Orchids Work Their Magic with Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge!

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin 306 Le Rouge FOTD

The story behind Givenchy‘s latest line of lipsticks is that the artistic director of Givenchy makeup, Nicolas Degennes wanted to do something different with Givenchy Le Rouge. To get inspired, he ordered countless precious orchids from around the world. He mixed many different shades naturally found in orchids in a single lipstick, and the Givenchy Le Rouge line was born. Sounds like an urban legend? That’s what I thought, until I got to try Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge (306. RRP in Belgium: 34,50 euros)!

Givenchy Le Rouge packaging

As I have mentioned here, Givenchy Le Rouge comes in really badass packaging. The real leather and stud give it a biker-chic vibe. The tube is a bit bigger than most other lipsticks. It is slightly hefty but not overly so. Givenchy Le Rouge also smells different from their other lipsticks. The scent is somehow lighter, though I can’t pinpoint what it smells like.

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin 306 Le Rouge review

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge is a bright red with an orange undertone and a creamy sheen. However, I am going to assume the orchid story is true, since this shade is a bit of a chameleon. Depending on the angle, it can look more and less orange-toned. The most amazing thing is after it has been blotted or worn off during eating/drinking, it looks like a pink-based red instead!

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin 306 Le Rouge closeup


Here is the swatch (one swipe/built up):

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin 306 Le Rouge swatch


The formula of Givenchy Carmin Escarpin is impressive. The only concern I had after swatching them all was the creaminess and glide would also imply migration. But no, Carmin Escarpin barely even transfers when I drink! It is an easy lipstick to work with. I can apply straight from the tube and get decent crisp lines with it. It glides on full of pigmentation, so no building up or smoothing out is necessary at all. Just one single layer of this can resist to quite a bit of eating and drinking, and the stain basically won’t go away until you make it! My nemesis when it comes to a bold lipstick is the possibility of it migrating out of my lip lines, but Carmin Escarpin does not suffer from that at all. If you eat a full meal, most of it would be gone (except for the stain), but you won’t find it halfway down your chin!

Here is how it looks on me:

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin 306 Le Rouge review


This is what it looks like after I blotted it out. See how different it is? That orange undertone is gone!

Givenchy Carmin Escarpin FOTD


Bottom line: Yes, yes, and yes! Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge is one of the rare low-maintenance bold colors, and I can’t think of anything in the formula I can possibly nitpick. I would say since Le Rouge lipsticks are all mixed colors, you might want to try them on before you purchase just because your skin tone might pull out different tones in them. However, I am hoping the formula is consistent across the line, because Carmin Escarpin is a big success of a red lipstick!

Have you seen Givenchy Le Rouge around? Are you a fan of creamy mattes or do you want the sparkle to come back?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: In Belgium, Givenchy cosmetics is exclusively available at ICI PARIS XL.

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  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    OMG I need this! I love red oranges as you know and this one looks smokin’ on you Sunny! Beautiful!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tracy! I hope the line will be available for you soon!

  • http://www.myfashiontrendencies.com Chris El

    This looks amazing on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Chris! The formula is excellent. You should try one in the line!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Such a gorgeous shade on you. Now I want to rock red lipstick and a leather jacket after reading your post!! 😛

    • Sunny

      Thanks Becca! I think this might be the last red of the season. I’m sure my coral craze will be back on with the weather getting warmer!

  • http://www.lipsticksandcrayons.com/ LuvJ

    Bada$$ packaging it is! Love this shade. I’m stalking Sephora for these lippies!

    • Sunny

      I hope they’ll make it there soon!

  • http://followmarla.blogspot.com/ Marla

    I don’t wear red lipstick but that shade is gorgeous. You on the other hand look fabulous in this shade.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Marla! There are many shades in this range that will work for you, so do check them out!

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com Redhotjillypeppers

    I love these lipsticks ! The colours are so beautiful

    • Sunny

      I know! I want literally the entire line!

  • http://www.style-laboratory.net sté

    I absolutely love everything about these lipsticks, I need the entire line! That shade looks fierce on you Sunny :)

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Ste! I also need pretty much the entire line :)

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    That is a beautiful red-orange shade! Very appropriate for summer, but also just…fabulous! I’ve been looking for one, but I want a matte shade.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Larie! This is a creamy matte already. Do you want something matte-r?

      • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

        A little bit? This one seems to still have a sheen, which is pretty, but I want something really soft looking on lips.

        • Sunny

          OK I get ya. I don’t think I have tried anything that’s really really matte. Even Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet has a silky sheen.

  • http://keepingupwiththekelly.wordpress.com Kelly

    The packaging is beautiful! Yeah, I really am a sucker beautiful and luxurious packaging. The lipstick itself also looks really nice, although I wouldn’t wear it myself because orange makes my teeth look very yellow.

    • Sunny

      Oh I can see that, but this line has many other shades so you should be able to find something you want to try easily :)

  • http://mylucitedreams.com Taylor

    Looking gorgeous Sunny! The formula sounds amazing, I also love a lighter scent.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Taylor! If I could choose I’d probably make most products scent-free. Le Rouge is definitely lighter compared with their other lipsticks though!

  • http://memoiselle.com/ Meryl @ Memoiselle

    Hey Sunny,
    That’s a really gorgeous packaging for a lipstick! The leather makes this lipstick looks sexy O.O
    I love the sheen orange color too!! I don’t have any single product from Givenchy, and I think your post tempt me to get one 😀

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Meryl! I think Givenchy is getting very ambitious about their makeup line, which is good news!

  • http://myhighestselfblog.com/ Tina @ My Highest Self

    Love, love, love this color and it looks stunning on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tina!

  • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com Claire

    what a gorgeous shade! I had two Givenchy lipsticks in the past, they were rather average. I think I have to pay more attention to this brand in the near future. I like their newest mascara … ah, so many lemmings.

    • Sunny

      Haha I think Givenchy has ambitious plans this year. From the spring collection to Le Rouge and Le Vernis, I have the impression that I’m looking at a different brand!