NEW from Chanel: Jeux de Regards Collection

Chanel Jeux de Regards

Hey everyone! I just got the information about a new Chanel collection (available in Belgium on February first), Jeux de Regards and I had to share with you! This collection is all about eyes. Some of the pieces will join the permanent line-up while others are limited edition.

Le Volume de Chanel mascara

I have heard great things about Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara, and things will get better because there will be a navy and plum version of the same formula!

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel color mascara

The patented “snowflakes” brush is supposed to give optimal volume (RRP in Belgium: 30,50 euros)!

Le Libre Jeu Indigo

If you like blue/indigo, part of this collection has it covered. There will be Fascination Les 4 Ombres (41. RRP in Belgium: 49,50 euros), Apparition Illusion d’Ombre (91. RRP in Belgium: 30 euros), and Bleu Exquis Stylo Yeux Waterproof (RRP in Belgium: 23,50 euros).

Chanel Le Double Jeu des Bruns

Not that adventurous yet? Don’t worry. There are also pieces for neutral lovers! There will be Séduction Les 4 Ombres (42, limited edition. RRP in Belgium: 49,50 euros), Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre (90, limited edition. RRP in Belgium: 30 euros), and Taupe Stylo Yeux Waterproof (84, limited edition, RRP in Belgium: 23,50 euros).

This collection will include two other waterproof eyeliners, Black Shimmer (70, limited edition) and Gris (35).

I’d like to try the plum mascara myself, since apparently it works wonders for dark brown eyes. Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre certainly looks interesting, and Taupe Stylo Yeux Waterproof sounds too good to pass! If I get very very brave, I might even want to check out Fascination Les 4 Ombres!

How about you? Did you see anything you like here?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: I only have information for Belgium. For inquiries about availability and release dates in other countries, you might have to wait till the information is available locally. I am guessing this is a collection that will be first released in Europe before it makes its way to North America.

  • JoanneP

    It’s nice to see Chanel’s more spicy side rather ran just neutrals. I LOVE their neutrals but the seasonal collections have been a bit boring. Excited for this, especially that teal :D. Thanks for the info x

    • Sunny

      You’re welcome girly! I am digging that teal quad too, though at the same time I’m scared I’ll make a total fool of myself attempting to wear it!

  • Perilously Pale


    • Sunny

      Haha I like the way you put it Christa 😉

  • Chris El

    Eek!! You know I love my blues and I love colored mascara! Okay, need to start stalking my Chanel counters. 😉

    • Melanie

      You should look at what’s coming out for Chanel’s summer colour collection. I love blues, too, and I almost went apoplectic. So much blue!!! Nail polish, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Heaven!

      • Sunny

        LOL I can’t wear most blues too well but it sounds like an exciting collection for sure! If you like blue, Dior summer will also have a lot of it. It’s so going to be your year!

    • Sunny

      You look SO good with blue! I hope this one is a decently pigmented version. Some blue mascaras don’t really look that blue on!

      • Melanie

        pbi: the Inimitable Waterproof for the summer collection will have bright yellow (Zest), tender green (Lime Light), blue-green (Aqua Blue), electric blue (Blue Note) and black mascaras. And the SA on the phone said that the new eye shadow, Stylo Eyeshadow, is supposed to be incredible with great pigment (Moon River – platinum, Cool Gold – luminous gold, Pink Lagoon – fresh pink, Jade Shore – tender green, Blue Bay – silvery turquoise blue, and Black Stream – silvery black) .

        • Sunny

          OMG Chanel is going all out with this one it seems! Can’t wait! Thanks for all the scoop!

  • Melanie

    The US had their release in November (though not of the blue, that I could see). Holt Renfrew in Canada will get it in the first week of February.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Melanie! I haven’t really seen this on other blogs so I wasn’t too sure :)

      • Melanie

        I had been doing some research on-line and saw it last night, so first thing this morning, I got on the phone to my trusted Chanel counter at Holt Renfrew and got confirmation! And had my name added to the call list :-)

        • Sunny

          LOL you’re hardcore!

          • Melanie

            *Blushes* Yes, when it comes to Chanel, I usually am. (But being a stay-at-home mom now has made it a little more challenging to stay completely connected.) Anyhow, they haven’t done so much blue in one collection since fall 2003. And I’d say that this is Peter Philips’s most daring one yet!

          • Sunny

            Hmm I remember there was a mini collection last year that is also mainly blue, but you’re right! I like Chanel for all the pieces that I would reach for again and again, but it’s nice to see them do something outside the box too!

          • Melanie

            Ha! See what I mean? Blue Illusion’s release coincided with my daughter’s birth, a blurry time for me. What’s worse is that Apparition and Destination are my go-to eye shadows right now. So, that and this upcoming collection are the bluest ones since Les Jeans de Chanel. It is nice to see them getting out of the neutral or pink rut. Heidi Morawetz and Dominique Moncourtois played so much more. No matter what, Chanel produces some of the best blues in my opinion – when they do them!

          • Sunny

            Haha wow you remember that so clearly! Maybe I’ll pluck up enough courage to get into blues this year. I always tell people not to write a color off because there are SO many variations. I should tell myself the same thing when I see anything remotely blue 😉

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    The eyeshadows look great ! Love the colours

    • Sunny

      I hope that teal/gray quad will be amazing! I’m not too sure those are my colors per se, but it’s so much fun to see Chanel putting out something like that!

  • beauties

    I see several things I like :)

    • Sunny

      I’m drooling a little over some pieces too 😉

  • Anne

    The Taupe Stylo Yeux eyepencil speaks to me. I hope you’ll be able to review it. It better be good!

    I’m rather intrigued by the plum mascara (is it LE?). I wonder if it’ll make the lashes look all purple or if it’ll be more like a dark mascara with a hint of plum (which I’d rather prefer, for a daily use!).

    • Sunny

      Hey Anne, I got to try my first Stylo Yeux Waterproof recently (Santal) and I’ll review it soon. It’s a decent formula on me, so I hope the Taupe one will be the same!

      The plum mascara is not LE in the information I received. I know what you mean though. I’d want something that looks different from a black mascara but maybe not neon bright!

      • Anne

        I have one Stylo Yeux Waterproof, in Grenat, and I love it to pieces. I know some people find the texture sometimes a bit hard (but apparently, it varies depending on the colours), but it actually works for me for this reason: more buttery textures (such as Mufe’s formula) wear like utter crap on me. I can wear Grenat on my waterline, and, while it’s not pristine (but I’ve yet to find a formula that wears better), it’s good, sometimes very good.

        I have a great Armani ETK mascara (I think it was LE since I bought it on sale) that has a grey-blue tinge. You can perceive a difference, but not so much you’ll go all woaaah what’s that thing, since it’s still very dark.

        • Sunny

          Good to know Grenat works so well for you! Santal is a bit hard, but it wears well on me so I’m prepared to be more tolerant. Not much survives my waterline, so just to be fair I never really expect anything to do so!

          That ETK sounds interesting! The original formula does work very well on me.

          • Anne

            Ah, another friend for the waterline problem circle!
            I’m looking forward to your review of Santal, it sounds right up my alley!

            The box (for once, keeping the box turns out to be handy) of my mascara says: Eyes to kill lash stretching mascara #2, in case you should stumble upon it. I’m wearing it right now, it compliments my Chanel Prelude quad (a friend bought one from the USA for me!) very well!

          • Sunny

            I can actually find Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara, but only in black! The US version of Prelude is so pretty and amazingly pigmented!

  • Taylor

    Yay for Neutral lovers! I’m loving that plum mascara as well. I’ve definitely always wanted to try one, I would love to see it on you. Also loving the Gold illusion d’ombre!

    • Sunny

      I’ll see what I can do 😉 Anything gold has my name written all over it. I already own two gold Illusion d’Ombre but still I wouldn’t mind swatching this one!

  • Meryl @ Memoiselle

    Hey Sunny,
    Thanks for the information!
    I am pulled to try the Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre and Fascination Les 4 Ombres! Looks soo interesting! 😀

    • Sunny

      You’re welcome, Meryl! I’m looking at those two too, despite the fact that I already own two gold Illusion d’Ombres!