Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure Swatch, Review, Comparison

Chanel Captivante FOTD

Sometimes I find shade descriptions really misleading. For example, Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure (RRP in Belgium: 32 euros. It will become part of the permanent line-up) is dubbed as a “copper brown” by Chanel. Since neither is something I can pull off on my lips easily, I did not expect to like it at all. The second I pulled it out however, I started wondering if Chanel saw the same color as I did, as it really is a rose with a brown undertone and gold sheen/shimmer!

Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure spring 2013

Needless to say, I fell in love — fast!

Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure review

See what I mean? Brown copper? I don’t think so! It’s an elegant rosy shade. Granted there is a healthy dose of brown in it, there is no way I would call this one brown! The copper-tinged golden shimmer and sheen are done in a very tasteful and understated way (très Chanel), not the kind that ends up bordering on frostiness at all!

Here is how it swatches: one pass/built up

Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure swatch

Formula-wise Captivante is what you can expect from a Rouge Allure. It goes on smooth and opaque with one pass, and I find it easy to get crisp lines with the tip. I can barely feel it on my lips, though compared with Rouge Allure Velvets there is slightly more creaminess and glide. It wears for 5 hours on my lips, but it doesn’t really stain. With a formula as lightweight as this, bleeding and migrating are definitely not in the cards. Even transferring is very minimal.

Here is the comparison with shades in my stash that I thought would be somehow similar. From left to right: Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure, Dior Instinct Addict Lipstick, Chanel Mademoiselle Rouge Coco 

Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure, Dior Instinct Addict Lipstick, Chanel Mademoiselle Rouge Coco

Here I am wearing Captivante on my lips (Burberry Pale Barley on the inner half of my lids, Bobbi Brown Wheat to contour, Diorblush Sugar & Spice on my cheeks):

Chanel Captivante

Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure FOTD

Bottom line: Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure is a shade that won’t get old. The golden shimmer and sheen keep it young and fun. It is great for the office or formal occasions, but definitely not one that is just standard! If you like the formula of Chanel Rouge Allure, can pull off brownish rosy shades well, and want something that has tastefully-done shimmer, take a look at Chanel Captivante!

Have you seen Chanel Captivante Rouge Allure? Is it a “you” shade? Do you also own Chanel Mademoiselle Rouge Coco? Random fact of the day: it was my first luxury lipstick, and I still like how it brightens up my face!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    Oh the Mademoiselle Rouge Coco looks good. Better than Captivante!

    • Sunny

      That one is so demure and classic! Captivante is Mademoiselle’s shimmery baby sister 😉

  • beauties

    very nice colour :) looks great on you

    • Sunny

      Thanks! My skin tone seems to be capable of handling the brown undertone well 😉

  • Yak Man

    Never thought it would be a nice lipstick with the gold shimmers, haha. It looks really pretty!

    • Sunny

      The shimmer in this one certainly isn’t overdone!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I like the added brown with gold shimmer–it makes it a little less “serious”, if you will. Very pretty and wearable and fun! 😀

    • Sunny

      That’s exactly what I think!

  • Marla

    Love how that looks on you. So natural.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Marla! I bet it’ll look natural on you too!

  • Icaria

    Love! Such a pretty color. It would be nice to wear with a light makeup this summer.

    • Sunny

      I’d totally start now (even though there is a lot of snow outside LOL)!

  • Jacqueline

    I love Chanel lipsticks, they are just so classy. 😉 I love my Mademoiselle lots but haven’t tried Captivante yet. It looks like just a pretty summery shade.

    • Sunny

      Chanel everything is so classy! The slight shimmer in Captivante makes it fun, but at the same time it really isn’t in your face!

  • Teri

    I wasn’t too sure about the finish, but it looks great on you! Really nice and natural shade :).

    • Sunny

      It doesn’t look frosty on if that’s what you were worried about!

  • Marijke

    Pretty color! Looks great on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Marijke! I think this one will look good on many!

  • Chris El

    This looks so beautiful on you! I agree, sometimes the name (and the color of the bullet) can be misleading. I’ll have to try this. I only own one Rouge Allure.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Chris! I bet this will be very natural and gorgeous on you!

  • Stasja

    Looks pretty on you! I just love the Chanel packaging. Are these the ones that you have to click to open?s

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much girly! Yes these are the click to open ones, like Rouge Allure Velvets!

  • Anne

    I have Rouge Coco Mademoiselle and I love it! It’s a great, everyday lipstick. I can see myself wearing La Captivante (although it’ll have to wait a bit- damn, these things are expensive!), so I’m glad it’s been added to the permanent line. It looks great on you!

    • Sunny

      Haha yeah the ONLY thing not so adorable about Chanel lipsticks is the price tag :p Since it is not LE though, you will have plenty of time!

  • Libby

    eeeeeee! I’ve ordered it and am waiting for its arrival :) Looks lovely on you as always and I’m really glad that it’s suitable for everyday wear!

    • Sunny

      YAAY keep me posted about how you like it! This is definitely easygoing enough for everyday purposes!