Swatch & Review: ICI PARIS XL ONLY YOU Spring/Summer Limited Edition 113 Banana Split, 178 Acid Love, 213 Pink Kiss, 313 Miss Bikini, & 383 Wasabi

Hey everyone!

Remember a while ago I swatched and reviewed some ICI PARIS XL ONLY YOU shades for you? I was very impressed with the brush and the formula. Today I’m showing you their spring/summer limited edition shades. Let’s see how these super fun and bright colors perform!

All swatches are done with base coat and two coats. No top coat so you can see how glossy they are on their own!

This is 113 Banana Split. I haven’t previously owned any yellow, but pastel yellow is one of the “it” colors this season so I was very excited to try! In bottle this shade is slightly shimmery, but the shimmer doesn’t transfer onto nails. Instead, it just has a lovely sheen. I absolutely adore the color, but my gripe with this one is the formula is pretty thick. The texture is almost like mousse and it is not very easy to work with. The result still looks pretty good, but I wish the formula were a little thinner.

178 Acid Love is another hot color of the year, namely tangerine tango! It is coral/orange, and I was smittened! The formula with this one is on the thin side, almost runny but not quite. Like everything else in this collection, two coats achieve complete opacity! This one has a creme finish.

213 Pink Kiss is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch! I have tried fuchsia/plum before, but it didn’t go all that well so I was a little wary of Pink Kiss. As soon as I was done with the first coat however, I knew it’s THE winner! The formula JUST right: it is pigmented and smooth enough to be a one-coater. I did two for good measure, but if you only have time for one, this polish is a good bet! This has a slight shimmer in the bottle, which translates into a sheen on nails. Gorgeous!

383 Wasabi is a fantastic chartreuse. It again has some shimmer in the bottle, but on the nails it’s hard to see any shimmer. The formula is pretty thin, and the first coat was rather streaky. However, it is all nicely smoothed out with the second one, and it becomes completely opaque as well.

Last but not least, I bring you 313 Miss Bikini. Contrary to my worries, this periwinkle blue does not clash horribly with my skin tone! It is still not a color I would reach out for on a daily basis, but it’s really not bad! This one also has a slight shimmer, and under the sun you can see a little bit of it, but it is not very visible. There are two things I don’t like so much about this nail polish though. First of all, the formula is pretty thick. It requires some effort to smooth it out. Second of all, this shade stains pretty bad. I did use a base coat, but still it was hard to remove everything. Unfortunately it was the first shade I chose to swatch, so my blood pressure basically shot through the roof lol

All in all, these are bright and fun shades that are perfect for spring/summer. Formula-wise, Pink Kiss stands out the most, Wasabi and Acid Love are thin but easy to work with, and Banana Split and Miss Bikini require a little more work because it’s thicker. Also, be warned that Miss Bikini is hard to remove. If you like the color and don’t mind dealing with some staining, you should go ahead. However, I would really recommend using a base coat when you wear this shade. Generally speaking, these polishes wear as well on me as Zoya or China Glaze, which is 3-4 days with minimal chip and tip wear.

With some help from Muffin, my personal favorites are these three:

How about you? Did you see anything you like? What are some of the “it” shades this season you have tried or want to try? What are your favorite nail polishes for spring/summer?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: The recommended retail price of ONLY YOU polishes is 4.95 per bottle (10ml). I think the 3 for 9.95 promotion is still going on, but I have no information as to when it will end.

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review are sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

  • pearlessence

    Awwwwww Muffin! She’s adorable!

    All the colours look so fun – but the yellow one piques my interest the most. It’s such a nice yellow without looking garish (like old yellowed claws in scary movies LOL). My friend once told me that painting yellow polish indicates your polish skills because it’s so difficult to apply without it looking streaky. Was this true for you?

    • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

      Haha thanks for the compliment! Muffin is super easy-going, and she’s almost always on someone’s lap (or close to Tango) when she is not zooming around the house doing her kitty things :)

      I don’t think it’s the color that determines the difficulty, I think it’s the formula. I really enjoy Banana Split in terms of shade, but the formula was on the thick side. Luckily it was nice and smooth after two coats though. I’m sure if you find a polish with the right formula, any color is easily workable!

      • pearlessence

        Muffin sounds like a dear. I’m envious! 😛

        …I have more to say about Muffin than I do about polish LOL

        • Sunny

          Haha, she does stupid kitty things like all the other kitties, but she is a sweetheart :)

          Do try to find a pastel yellow though. It’s big this year and it’d highly possibly look great on you!

          • pearlessence

            I’ll look for one! I recently got a pink and I thought it looked really weird with my skin tone… We’ll see haha.

  • Phil (@Mirror_Reality)

    Big fan of the tangerine orange color. Same as my car none the less, I’m very on trend at the moment.
    Don’t think the blue is quite your thing but the others look good. Enjoy 😉

    • Sunny

      LOL I’d love to see a picture of your car! Nope, blue is not really my thing. I more or less knew it would be my least favorite of the bunch and that’s why I swatched it first to get it out of my way… and it turned out to be the only one that stains so grrr *facepalm*

  • BeautyLoves

    I love Acid Love and Pink Kiss!

    • Sunny

      Hey Stamatia! I love those two too, but my inner weirdo also adores Wasabi and Banana Split :p

  • kofykat

    Pink kiss and wasabi look brilliant on you. I wish I could get my hands on some of these products….. looks very promising.

    • Sunny

      Thanks hon! These are really pretty cool! This season there are a lot of similar ones coming out though. I hope you’ll be able to find something in the same vein! xx

      • kofykat

        Well considering that you can’t even get zoya or china glaze here i’ll have a tough time. but yeah, i’ll look around for a few local brands.

        • Sunny

          Zoya is unavailable here in Belgium too. In fact, I think the distribution is just super limited to begin with. I’m sure a lot of brands offer nude beige shades though, so good luck with your hunt! xx

          • kofykat

            I already have an excellent nude shade (reviewed faces russet) but then again we all lke to hunt for other products don’t we

  • Emi (@projectswatch1)

    These are gorgeous! I love creme polishes. The coral/orange is my favorite!

    • Sunny

      Cream is actually not my favorite finish, but these are bright enough for me to feel happy!

  • chromamesilly

    Wasabi and Miss Bikini look amazing! And im not sure if its just me, but I have yet to try a yellow polish that hasn’t had a super weird consistency. Anyone else have that problem?

    • Sunny

      Ooo I’d LOVE to hear what everyone has to say about this. It’s my first yellow so I can’t tell. I just saw a Mavala one today (Lemon Cream. It’s from their spring 2012 collection) though. Maybe I should get it just to prove the point lol

      • chromamesilly

        We should do some sort of science experiment. At least from my experience, yellow polish is always the stubborn -_-

    • Annebeth Bels

      I can attest for this, I have a yellow one from H&M and it’s streaky as HELL

      • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

        Is it like purple eyeshadows? For some reason it’s harder to find purple eyeshadows that are pigmented and smooth (though you’d think the technology behind is the same with every other color)!

  • Bellachique

    Pink Kiss is such a nice hot colour! Muffin is looking sooo cute in this picture!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Teri! Yeah, and the formula is absolutely the best. One coater! Great if you want to save some time :p

  • Annebeth Bels

    wasabi is my fave, so cute! and a unique color as well

    • Sunny

      Thanks Annebeth! I really like it as well!

  • Naomi Hing

    The yellow shade looks so Sunny! hehe

  • blissno9

    omg love all of these!!!