Dior Chérie Bow Collection Spring 2013 Sneak Peek!

This can’t be true! I’m just wrapping winter 2012 up, yet look what we have here? Drool-worthy pieces of Dior Chérie Bow Collection for Spring 2013! This will be a really quick post, as I only had the time to take photos. I haven’t even swatched them yet!

Dior Chérie Bow Rose Poudré (001)

Diorblush Chérie Bow Edition Rose Bonheur/Pink Happiness (729)

Dior Charmante Dior Addict Lipstick (437)

Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow

Dior Tutu Dior Vernis (155)

I also have Noir Résille/Fishnet Black Twin Set (90), but a separate photo of it is not showed here. You can see it in the group shot.

I will try my best to get the swatches/reviews/looks up as soon as I can!

Is there anything that’s screaming “take me home!” at you?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • http://myfashiontrendencies.blogspot.com Chris

    I’m drooling over this collection and I’m jealous that you have these in your possession.

    • Sunny

      Aww don’t be! I’ll test them out and let you know if they’re good :)

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    So much pink! 😛

    • Sunny

      I know! I’m not a very pink person but wow aren’t they CUUUUTE!

  • Shoegal

    Wow, I want to take this home, yes!

    • Sunny

      This whole collection is an overdose of cuteness!

  • http://corallista.com/ Ankita@corallista

    OMG I need that blush!

    • Sunny

      I know it looks SOOOO good!

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    Oh you lucky bastard :p!!! It looks absolutely amazing and cute!

    • Sunny

      LOL I keep silently screaming in my own head when I see these :)

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Oohh–I’m eyeing Charmante and Rose Bonheur! Pretty!

    • Sunny

      These two are super exciting!

  • http://beautiesatwork.wordpress.com/ beauties

    oh my 😀

    • Sunny

      I know! I’m still so completely in awe that I haven’t swatched anything yet!

  • http://followmarla.blogspot.com/ Marla

    Love everything Dior. I absolutely love their lipsticks-so worth the price. The colors in this collection are gorgeous.

    • Sunny

      Same here! They’re so easy to wear and so hydrating!

  • flyavsted

    Love the lip glow and the blush! Actually I love pretty much everything I have seen from this collection <3

    • Sunny

      It’s a pink explosion!

  • http://www.strawberryblondebeauty.com/ Strawberry Blonde

    Wow it all looks divine, not jealous at all, oh no! 😉


    • Sunny

      Haha I’m keeping my fingers crossed the quality will be spectacular!

  • http://www.lenallure.com L e n a

    i so want the palette. i just realized (or justified another future purchase) that i don’t have any wearable pink in my stash! ;p

    • Sunny

      LOL good reason to think about this one! I’ll hopefully pluck up enough courage to swatch and use it soon 😉 Will keep you posted!

  • http://www.honeypopland.be Evelien

    OMG it is so pretty 😀

    • Sunny

      I know! It’s all pink and fresh and cute!

  • http://www.deltacephei.nl Suzanne

    That lipstick *_*

    • Sunny

      It’s REALLY lovely <3

  • http://www.nailsandcupcakes.com Isabelle

    So pretty!

    • Sunny

      I agree :)

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    I.want.it.all !

    • Sunny

      It’s hard not to!

  • http://www.nymphette.be Marijke

    OMG I want everything!

    • Sunny

      It’s so nice and pinky :) Can’t wait for spring!

  • http://mybeautyhoard.blogspot.sg/ Jacqueline

    I want the Cherie Bow just because. It is so pretty!

  • http://memoiselle.com Meryl@ Memoiselle

    Aaahh I need that Cherie Bow Palette soo bad!! Super cute and I think the color looks amazing :)

    • Sunny

      It’ll be so interesting to pair pink with gray!

  • http://bronzerbunny.com Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    i love the look of that pink gloss! and the pink polish looks quite cute too! :)

    • Sunny

      I haven’t got to try them all out yet, but it’s true that everything looks lovely :)

  • http://2chicgurls.com/ 2chicgurls

    Ok, I’m in LOVE. So girly and stunning, especially that lipstick. I’m dying, and can’t wait to buy these :)

    • Sunny

      That lipstick is amazing, let me tell you that now :) I’ll get the posts up ASAP!

  • http://www.peggytimmermans.be/blog peggy timmermans

    The gloss, the gloss, the bloss! The blush the blush, the blush!The palette…ohhhh bring it to mama!

    • Sunny

      LOL I know right???

  • http://deijsprinses.wordpress.com/ deijsprinses

    Great nail polish colour!

    • Sunny

      I really like how the gray one looks, but Tutu is very romantic :)

  • http://www.unprofessionalbeautyblog.com Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    This collection looks lovely. I seriously adore Dior’s packaging.

    • Sunny

      Same here :) I like the quality they’ve been offering as well. Definitely upping the game!