Dior Golden Jungle Taipei Launch! Swatches, FOTD, NOTD

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went to the Dior Golden Jungle Launch in Taipei. Since it’s one of the collections I was looking forward to the most this autumn, I took a whole bunch of photos and swatched some pieces for you! There are also some FOTDs and NOTDs if you want to see the pieces in action. I hope you’re getting excited!

The event took place at the Wedgewood Tea Room. Since it’s on top of the department store building and each of us had a working station to ourselves, I had quite possibly the best lighting and surface to work with to date. The head artist of Dior demonstrated on a model how to work with different products, from the foundation routine to the finished face with a simple smokey eye.

We also each had an SA to help us complete the look. Mine had a much harder time because I kept swatching things and asking for tissues/makeup remover!

Despite the fact that I am neither a fan of crackle polishes nor one of crocodiles, the second I saw the promotional image of Dior Crocodile Leather Effect Nails I was intrigued. When I saw it on the SAs last week, I was pretty sure I wanted to take it home!

The Crocodile Leather Effect Nails come in a set with two nail polishes, including the base (gold) and the crackle (khaki green). The first thing I noticed about these is that the brushes are not typical Dior Vernis brushes. They are longer and not tapered (in other words closer to the ones you’d see from other brands). The SA told me that this is done on purpose, as if you make the coats TOO even it wouldn’t work as well.

The effect could be extremely fine if you put on very thin layers, but also much more obvious with thicker coats. I removed the nail polish on my ring finger to show you (it’s OPI Glitzerland on the rest if you are curious).

Here the coats are extremely thin, and I would almost consider it as a failed attempt because the colors aren’t coming out. I also tried a layer of the crackle on my pinky (where two coats of OPI Glitzerland weren’t removed), and the lines are SO fine that you almost don’t see them. Fail!

I used thicker coats the second time around and it worked much better! I know that you could make the coats even thicker to have the pattern looking yet again different, so it really depends on what you’re after! What I love about it is the fact that it requires one coat each, and the texture is fine instead of rubbery. Also, just to be honest, I think it’s by far the prettiest crackle effect I’ve seen!

The Khaki Design 5-Couleurs Designers has 4 eyeshadows and one liner. I think the color combination is fabulous, and the fact that they included a liner also makes it very practical (though I can’t testify how well it works/holds up). However, the two lighter shades have a chalkier texture and they aren’t very pigmented on me.

Golden Savannah on the other hand comes with 5 good-performing shades. The only one that is not very pigmented is the golden shade in the middle. However, I do think it is sheer by design. It would work well to highlight your inner corners, the center of your eyes, or even layer over other shades. This is a quint that would be great for smokier looks, and I am personally satisfied with the quality!

Now, what did I learn from the head makeup artist? I learnt how to do a simple smokey eye with Golden Khaki!

Let me get this out first: I think the pattern is fabulous. I don’t own/wear anything with leopard print, but this one is very nicely put-together! I had doubts about picking individual colors up with brushes, though now that I’ve played with it I can tell you it is possible (not a big and fluffy brush, but something like MAC 239 should work)!

The texture/pigmentation are not the best I’ve seen from Dior, and I wasn’t sure how it would work. The head makeup artist taught us to first line the waterline and lash line with a pencil liner before mixing the two darker shades and using the mixture all over our lids. As soon as it hit my lid I breathed a sigh of relief, as it didn’t take a lot of building up for the color to show up (I did have UDPP on, but that’s what I systematically do). The fallout was minimal as well (there was a tiny bit, but it’s most probably because I only had a sponge applicator to work with). Since I had extra time, I also worked the darkest shade into my outer v/crease, highlighted the inner corners/center of my eyes/brow bones with the lightest one. Some liquid eyeliner (I took my own) and mascara later it was done, and I like the result very much!

(Do excuse the foundation shade. I could write a whole post about the “wanting to look fair” thing and what effect this concept has on SAs recommending foundation shades, but I won’t bore you here)

The gloss isn’t very pigmented, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be lost on my lips. Nevertheless I think it’s a cute palette to tote around if you ever need some touching up!

All in all it was a fun experience, and I did go home with Crocodile Leather Effect Nails. I’m pretty sure I’ll get Golden Savannah at some point, though that’ll probably have to wait till I’m back in Belgium!

Have you seen Dior Golden Jungle? Does anything from this collection interest you? What are some other autumn collections that you can’t wait to lay your hands on?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • fancieland

    Those shadows look so nice and velvety!!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Yup they are, especially Golden Savannah!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I agree–that is the first “crackle” polish I could actually get on board with. It looks so chic–trust in Dior to create the only chic-looking crackle polish

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      I’m with you! I honestly didn’t know anyone would be able to make a crackle that I want to wear, but of course if that anyone existed it has to be Dior!

  • http://feveragnes.blogspot.com Miss Kwong

    i love this season’s Dior. I love how ‘safari’ it is… very wearable!!!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Exactly! At the same time it’s also a lot of fun!

  • http://www.mysweetcandylife.blogspot.com Esmay

    That leopard print palette is awesome! Only for that I want it haha!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha I hear you Esmay! I almost never collect palettes because they look good, but for this one I might make an exception!

  • http://beautybylinde.blogspot.com/ Beauty by Linde

    Love that crackle polish! And your top as well :)

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Thanks Linde! It’s actually a dress by Lavand :)

  • http://www.blushingnoir.com Brooke @ BlushingNoir

    I am dyinggggg for that crackle!!!!!!!!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Get it, Brooke! It’s been on my nail for 2 days now and it’s intact! I also did one coat of the gold polish on my pinky last night and it’s beautifully opaque in one (slightly thicker) coat!

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    I loooove this collection, it’s almost perfect! The crackle is so pretty, I want it now! I’m definitely going to buy the golden savannah quint.Gosh, it looks like you had a great time there and the look is so beautiful on you!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      I know!!! I WILL have Golden Savannah too. It’s a great quint for smokier looks!

  • http://www.memoiselle.com Memoiselle

    I think Fall collections winner is from Dior! The fall collection is gorgeous and very wide. I bought 2 eyeshadows from this collection and totally loving it. What surprised me is the croc le vernis, at first I thought it’s going to be just another kind of shatter polish but I know I am wrong. The crack of this polish totally resembles croc skin :) gorgeous!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      It’s the best crackle I have seen! I can’t wait to put it allll over my nails when the weather cools down a bit!

  • Libby

    Oooooh, Golden Savannah looks amazing. You now have me chanting, “I shall not splurge or indulge” repeatedly.

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha it IS, Libby! I’m pretty impressed with the quality as well. There’s no dud in the quint!

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    Oooh me is very excited ! The khaki palette is gorgeous ! Looks like an ideal palette to use for an office – look. Your crocodiles comment made me laugh :p

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha but that’s not supposed to be funny! Crocodiles really scare me!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      LOL I really am not a fan of crocodiles. It’s better nowadays, but I used to hate even seeing them on TV!

  • http://leisurelysensitive.blogspot.com Yak Man

    awesome :o, even on your holiday in Taipei you still do things for your blog like going to events, hihi!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      I had so much fun it doesn’t feel like “working” for the blog at all!

  • Myna Bautista

    Do you know when are we receiving this collection in Belgium? I definitely would like to buy the golden savannah.

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Hey doll, this collection will be available in Belgium on August 22nd. Hope it helps! I’m totally getting Golden Savannah as well!

      • Myna Bautista

        thanks for the info.

  • nawi

    Thanks for the great review I totally hear what you said about the crackle nail polish up until now I did not go for it today the lady at the store was wearing it and it looked great on her she asked if she could put it on me I hesitated at first because as I said I do not do crackle nail polish but I let her paint my nails with it and got so many compliments today I regretted not getting it right away but I will defintely go back tomorrow and purchuse it, a collegue of mind describe it as a very chique crackle nail polish and she did not know it was from Dior!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Hey girly, I’m glad it worked well for you! I have the full swatch/review coming up tomorrow so make sure you tune in for that! xx