Shine Brighter Than the Star with Guerlain Shine Automatique! Sous Le Vent, Extrait de Rose, À La Parisienne, & Rose Pompon Swatch, Review, FOTDs

Ever since I raved on and on about Guerlain Rouge Automatique, my obsession with Guerlain lipsticks has not been a secret. I’ve tried great lipsticks afterwards, but to me personally Guerlain remains THE brand that knows all the secrets about great lipsticks. Should we see if Shine Automatique, a new line of Guerlain lipsticks that was launched very recently, lives up to the same expectations?

I know nothing about the technology involved in making a lipstick formula, but Shine Automatique makes a lot or promises! In a nutshell, it is supposed to offer coverage without being thick or heavy, radiant color without being frosty, and shimmery pearly particles that give lips exceptional shine.

Sous Le Vent (200) is a nude-ish brownish shade. I suspected that like all nudes, it would wash me out. But lo and behold, it does NOT! I think it deserves a prize for that, because anything REMOTELY nude-ish usually washes me out beyond recognition. The shimmer in this one is slightly less apparent, but it’s definitely still there.

Extrait de Rose (262) is a beautiful fuschia. The shimmer in this one does shine like crazy, and to be honest it’s probably my favorite out of the bunch! It’s such a happy color!

A La Parisienne (263) is a very complex shade. It looks pretty red in the tube, but on me I see pink, red, and coral. It is very beautiful, and I don’t think I own anything comparable!

Rose Pompon (264) is a brownish raisin color. It’s another color that I suspected wouldn’t work for me. If this shade were opaque I would definitely not be able to make it work. However, this formula magically enables me to wear it!

Here is the arm swatch if you want to see it. I’m really sorry I made a mistake and swatched Rose Pompon (264) before A La Parisienne (263), but I did label the swatches so hopefully there will be no confusion!

I have reviewed the packaging and smell in details in my Rouge Automatique Coque d’Or post, and they stay the same. I am a fan of the mechanism, the precise tip, and the slight perfumery smell does not bother me.

Shine Automatique are a different type of lipsticks, and I think it will all come down to personal preferences between Shine Automatique and her big sister, Rouge Automatique. Despite the fact that the colors are not “opaque,” in a strange way these lipsticks do provide lips with just enough color and shine. The shimmer is very beautiful and fine. It is not the rough type of glitter that makes your lips feel like sandpaper. If you wear it the whole day, with all the talking, drinking, and eating, you will find some shimmer around your lips. However, it doesn’t travel far, and it is so fine that it doesn’t bother me (read: no risk of looking like a disco ball). The texture is spot-on. It’s creamy enough to glide on, but not slippery so it slips right off you. It won’t survive a meal, but it doesn’t entirely disappear after a drink. On me it wears around 2.5 hours. It’s as moisturizing as Rouge Automatique. I have woken up with slightly drier lips, but a while after applying it my lips became as smooth as they would be with a good lip balm! Also, it doesn’t cling onto the dry bits or imperfection. It’s very comfortable on the lips and not waxy at all!

Bottom line: What I love about this formula is I think it makes every shade wearable for everyone. If you have always wanted to wear a certain type of colors but can’t make it work for you, these are a good bet. It’s moisturizing, glossy, and it does shimmer in the best possible way. For everything this lipstick promises, it truly delivers. With that said, I remain a die-hard fan of Guerlain lipsticks! I want to check other shades out now!

What do you think? Is Shine Automatique something you might want to look into? How do you feel about the general lipstick/balm/gloss hybrid lip products that have been sprouting up on the market?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review are sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

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  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Awesome! Those were all the colors I wanted to see! I really don’t need another lipstick…! Oh dear

    • Sunny

      Haha a woman ALWAYS needs another lipstick/pair of shoes. It’s scary how new and better things KEEP COMING OUT right 😉

  • Dovey

    All these colors are beautiful, but I’d have to say I’m partial to the neutral color of Rose Pompon!

    • Sunny

      Hey Dovey! So nice of you to swing by and leave a comment! I honestly didn’t think Rose Pompon would work for me but it did! Were this shade opaque I’d probably not be able to pull it off at all :)

  • Mimi (@MUWithdrawal)

    All of these shades look gorgeous on you! Though I’m not big on shimmer, if it lacked that, I’d be sucked it!

    • Sunny

      Hey Mimi, in that case you should check Rouge Automatique out! I remain a loyal fan of those, and a lot of them do not contain shimmer :)

  • Esmay

    Oh my god. They are all so pretty and I have to have them. Perfect tropical summer colors <3

    • Sunny

      Hey Esmay, they are! I think these are probably especially good for the coming season. I like some shimmer for summer!

  • sugarmitten

    They all look so pretty on you!

    • Sunny

      Yay thanks Amy! You’re too sweet :)

  • purrplecatclaws

    i have extrait de rose and i absolutely love it too 😀 i like the subtle fragrance, actually! makes me feel classy when i’m applying the lipstick :p

    • Sunny

      Yay I’m glad to hear you like it! That’s really my pick for the season! I eventually got used to the perfumery smell luxury lipsticks tend to have. It doesn’t bother me per se, but I did feel a little old lol

      • purrplecatclaws

        this prolly sounds crazy, but guerlain has a 2-for-1 promotion for the launch of these shine automatiques in my country, but i decided to skip because i felt that i already had the best of them all :S

  • Cherry Lane

    All the colours look really pretty on you :-)

    • Sunny

      Thanks hon! I really think EVERYONE can pull of almost every color in this line! I swatched some more at the Guerlain counter the other day, and I really think they could ALL work!

  • mykingdomforadress

    Gorgeous colours… I have been a Rouge Coco Shine-addict for quite some time now, but these need to be tried out asap!

    • Sunny

      Oh I actually haven’t tried Rouge Coco Shine yet! Now come to think of it I might have to, but Guerlain lipsticks have a VERY special place in my heart :)

  • pamela ridwan

    I love rose pompon the best!! really pretty! guerlain lipsticks always make me want to buy all of them!! T.T

    • Sunny

      Hey Pamela, yeah I know! That’s really the only problem with Guerlain lipstick! I already really want at least 2 other shades, and considering there are only 12 in this line, that’s so going over the top!

  • mjacqueline

    I drooled! I love La Parisienne, it is my shade. It looks so good on you Sunny. I am trying not to buy any more lipsticks, you are so not helping :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Jacqueline! Oh well, it’s nice (and horrible) how great things keep coming out right? You should give A La Parisienne a try. It’s all kind of gorgeous. I do suspect different skin tone is going to pull different colors out of this one too.

      • mjacqueline

        Oh Sunny, I am putting myself on a lipstick ban for the time being. I look at my lipstick stash and I’m shaking my head. I must resist. I must resist.

  • Tina B

    These look like the most luxuriously beautiful lipsticks and it really does seem like every shade is wearable on every person. I’m dying over these!

    • Sunny

      Hey Tina, you really should try them when you can! They’re uber amazing!

  • wheetnee

    They all look so pretty,,,and I love the packaging. I’m so sucked into cute packaging, Tempted to get one!!

    • Sunny

      Hey hon, haha I understand. These are not only luxurious. They’re also very practical! You only need one hand to put your lipstick on and you’ll never have to worry about losing the cap!

  • projectswatch

    Ooh, I’m so jealous that you have these – they are gorgeous, and I looooove Guerlain’s formulas.

    • Sunny

      They really are! I don’t know how Guerlain does it, but their lipstick formula is systematically 5 steps ahead of everybody else!

  • fancieland

    These are gorgeous Sunny and look so adorable on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks hon! They are nice and shimmery too, so if that’s your thing you should give them a try! The ONLY problem is you will find it hard to fall for any other lipsticks in the future hehe

      • fancieland

        They look like they’ll be that good!

  • Rainy Days & Lattes

    Anything that’s multi-taskable is a plus in my book, err, makeup bag :) I think Guerlain has come up with some of the most sophisticated makeup and their lipsticks and lip glosses are no exception! I like shade 262 rose. It’s beautiful! They all look nice on you though 😀

    • Sunny

      Exactly! I don’t need a separate lip balm with these! You should really try these out. I bet everybody can pull every shade off :)

  • Jessica

    All of these shades are absolutely stunning! You pull each and everyone one off so wonderfully, I must admit that you’re not helping me narrow down my wish list 😉

    ♥ Jessica

    • Sunny

      Hey Jessica! The thing with these is that I think everybody can pull any color off in the line! You should pick a color you haven’t really got into and see how it works for you :)

  • Chris

    I like #264. Contrary to your desires. I would want it to be opaque, because I’m vampy that way. :)

    • Sunny

      Haha I’m a total wimp when it comes to lipsticks! Something like this is really JUST perfect for me :)

  • bellachique

    Omg, I might need the fuchsia one, it has my name writeen all over it, lol! I was a bit sceptical about the glitters, but they look fine on your lips, great pictures again girl!

    • Sunny

      LOL that’s also my favorite out of the bunch for the moment! It’s a GREAT one for summer. Thanks for complimenting on the pics Teri! I’ll try to keep them up to standard :)