heating up really fast).

2. A macro shot of the pretty Dior Pink Sunrise.

3. It’s cherry blossom season and I’m loving it!

4. Date night going to Cinderella. Way obsessed with my Lucifer tsum tsum!

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Is Dior Eye Reviver the One Neutral Palette to Rule Them All?

Dior Eye Reviver, Dior Eye Reviver palette, Dior Eye Reviver review, Dior Eye Reviver swatch,

Neutral eyeshadows never cease to get my heart pumping. A sensible person might know they all look pretty similar, but that’s clearly not me. There is so much more to it! The finish, the shimmer, the dimension… That list goes on! This summer, Dior is launching the *Eye Reviver Illuminating Neutral Eye Palette in their Backstage Pros collection. Naturally, since it is touted as a universally-flattering brightening do-it-all neutral palette, my interest is piqued…

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#5forFriday: Beauty Tools I Didn’t Know I Need

#5forFriday Beauty Tools I Didn't Know I need

You know how it is: there are plenty of things you never knew you need, but once you have them, you can never live without them again! I seldom say anything has “changed my life,” but this week’s #5forFriday is all about beauty tools that actually did in a good way!

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Dior Tie Dye Brings Lips & Tips Some Ombre Fun!

Dior Nude Fever, Red Bliss, Sunwashed, Tie Dye Top Coat

There really is plenty to like in Dior’s Tie Dye collection! After checking out Contraste Horizon and Pink Sunrise, we are moving on to some ombre fun for lips and nails!

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More of the Purse-Friendly Goodness: Givenchy Coral Décolleté & Framboise Griffée Le Rouge-A-Porter

Givenchy Coral Décolleté & Framboise Griffée Le Rouge-A-Porter

A little while ago I blogged about a new Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter, Rose Perfecto. I liked it enough to purchase two more shades, including Coral Décolleté and Framboise Griffée. Great news, people: the formula is pretty consistent from what I can see!

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