Simple Can Be Romantic: Byredo Black Saffron Eau de Parfum & Bohemia Fragranced Candle

Have you heard of Byredo, the Stockholm-based perfume house that was founded in 2006? It might not have been raved about too often, but trust me on this: if you like scents that are different and interesting, you’ll need to take a good look at it! Today I’m sharing their latest perfume creation, Black Saffron Eau de Parfum and Bohemia Fragranced Candle.

I planted some saffron crocus a couple of years ago, and this is one of the flowers I got. The spice comes from the dried crimson stigmas, and it must be collected by hand before sunrise (otherwise the flowers wilt). The founder of Byredo, Ben Gorham, is half Indian. He claims that saffron is a part of his Indian upbringing, as it is considered holy by the Hindus. Saffron has a bitter taste and hay-like scent, and it is used in various cuisines.

Byredo Black Saffron Eau de Parfum opens with a burst of pomelo. Pomelo is a large citrus fruit, and it is milder in taste than even grapefruit. It fades almost as soon as the alcohol evaporates, leaving a slight sweetness behind. The bitterness and depth of saffron as well as the freshness of juniper berry gradually begin to dominate the olfactory experience before it moves on to the heart notes.

Cristal Rose, leather, and black violet lie in the heart of this fragrance. Saffron still lingers in the background while the beautiful and floral components reveal themselves. The leather in there gives it a mellow edge. Despite the fact that Black Saffron is unisex, since the predominantly floral heart notes stay present for quite some time, I would say it is rather soft and feminine.

Right before the base notes come through, the heart notes calm down so much that I always think the perfume is going to wear off already. But no: a steady stream of blond Woods, raspberry, and vetiver keeps getting louder and louder until the fragrance reasserts its existence. I like to imagine the quieter part as the costume change during a concert. The woodiness of the base notes is spiced up by vetiver, and softened down with raspberry.

All Byredo fragrances come in the same minimalist packaging. After all, this is a Scandinavian brand and the cultural aesthetics sets the packaging apart. All in all Byredo Black Saffron is an exquisite piece with all the elements working extremely well together. It lasts about 7-8 hours on me, which is slightly shorter than average when it comes to eau de parfums, but it has completely stolen my heart!

Byredo Bohemia Fragranced Candle is supposed to have top notes (opapanax, rum), heart notes (geranium, labdanum, rosemary), and base notes (vanilla, sandalwood, moss) just like fragrances. The deep purple wax (paraffin. Ben Gorham thinks it performs the best in diffusing scent) burns clean, though it does produce a bit more smoke when it is blown out. It envelops the room with its delicious scent quickly. While the fragrance is soft and unintrusive, there is no way you can ignore its existence!

Maybe it’s my nose, but when it comes to this candle I can’t really tell the different layers of smell. It smells wonderfully powdery to me, as vanilla is the note that comes through the most. I can also catch the rum and sandalwood, but the other notes are somehow lost in translation. It’s a bit of a pity as I would love a bit more geranium, but all in all this is a very calming and feminine scent!

Byredo Fragranced Candles come in two sizes (80 grams/3oz or 300 grams/10oz, though some are only available in the bigger format). It is a joy to light this candle, and I can’t wait to find out more about the brand!

Have you heard of Byredo? Are you a fan of more unique scents? What are your favorite candles? Don’t be shy: I know a lot of you are candle hoarders!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: I have spotted Byredo at Parfuma and Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Belgium. For other countries, check out the Byredo website for more information.

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Black Saffron sounds AMAZING! I love really unique and different fragrances like it!
    And yes I confess: I AM A CANDLE HOARDER. I have so many right now from Bath and Body Works! But I just ordered my first Voluspa candles on the advice of Liz! I am excited!

    • Sunny

      It really is very amazing! I haven’t heard of Voluspa! Now I have to look into it. Thanks Tracy!

  • beauties

    never heard of this brand :)

    • Sunny

      Byredo is quite new and quite a niche brand so that’s normal. But now you can hunt it down next time you’re in Senteurs d’Ailleurs or Parfuma!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    You’re really good at describing scents. I can almost smell the perfume myself :) I love unique perfumes and this one sounds really lovely.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Jill! I’m really just learning :) I think perfume is a great way to express individuality, which is why niche brands are so desirable!

  • Philippe

    Ah I got this one on myself today. It’s a very good one, totally uncommon too 😀

    • Sunny

      I still wish it’d last longer on me, but since I’m so addicted I would resolve to carrying some in a Travalo!

  • Teri

    I’m really loving the black background Sunny! It looks awesome! Thanks for the great background info on the scent, it sounds very interesting :).

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Teri! It’s quite a bit of pain to make sure it’s fluff- and fur-free, but the effect is (probably) worth the effort :)

  • Larie

    This sounds like such an interesting scent! Saffron, huh. I don’t know if I know what saffron smells like. Fooooood? 😀

    • Sunny

      Haha if you’ve had paella you probably know what it is :) Luckily the perfume doesn’t smell like paella!

  • Chris

    I love scented candles, but with a dog running around, it’s not safe to leave candles burning! 😛

    My favorite candle scents are vanilla, jasmine and honeysuckle.

    • Sunny

      LOL good point! I put the candles on the coffee table, and only when I’m around. The cats haven’t really tried to touch them *knocks on wood*

  • ValleyDoll

    I’ve never heard of it but you got me curious. Must definitely check it out when I’m in Brussels.

    • Sunny

      You should seriously check this and Aesop out at Senteurs d’Ailleurs!

  • L e n a

    sounds very intriguing!
    i honestly don’t think this would be my usual cup of tea but my preference in scents keeps changing. i’m leaning towards more niche earthy fragrance lately.
    actually, i am wearing something with saffron top note today. :)

  • lippylash

    This sounds amazing!!!!

    • Sunny

      It is! Make sure you sniff some Byredo when you get the chance!

  • Victoria

    These sound amazing! I like light scented perfumes and candles :)

    • Sunny

      None of these has an overpowering smell, but it’s definitely there!

  • Aidemoi80

    Byredo is amazing! Their scents are a journey. Take the time to get samples and experience them because they are really not for everyone. Gypsy water is my all time favorite! Seven Veils and Encens Chembar will transport you to a different world. Black Saffron is my next purchase.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      OOO thanks for the recommendations! I like these types of perfumes though. Nothing generic or wishy-washy! I hope you’ll like Black Saffron. I’m big on saffron so this one is a must-have for me!

  • Immi

    Can’t wait to get my first Byredo scented candle, great review!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      You’re welcome, Immi! Which one will you pick?

      • Immi

        Well by the description alone I’m leaning towards Bibliothèque (smell of books and peonies and plums!), but I will have to smell it in person before deciding :). Keep up the lovely work, Sunny!

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          That sounds so promising! I need to check it out too 😉