Dior Ceremony Red Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is Perfect for Topping up Your Favorite Red & Red Lippie Beginners!

If you like soft, buttery, hydrating, and plumping (without the stinging sensation) glosses, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss might be for you. If you wear red lipsticks but don’t have time to high-maintenance touch-ups on the go, Dior Ceremony Red (limited edition from Grand Bal) might be for you. If you’ve been wanting to sport red but can’t get used to anything full-on and opaque just yet, Dior Ceremony Red certainly is your girl! It is a good way to show the holiday spirit and enjoy a bit of sparkle, all while being perfectly wearable!

Ceremony Red is a medium red infused with shimmer (I see blue, gold, ruby). I’d say it is fairly neutral, as I have seen this pulling slightly warmer or cooler on different skin tones. It goes on semi-opaque, and Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss has the brush type of applicator that makes applying very simple. You also pull out enough product in one go, so there’s no need to re-dip!

The formula of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is very smooth, buttery, non-sticky, and hydrating. It claims to be plumping, and it plumps without that unpleasant stinging sensation. Every time I wear one of these I can see my lips being plumper. It might be a difference that only I can spot, but it always takes place. Even after the color wears off, as long as there’s still a tiny bit of gloss on my lips, they look more luscious. I don’t normally look for products with a plumping effect, but I do welcome what these do for me!

I get about 3 hours’ of wear with Ceremony Red, and the color doesn’t really resist to eating. However, even after the color is gone, the gloss hangs around for quite a bit longer, and my lips are always hydrated. It has a faint vanilla scent that I can barely detect.

I think Ceremony Red is particularly good for people who want to start wearing red but don’t have the courage to go all out. I have some what I call my training wheel shades before I really got into red lipsticks, and I can see Ceremony Red being a good training wheel for someone. It is also great for quick touch-ups for red lips. I have tried many long-wearing formulas that stain, but Ceremony Red adds a bit of juiciness and sparkle to faded lipsticks. It’s much easier to apply when you’re on the go too. No need for a lip liner or so on that bold lipsticks could really benefit from.

Bottom line: While Dior Ceremony Red Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss might not be an altogether unique shade, it is a gloss with great formula. It makes sense to include such a shade in the Grand Bal collection. Great as a training wheel red or for topping up your favorite red lipstick!

Side note: If you think I look a little puffier in these photos, your eyes have not deceived you. I was in a hurry and forgot to contour my face that day… A while ago I read about a makeup artist saying that contouring is useless unless you are going to Photoshop the photos later. Hmm guess what, that’s not true in my case. While you might not see the difference as well in real life, without contouring I look like I’ve put on 10 pounds in pictures! These ones are the ones that turned out better too…

Does Dior Ceremony Red Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss stand out to you? Do you own a red gloss? Where do you stand on contouring?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • http://themistymom.blogspot.com Shari

    I love it!! :) Must try this out!

    Im a new reader – such a fan!!

    The Misty Mom

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Shari! I’m glad you like the gloss and the site!

  • http://www.cuteandmundane.com Dovey

    Hi Sunny, what a beautiful holiday color! (And a great name too for Grand Bal)

    • Sunny

      I agree, Dovey! I find this collection well thought-out and executed!

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Sunny, I see NO PUFFY on you! Just the gorgeous Sunny I <3 ! I think as bloggers we notice all the slight differences on ourselves when looking at our pics so closely all the time.
    LOVE this gloss on you! I really like Dior glosses a lot, although I think I only have one.

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Tracy! You’re too kind!

      You have to fix this problem! I love how plumping these are for me, and the applicator is nice and soft on the lips :)

  • http://glamorouslittlemango.blogspot.be Glamorous Little Mango

    The Dior gloss is a fantastic gloss! I just love it! I wear it every day in a sort of pink, peachy color… but I’ll think I give this one a try as well!

    • Sunny

      Yay keep me posted about how you like this shade! I can’t really imagine it not looking fabulous on anyone!

  • http://www.peggytimmermans.be/blog Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    I never use red on my own lips, it just makes me look…errr…strange. Old. Not nice. But I love these Dior lip glosses I must say!

    • Sunny

      OOO Peggy maybe you haven’t found the shade for you though :) Dior Addict Ultra-Glosses are just so easy to wear and comfortable!

  • BooBooNinja

    You look great — what is that dress/top?

    • Sunny

      Thanks girl! This is a Diane von Fürstenberg dress that I got from the outlet about 5 or 6 years ago! It’s a wrap dress. You might not be able to find the same one but there has to be similar pieces around!

  • http://leisurelysensitive.blogspot.nl Yak Man

    I don’t you look puffy at all :o. Lovely gloss but prefer lipstick over gloss, hihi. In my whole life -LOL, now I sound old- I only had got two lipglosses both were presents for my bday xD.

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Yak Man! You’re too sweet :)

      I actually prefer lipsticks to glosses too, but bold lipsticks are harder to touch up on the go, and that’s when a gloss comes in handy!

  • http://messywands.blogspot.com xiao

    Puffy? What, where? YOU’RE IMAGINING THINGS.

    I thought about getting Ceremony Red for a while actually, because I don’t really have a sheer red gloss and the sparkles were really nice. But then I stopped thinking because I actually need other things like sweaters to survive the winter x_x

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks so much Xiao! Maybe it’s a difference that only I can see? :p

      I get you. I can’t really decide if I want the Guerlain holiday collection or a new pair of boots… What a first world problem!

  • http://deijsprinses.wordpress.com/ deijsprinses

    I don’t own a red gloss but it looks divine one you I must say! Perhaps I should invest in a dark red gloss because I love dark shades but I have trouble figuring out when to wear them without looking over dramatic 😉

    • Sunny

      Thanks girly! I think sheer lipsticks and glosses are a great place to start. I went from there and one day I just got used to opaque shades!

  • http://memoiselle.com/ Memoiselle

    Hello Sunny!
    You pulled red lips very well! I think this is a nice gloss for people who wants to try wearing red but don’t dare to get a red lipstick (like me :p)

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much girl :) That’s really what I think as well! I started out from semi-opaque glosses and sheer lipsticks. After a while I got comfortable enough to go all out!

  • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com Claire

    I own red glosses, how could I not own them? I love them, haha. Thank you for this post, I have to check it out. BTW, you should do more fashion posts, I really like your, erm, dress? I think this red gloss will look good on many skintones and it is not a scary vibrant red. I don’t think you look puffy without contouring 😀 but I do understand why you think you might look … I kinda feel the same, if I contour everyday, I feel ‘puffy’ and more chubby when I don’t, lol (especially with my nose, without contouring I feel like there is missing something on my face). I am also interested in the golden nail polish, it looks so complex!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Claire! In real life I don’t see such a big difference, but I really think the photos look a bit off! I don’t contour my nose though. I have allergies so I rub my nose too often for any contouring to stay on!

      This dress is 5/6-year-old! I can try to show you some links if I’m sporting a dress that I got this season, how about that? My style is very monotonous in a way that I wear dresses 95% of the time if not more. I just got better at picking out dresses after some practice :)

      • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com Claire

        That would be great 😀 I also have a lot of clothes I have for years. I am always looking for new inspiration when it comes to clothes. I totally undertand, especially in pics, I also think i look better with contouring :)

  • http://www.lenallure.com L e n a

    what a beautiful color on you!
    plumping effect without that unpleasant sensation sounds good to me. :)

    btw, your face does not look puffy at all, silly. ;p

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Lena! This is quite neutral so I’d say it’d work for most!

      You guys are way too kind! That or I know my face too well!

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    Haha, Sunny, you’re silly 😛 There is no puffiness!

    It’s a lovely strawberry shade, but I think I usually just go for the full saturated red 😉

    • Sunny

      Ahhh you guys are just too kind! Just for my own peace of mind I’ll try not to forget about contouring again!

      You are a lipstick bandit, Larie! I just remember how weirded out I was when I first tried bolder shades, and after some training wheels things worked out just fine! Beginners would feel less threatened that way :)

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    Red lip colours always look gorgeous on you ! I’m so jealous ;-). Lovely gloss from Dior, a tad expensive for me though.

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Eva! Yeah Dior anything is definitely a splurge. Fortunately for the brand most pieces I have encountered perform well!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    YAY! Such a pretty, glossy, wearable red–looks beautiful on you! And I just love your blouse? Dress? I am imagining it as a dress for some reason…

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Becca!

      You have a very good reason to imagine it’s a dress :) It’s probably the oldest dress I own! I really don’t see many nice wrap dresses around anymore.

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    Great red idd! It looks like a great gloss to layer over ls as well :)

    • Sunny

      For me personally, that’s the best way to use it!

  • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com Whitney

    I still do not have a “red lipstick” yet but this is gorgeous, and part of a limited collection of dior! I really need training wheels red lipstick. Looking good on you! :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Whitney! It’s easy to find good training wheels nowadays, since earlier this year a lot of brands launched sheer formulas. Look around. I hope you’ll find one that you like!