I Don’t Like Crackle or Crocodiles, but I Love Dior Golden Jungle Crocodile Leather Effect Nails!

Let me admit this: when I heard Dior is releasing their version of a crackle polish, I just about winced. I have played with a crackle polish or two, but the thick and rubbery texture is something I just can’t get past so I previously didn’t own any. When I saw the promotional image however, I thought: if it does look like this, I wouldn’t mind trying!

The Golden Jungle Crocodile Leather Effect Nails come in a set of two nail polishes: a gold base coat and a khaki crackle. Each contains 10ml (0.33 fl.oz.), which means you get two full-size Dior Vernis in the set.

One thing I did notice immediately with the set is that the brushes are slightly different from the typical wide tapered ones of Dior. They look more like common thin and long ones you see from other brands, but because they aren’t too long and floppy they are still easy to use.

The base is a pale gold. I like the fact that it doesn’t border on yellow, because it is flattering for more skin tones this way. The formula is pretty thin. You can really sheer it out and make a very thin coat, but that wouldn’t give you the ideal result so feel free to do a slightly thicker one that is opaque. It is slightly streaky, which is a typical problem metallic polishes suffer from but that’s OK, because you’re going to go to step two: the crackle.

The crackle is a dark khaki. The consistency with this one is very thin and watery, but I don’t really have a problem with it pooling around my cuticles. The only way to make it “even” is to apply a very thin coat, though again that wouldn’t give you the best result. My advice is still to do a slightly thicker coat, and don’t panic if you think it looks very uneven because it’ll be fine!

Generally speaking the thinner the second coat is, the finer the pattern will be and the more the base color will show through. You can really play with this and find out how you like it best!

Now give it a minute or two. You’ll start seeing crocodile skin forming from the edges until:


I painted my index finger with two coats of the base so that you can see. I think it’s fun to leave one like that as well. With two coats it’s even and opaque, so that’s a huge bonus!

You find a little instruction card in the box, but I have basically walked you through the process. The instructions do specify that you don’t wait till the base is completely dry though, so I would suggest you do one hand at a time.

More photos so you can see the effect better:

I love how it doesn’t feel/look thick and uneven on the nails, because that’s precisely why I dislike most crackle polishes. The wear is pretty good as well. I think it shows tip wear slightly more easily than regular Dior Vernis in my experience, but it’s only maybe by a day so it’s not too different.

Bottom line: Well done, Dior! The Golden Jungle Crocodile Leather Effect Nails offer a beautiful pattern that is not yet been seen on the market with a good texture, and the color combination fits really well into their fall collection or the season in general. Even if you’re a crackle skeptic, you should swatch this at the counter!

What do you say, yay or nay? Are you a fan of crackle polishes in general?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com redhotjillypeppers

    I’m not into crackle polish but I like this one ! It seems more sofisticated and refined.

  • http://www.beautyloves.be BeautyLoves

    I was curious to see it in real life photos, it does look good! Not a big crackle fan either, there’s just something about it that I think I can’t pull off.

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      You should try this one! It’s so different from the crackle polishes I’ve seen!

  • http://barelyorganizedchaos.wordpress.com Jen

    I’m kinda over the whole crackle polish craze (I own two, one black crackle by China Glaze and one silver by OPI), but I have to admit, this is a very interesting spin. Me likey.

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I’m with you Sunny–I’ve never been into the whole crackle/shatter polish trend. But THIS–this is different. Do we really want to put Dior’s lovely, chic crocodile-effect version into the same category as the other crackle polishes? I don’t think they’re the same at all 😛 I approve of Dior’s!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha yeah it’s pretty much in a category by itself :)

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    I love it! They did a great job with matching the colours as well, it looks so chic! Not a crackle fan too, but this is something I do love :)

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Chic’s the word!

  • http://chinadolltt.blogspot.com naomihing

    Wow i would definitely try out this one!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      You should, Naomi! It’s nail art for the lazy!

  • http://www.blushingnoir.com Brooke @ BlushingNoir

    I want thissssss and I’m SO SAD it’s not in the states.

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      It’s weird because this is the only thing we’ll get in terms of nail polishes with the Golden Jungle collection! Let me know if you want me to CP it for ya :)

      • Erin Smith

        So this is not available to the US? Sniff…just went to the Dior counter and they have the same two colors but they aren’t the combo :( Made my little heart break. Our gold is glittery and the khaki color is more like an Army green and it is a creme. I wanted this :(((

        • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

          Aww Erin I totally feel for you :( I know that this might be available in Canada (a Twitter follower tweeted me a picture), but in the US this doesn’t seem so. Maybe you could get someone to buy and send it over for you? Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll manage to get it! xx

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    I think it’s unique and interesting, but I think it would bother me on my nails – it’s kind of creepy looking, hahahaha!

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha I get what you mean! I have a bit of herpetophopia but for some reason I just find the pattern really cool :)

  • J

    DId you do something different with the middle finger since it looks more green?

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Hey there, I think it was just a thicker coat of the crackle polish!

  • Libby

    I own a couple of crackle polishes, but I think I’ll be passing on the Dior ones. For some reason, they’ve always freaked me out a bit. Something about all the cracks, lol. I’m glad you like them though! :)

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      LOL I thought I’d really freak because I hate snakes and crocodiles, but for some reason I really dig this one!

  • http://twitter.com/rinny151 Rinny’s Beauty Diary (@rinny151)

    The khaki color is so pretty! I never tried any cracking polishes before, but I like how this one looks. The cracking effect looks a bit more tidy and uniform than other crackle polishes I’ve seen.

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Exactly! It’s not thick chunks of rubber-looking thing either!

  • http://eyemasq.wordpress.com ShannonBearzatto

    This looks freaking amazing! I need to find out where I can buy this here in Canada. *sigh* I will add it to the list. Thanks for posting hunn! :)

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      You’re welcome Shannon! I hope you’ll be able to find it in Canada too. I had a discussion on Twitter with some US/Canadian bloggers the other day, but nobody really knew for sure!

  • http://www.memoiselle.com Memoiselle

    Yay you posted this one :) I love the brush of this Dior polish. It’s thinner hence it’s muchh easier for me to apply. I wish Dior would change the brush to this type :)

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Haha really? I actually really like the standard Dior brush. I think it’s by far the easiest to use!

  • http://www.beauty-reflecttions.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I like it! It’s really different!

  • Kathleen

    I am in love with this polish… So much that I ordered it from eBay from a seller in Hong Kong who charged $$$ for it. I would do it again though! 😉

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com Sunny

      Aww the distribution of this collection is indeed a bit wacky. I just found out we don’t get Golden Savannah here, much to my dismay!