Swatch & Review: MAC Cremeblend Blush in Tea Petal

The MAC Cremeblend Blush collection came out in March 2011, and I got Tea Petal in summer. Prior to this I didn’t really own any blushes, cream or powder. I have light-to-medium skin tone (around MAC NC30), and there is a natural pink tint in my cheeks. Therefore, I was happy doing only my eye makeup because that’s what makes the biggest difference for me. However, when my best friend HM went with me to the department store for my Bobbi Brown makeover, she spotted this at the MAC counter and pointed it out for me. Being a rookie in the blush department, I was naturally a little skeptical. I mean, it is the darkest of all 6 colors, and wouldn’t a cream be all greasy on me? However, the SA has already noticed us and HM was already asking questions, so I thought I’d better roll with it and let her try that on my cheeks anyways. As it turned out, Tea Petal is so amazingly natural on me that I decided to make it my first blush!

As you can see, Tea Petal is a brick red in pan. MAC describes it as a “mid-tone reddish brown (the website actually made a spelling mistake of putting “redish” instead of “reddish” *slaps MAC on the back of the hand*), but to me it’s more red than brown. As you can see, it sweats a little in pan despite the fact that I have kept it in a dark and cool drawer. However, as far as I can tell it has not affected usage. The texture is creamy, but not sticky or wet. It actually feels very comfortable on my cheeks, especially now when the weather is colder and drier. Since the cremeblend blushes are supposed to be more neutral and natural, even this darkest shade is hard to overdo. It is true that it is very pigmented, but it blends out very smoothly and evenly. If you want it to be more intense, you can always build it up. I have been using my fingers, but duo-fiber brushes apparently work very well stippling it on cheeks. It does fade by the end of the day (though I never wear a lot of it to begin with so maybe that’s why), but it doesn’t oxidize bad on me.

My only tiny problem with this blush is that it is not one of those “cream-to-powder” cream blush. It stays creamy on my cheeks, which is not a problem for me personally. However, if I try to highlight the top of my cheekbones for example, too much highlighting powder sticks to the cream and it is impossible to blend it out afterwards. I have tried to use a very light hand, but the same thing happened. I was told that my MAC 168 is not the best for the highlighting job, but I can actually highlight when I wear a powder blush. I guess I’ll either have to invest in a duo-fiber brush soon and try again, or invest in a liquid highlighter instead. Either way, at the moment when I wear Tea Petal I skip trying to highlight the top of my cheekbones. It’s not really a real-breaker, but I have to mention it so that you guys know what you’re looking at!

If you want to see Tea Petal in action (or any product I have mentioned for that matter), please click on its tag to see all the FOTDs that feature this blush.

Bottom line: I would recommend Tea Petal to people who are looking for a cream blush, particularly those with drier skin and medium skin tone (I don’t know how well it will show on darker beauties, and if you are lighter-skinned you might have to pay more attention when it comes to blending it out).

How about you? Where do you stand on cream blushes? Are you a fan or do you avoid them? Do let me know!

Sunny xx

  • princesagr

    I haven’t used a cream blush yet (just order one from nyx), I am more on the powderish ones… Unlike you, I don’t have a rosy touch on my cheeks, I have the corpse-like white skin tone :S

    I will try mine soon and tell ya :)

    • Sunny

      Great! Please keep me posted! Can you get NYX in Greece? Here in Belgium I don’t think so!

      • princesagr

        Only by ordering online (Cherry culture or e-bay (amazing seller joy, or porkdaisy).
        Still, even with the international shipping and stuff, is super cheap!
        You live in belgium? Wow! Didn’t know!

        • Sunny

          OK, then it’s the same with Belgium!

          And yup, I’ve been living here for some years now :) We’re actually not that far from each other!

      • princesagr

        No, not really :) Cool!

        Yes, only ordering them online. Actually, many of the known brands, especially the cheaper ones, are not available to Greece.

  • fieran

    Have you tried setting your cream blush with translucent powder first? That works for me .. to add a highlighter on top later.

    • Sunny

      Somebody actually told me about this but I haven’t got to try it yet! I will soon and I’ll let you know :)

      I was also told that MAC 168 is not the best brush for highlighting, because it picks up too much product. I now have a duo-fiber one so we’ll see if it helps!