Swatch & Review: Dior Addict Extreme Takes You from Day to Night, from Girl Next Door to Femme Fatale in Incognito (316), Plaza (476), Lucky (536), Riviera (639)

Hey everybody,

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a good one! Spring is on full-blast in Belgium, and it’s hard not to want to twirl around or wear a nice bright lipstick!

If you’re still looking for a perfect spring lipstick, I’m here to show you four Dior Addict Extreme candidates including Incognito, Plaza, Lucky, and Riviera!

Incognito (316) is a pinky beige nude. Let me just say it is next to impossible to find a nude that doesn’t wash me out, but Incognito is nearly there. I think with darker eyes and some blush I will be able to make it work!

Plaza (476) is a mauvy pink. This is a shade that I quite unexpectedly fell in love with, and it pairs oh-so-well with MAC Sunday Afternoon!

Lucky is a cool-toned red. I thought I would look horrible with one, but with the glossiness and sheerness I can actually manage! With that said, if you want to experiment with a color that you usually shy away from, I think this range is a good jumping board because nothing is too opaque or stark!

Riviera virtually curls my toes! It’s an almost neon tangerine when you build it up throughout the day, but otherwise it’s just a friendly, juicy orange.

See, isn’t it a shade that makes you want to make some noise?

Now the arm swatch in case you want to see it as well:

Packaging-wise these definitely live up to what you would expect from a luxury makeup brand. The dark blue plastic cape and the silver part look very elegant together. It is slightly chunkier than an average lipstick, but no detail about Addict Extreme doesn't speak class! It has a faint perfumery scent like most luxury lipstick, but it is not very strong and is hardly noticeable after application. The formula is sheer and glossy. In one pass they give you a sheer layer of color. However, you can definitely blot it out and add a second one if you want more impact. The texture is absolutely adorable. It glides on beautifully without tugging, sinking into fine lines, or looking uneven. In fact, it feels better than most lip balms I have tried, and they are very moisturizing. I have spent the past week or so wearing only these, and at the end of the day my lips are always soft and supple. It’s quite an achievement considering my lips tend to dry out fast without a balm! Wear time isn't the forte of Addict Extreme. The glossy balmy feeling disappears after about two hours or so. However, the pigment stays even after food and drinks. The BEAUTIFUL part of this lipstick is the fact that with the long-lasting pigment, if you reapply the color just adds up. Imagine waking up in the morning and wanting something easy, Addict Extreme has you covered. If you want to go more dramatic by the end of the day, perhaps for a hot date or a girls’ night out, Addict Extreme STILL has you covered. If you carry one in your bag you’re ready for everything! Removing is also easy-breezy, not a bloody battle which is amazing considering how well the pigment lasts!

Bottom line: If you’re looking for opaque colors, skip Dior Addict Extreme. If you’re looking for a lipstick with an excellent formula, incredible versatility, and cheerful color range, then you should definitely look into it!

What do you think? Have you tried any Dior Addict Extremes? Is there anything that caught your eye?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator

PS: I have worn Riviera (both the Addict Extreme and Vernis) in this FOTD/NOTD if you would like to see. I will definitely do more so keep your eyes peeled! Also, the swatch/review of the Vernis is coming soon so you can look forward to that!

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review are sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

  • Bellachique

    I really love the shades of these lipsticks! When I saw you you were wearing them, right? They are just stunning!

    • Sunny

      Yup! I was wearing Riviera and Plaza when I saw you this week I think :) They do such a good job smoothing lip lines out. It’s incredible!

  • pearlessence

    New layout! :)

    • Sunny

      Yes! Do you like it better? The header is still temporary though.

      • pearlessence

        It’s unfamiliar – like when I open the page it’s like “Woah this isn’t Sunny’s page!” haha. But I am a fan of the general layout (it’s like mine! Content on the left and sidebars on the right) so I do like it :)

        • Sunny

          LOL It’ll just keep getting better, so keep your eyes peeled :)

  • Pamela Ridwan

    I like Plaza,the mauve one the best! really pretty for everyday use I think. A good alternaive for washed out nude.
    and I like your new layout!! 😀

  • Emi (@projectswatch1)

    I LOVE Riviera! So gorgeous. And I really like the blog redesign too :)

  • naomihing

    Hi Sunny! Happy Sunday! love the new layout and these dior lipsticks too!

  • Devorah

    amazing colors and great post!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Devorah! You should give these a try and see how you like them xx

  • Born in 86

    Thank you for your sweet comment !
    I love the “plaza” color !
    lovely post !

    • Sunny

      Hey hon I REALLY like your outfit!

      Plaza is definitely one of my favorites (but it’s a tie among the 3 brighter shades lol)! I think it’d pair well with MAC Butterfly Dreams too. I’ll have to try!

  • petra

    Superleuke kleuren, vooral de nude is mijn favoriet!

    • Sunny

      Hey Petra! Yup Incognito is wonderful. I think it looks a lot better on someone fairer though. Most “nudes” wash me out. If a “nude” doesn’t wash me out it’s a pink for someone else already lol

  • Chris

    Riviera is beautiful. Have you ever tried the Dior eyeshadow quints?

    Just curious, did Dior contact you to review these, or did you contact them?

    • Sunny

      Nope Christina, I’ve never tried any Dior eyeshadows yet but I’d love to! I’ll e-mail you in a sec :)

  • chromamesilly

    Dior packaging makes my heart sing. lol
    You got some great colors! they look delicious!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Thalia! Yup I like the packaging too. Have you seen Guerlain Rouge Automatique though (I reviewed one a while ago)? It’s super amazing (and you’ll never have to worry about losing the cap)!

  • mjacqueline

    I am telling myself not to buy any more lipsticks for the time being but I think I have to have just one Dior Extreme. Your swatches are enticing. Riviera and Lucky look like my kind of colours.

    • Sunny

      Haha yes Jacqueline you should really try one! The way the pigment builds up is really amazing! It goes from a sheer juicy color to bright neon!

  • lena

    i love sheer lippies! (you prolly know that already. lol)
    the incognito shade looks so nice and i want!!

    btw, love your new layout and fonts! :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Lena! There’s just something about sheer lippies that’s so easy to wear. It could be really toned down, but with these every time you apply some more pigment stays, so by the end of the day the color could be really vibrant!

      Thanks for the compliment. I was toying with different themes and thought this one looks cleaner. I’m in the process of designing a proper header too, so it will come xx

  • Annebeth Bels

    I think you accidentally used the orange picture twice in the close up, the pink one (your fave and mine too) looks very orange in close up? I always love your reviews, very thorough and nicely written. These aren’t pigmented enough for me, I love bright or opaque lippies! 😀

    • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

      Hey Annebeth, I just double-checked and I don’t think I did! If you look at the group shots, sometimes there’s very little difference between Lucky and Riviera! In person they look different enough, but right next to each other (especially probably because my camera isn’t the best) it gets a little confusing.

      You look really good with bright and opaque lippies! I’m really only venturing out of the “my lips but better” world, so these are perfect for me! Also, you can really build it up and by the end of the day they could be uber bright too! xx

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Hiii!! What do you think of them compared to the revlon lip butters? Seems like a similar genre of lip product lol. (I just need to remember I don’t need them!!) I do like the new layout – its very minimal! :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Joyce, I think Revlon Lip Butters don’t really measure up to be honest. I know that they sound similar, but the lip butters slide right off while these leave enough pigment on lips to be built up throughout the day. After a couple of applications, there is enough pigment to last me through a meal (it fades, but it doesn’t just abandon me). I love it for events. I know I can pick at finger food and drink something while having some lovely color on my lips!

      Thanks for liking the new layout! I think it looks a lot cleaner!

      • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

        Yes I agree! :) Hmm ok then I’ll definitely have to check it out, because I love when color lingers. I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where I would regularly reapply lip color during the day :/ Maybe I just need practice lol!

        • Sunny

          I can reapply a couple of times I guess, but no more than that! That’s why I prefer to wear bolder eye looks in general. You shouldn’t have to touch that up!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    I like all colours! I still have to test them but after reading your review i’m convinced i’ll like them!

    • Sunny

      Oooo you’re in for a treat, Peggy! These are so comfortable to wear, and super versatile!

  • Tina B

    I can’t figure out why there is a Dior Addict and an Addict Extreme and the Extreme is a sheer lipstick? HELP!

    • Sunny

      Hey Tina, I think it’s just a new line with a new name. I actually haven’t tried Dior Addict so I can’t really compare the formulas. Sorry!