Becca Damselfly Mineral Blush Makes Me Pray for Eternal Summer!

A while ago when I was bitten by the coral bug, I ordered Becca Damselfly Mineral Blush on Zuneta. I know that Becca is more famous for their Beach Tints, but most shades happened to be out of stock. Since I was getting Le Metier de Beaute Coral Nymph already, I reckoned a powder blush wouldn’t hurt!

The blush compact is really interesting. There is a silver part in the middle with the brand name etched on it, and the rest is brown rubber. It is so peculiar that even Dr. D was curious about what it is. Allow me to reassure you this almost never happens!

The blush might not seem big, but it does contain 6 grams (0.20 oz) of product just like most other blushes (Tarte, MAC…). The compact isn’t hefty, but it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic either which is a big bonus! It also comes with a mirror, which might come in handy!

Damselfly is a coral orange with golden sheen. The powder is silky fine without feeling powdery, and the sheen is subtle and natural. It practically blends itself out, and I’ve never had any problems with it not looking natural on me. The pigmentation is strong enough without the danger of overdoing it in an instant. The formula wears amazingly well as well! In Belgium it lasts all day on me, barely fading by the end of the day. Even in Taipei it wears 8 hours before being broken down by sweat and oil, but it wouldn’t oxidize or disappear!

I have worn it on top of Le Metier de Beaute Coral Nymph, and the combination goes from day to night. I am very impressed with the formula, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this particular shade to all those who have a warmer undertone. It’s so easy to wear in summer!

Here’s the ingredient list if anyone needs it:

Bottom line: Amazing texture, pigmentation, and color! Becca hits all the right spots with Damselfly, and it is a brand that I would love to get to know! If you’re looking for a good coral orange blush, make sure you take Damselfly into consideration!

What are your favorite products from Becca? Have you tried any of their blushes? What is your favorite coral blush?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Damselfly looks amazing on you Sunny!!! I was eyeing this one a while back but decided to go for a few other blushes instead…I still need to get this though. I actually don’t own any Becca products!! :(

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Becca! You should really try this. I’m positive it’ll look fantastic on you!

  • Esmay

    I love the colours of this blush, they are just perfect! Didn’t know the brand but it looks interesting!

    • Sunny

      Hey Esmay, Becca is not a BIG brand and I don’t think they do as much marketing as some others, but if you’ve ever laid one finger on their powder products you’ll know it’s a GREAT one!

  • chromamesilly

    Love this! Looks so pretty!

    • Sunny

      It is! I bet it’ll look great on you too!

  • ValleyDoll

    Very pretty ! Indeed an easy color to wear. I do not own any Becca products so I really have no experience with it.

  • annassophiabeautyblog

    Looks good on you! Love the colour. Pretty!

  • sukie (@sukiek88)

    For some reason, the swatch on your arm reminded me of Benefit’s Coralista! I’m really drawn to the unique packaging but I’m not a fan of rubberised packaging. Having said that however you have tempted me into purchasing one of these! =D

    • Sunny

      Haha you should at least swatch these! The texture is way too darn amazing!

  • mjacqueline

    Sunny, that is a lovely looking blush. I used to own one of their cream blushes called Amaryllis. Lovely texture too.

    • Sunny

      Ahhh now I have to look into their cream blushes too lol

  • Beautiful Kayekie

    Now that is a beautiful shade!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Perfect coral on you! I have never tried their powder blushes,but I guess I should haha!

    • Sunny

      You should Tracy! I’d love to know how you like the texture!

  • deijsprinses

    There is a make-up line named after my nickname? No way 😉

    • Sunny

      Haha I think it’s called Becca because the founder’s name is Rebecca, so yeah that sounds entirely possible :)

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    I don’t know this brand but it looks really good on you this colour, that’s a fact!

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks so much Peggy!

  • Ruby

    I have been waiting to try their cream blushes and this looks tempting too

    • Sunny

      They just added 2 new colors to the line-up earlier in July, so definitely check it out!

  • L e n a

    i really like the packaging and the color looks so pretty on you, Sunny!
    i am not familiar with Becca but this makes me curious enough. 😉

    • Sunny

      Haha you like the futuristic packaging? The Becca powder products I’ve swatched are SO fine. You should take a look at them!

  • Teri

    It’s a very interesting packaging idd, looks a bit futuristic if you ask me, hehe. Love the coral on you, I can’t believe you never had a coral blush before!

    • Sunny

      Ooo this is not my first coral blush Teri! I just wanted MORE of those LOL

  • Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    This color is SO gorgeous, I love it. It’s like, if I were to design a blush line, a color just like this would be in it. :)

    • Sunny

      I’m with you Catherine! I’m not big on blushes, but these types of colors steal my heart :)

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Pretty! I definitely need to try things from the brand! Besides this, do you have favorite Becca products? :)

  • Libby

    Oh! This is the one Becca blush I own and I love it as well. It’s great for those days in which I just need some color on my cheeks and nothing too obvious. There isn’t any shimmer so it’s perfect for every day wear. I love it :)

    Becca’s one of those brands I want to explore/learn more about as well, but it’s fairly expensive since they ship here to USA and the price tag always keeps me from indulging to much (I hear their shimmering skin perfectors are lovely too?).

    The color looks lovely on you :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Libby, I have no idea that Becca is more expensive in the US! I saw the liquid highlighter but the bottle’s really too big for me (I very often forget to use a highlighter altogether) so I didn’t get it. Hoping to find a travel-size tube somewhere!

      • Libby

        Yeah! Somewhat annoying that the products are more expensive, but I can’t complain too much as the US often gets more decently priced makeup (esp when compared to Australia!)

        Oooh! I’ll keep an eye out if I see a travel-sized one as well. I have a friend who mixes it in with her daily moisturizer for a glow (when really I know it’s just her excuse for buying such a big bottle xD)

        • Sunny

          LOL I think it also depends on your skin type though. I have combination skin, so I definitely don’t want that glow everywhere!

  • Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    Ohhh how pretty! I swear, these Becca blushes, it’s like every single one of them is gorgeous. I’m usually really particular about colors and can narrow down which shades in a range I like most – but with these Mineral blushes, I love them all! This color is very flattering on you :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Catherine! I’m still hoping they’ll expand the line. Wouldn’t mind getting shades that I don’t own too many of already, but then again the formula makes them totally worth it!