Happy Chinese New Year with Chanel Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre & Paperself Peonies!

Tom Ford Diabolique FOTD

Hey everyone! For those of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year, tonight is the big night! I hope you will be surrounded by dear families and enjoy a lot of yummy food! I’m sharing a Chinese New Year-inspired look with Chanel Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre, Paperself Peonies, and Tom Ford Diabolique Lip Color with you!

Chanel Apparition (91), Convoitise (90) Illusion d'Ombre

Chanel Convoitise Illusion d'Ombre closeup

Chanel Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre (90, limited edition. RRP in Belgium: 30 euros) is a sparkling pale neutral gold. At some angles it flashes silver. It is as smooth and long-lasting as the other Illusion d’Ombres I have tried (on top of a primer it lasts all day, and without a primer I can see slight fading from my inner corners after 6-7 hours), though pigmentation-wise it is not in the same league as Apparition. You can build it up, and it looks great with two thin layers. However, there is this underlying sheerness that is not unlike Apparence from last year’s holiday collection.

Left: Convoitise. Right: Apparition

Chanel Convoitise 90, Apparition 91 Illusion d'Ombre swatch

I personally love it. It is not the one-swipe smokey eye material, but it’s great for some everyday glitz and glam. If you want more depth, simply blend another eyeshadow into the outer half/crease! I also think it’s a great shade for those with a cooler undertone but want to wear gold, because it is not warm-toned or very yellow!

Paperself packaging

I have been curious about Paperself lashes for a while. These false lashes are inspired by Chinese paper art. Most designs have symbolic meanings in the Chinese culture. I chose Peonies partly because I love the design and half lashes are more wearable, but also partly because peony is the symbol of great fortune.

Paperself Peonies

Besides the intricate design, I am very impressed with how delicate and well-made these lashes are. I got two pairs of half lashes in the box (it goes for 11,59 euros on Zuneta), though they don’t come with lash glue. I don’t usually wear falsies, but I do have some glue lying around from the box or two that I own, so it wasn’t a problem.

Paperself small Peonies closeup

I put some glue on the back of my hand and waited for it to dry a little before taking the lashes with my tweezers and dipping the band in. It wasn’t hard to place them close to my lash lines at all, and I think tweezers really help because they are delicate. Once they are on, you can adjust how they curl so that the angle would work better for your eyes. I tore them off carefully afterwards, so they are basically like new! You can definitely get several uses out of each pair.

For the look, I used two thin layers of Chanel Convoitise all over my lids. Since everything else was going to be pretty loud, I left my lids at that. As per usual, copious amount of black gel liner was involved, and I wore Paperself Peonies on the outer corners of my upper lash lines. I wore Chanel Rose Initiale Joues Contraste on my cheeks, and two thin layers of Tom Ford Diabolique Lip Color (applied with my lip brush).

More pictures!

Paperself small Peonies FOTD

Paperself Peonies FOTD

Sunny Chinese New Year FOTD

Chanel Convoitise FOTD

It’s probably not something I’d wear for a stroll in the city, but for dinner among friends or a small party it’d be pretty sweet!

What do you think? Would you go for Chanel Convoitise Illusion d’Ombre or Paperself lashes?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Behind-the-scene story: The doorbell rang when I was halfway through the photos. I remembered there was a scheduled check-up from the water company, so I had to open the door… This is not nearly as dramatic as my lipstick bandit mask but still. Coupled with the outfit I wonder if the guy thought there was some kind of… illegitimate business going on here!

PS: I got my Paperself Peonies from Zuneta. Zuneta now shows a different rate for customers outside of the EU (without the 20% VAT), so make sure you check it out! They make a whole bunch of cool brands accessible for those of us who don’t live in North America. Until February 14th, there is a 20% discount with code VALENTINE. I say I’m going to buy myself some early Valentine’s presents from them!

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  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    Ooooh Sunny, you look amazing! I love Diabolique on you and that combined with the golden eye shadow, too pretty! Those lashes are really cool btw, it makes the look even more beautiful :). Have a good one!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much, Teri! I kinda wish it’s totally acceptable to wear these when there’s nothing special going on. It’d be awesome!

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    You look amazing Sunny! Have a great holiday!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tracy! We celebrated today. Ate quite some food and passed out for a catnap. It’s alllll good!

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com Redhotjillypeppers

    Those lashes are amazing and I love the last pic. Absolutely stunning !

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Jill!!! You’re too kind 😉

  • Libby

    You look absolutely lovely and festive, Sunny!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! And I hope that the Snake year brings you good luck :)

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks so much, Libby! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  • http://beautiesatwork.wordpress.com/ beauties

    awesome :)

    • Sunny

      Thank you!

  • http://papayapieces.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/to-eat-or-not-to-eat-chicken-feet/ Sofia

    Hi Sunny! Thats such a beautiful Chinese New Year look. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes it made me laugh,… did the man arrive before or after the false lashes were on?
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Sofia! I’ve had that happen several times this past week. It was epic! The guy rang the bell halfway through the photos, so he saw exactly what you’re seeing 😉

  • http://drivelaboutfrivol.blogspot.com Kate

    I adore everything about this look — and angle of the wing, the delicacy of the gold, and your behind the scenes stories <3
    Your earrings and qipao (?) are the perfect complements.

    • Sunny

      Thanks SO much, Kate! I got that qipao some years ago, and it’s actually hanging kinda loose now that I lost weight. I love them, but my weight is never a constant so it’s kinda annoying!

  • http://www.perilouslypale.com Perilously Pale

    You look gorgeous! Those lashes are so cute!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Christa! The lashes are soooo much fun!

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    Oh my, apparition is gorgeous !

    • Sunny

      I like both! I have to do a look with these two together :)

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    Happy CNY! The lashes are really fun! I kind of want some to play with, but ugh, I rarely bother with them…so lazy, Sunny. How can I be a beauty blogger???

    • Sunny

      Thanks Larie! I almost never wear falsies. I’m not too good at applying them (though this really is a chicken or egg situation. The less I do it the worse I am). Half lashes aren’t bad with a pair of tweezers though!

  • http://www.peggytimmermans.be/blog Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    The paperlashes look cute! But nothing I would wear myself, nice for the occasion though!

    • Sunny

      I probably wouldn’t wear these on a daily basis, but for a party or something yesss please!

  • Anne

    You look awesome, Sunny! The mere thought of glueing something to my lashes makes me shudder, but I must say these false lashes are so delightfully whimsical!
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks Anne! I’m not a big fan of falsies in general (mostly because I’m not very good at applying them to be honest), but these are half lashes and with tweezers it was pretty easy!

  • http://mylucitedreams.com Taylor

    Happy Chinese New Year Sunny! Those lashes are lovely! Definitely a great look for the occasion :-)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Taylor!

  • http://www.myfashiontrendencies.com Chris El

    I love the paper lashes! It’s makes for an interesting profile. :)
    Gung Hay Fat Choy!

    • Sunny

      Haha happy CNY to you too Chris!

  • http://makeupmorsels.wordpress.com Makeup Morsels

    I love your behind the scenes stories, they never fail to make me laugh :) Gorgeous look, and oof those lashes. I’m (not so) secretly lemming them. Happy CNY!

    • Sunny

      Teehee thanks MM! Happy CNY to you too! The lashes are so much fun! I’m not too sure about the full-set ones, but half lashes are surprisingly wearable :)

  • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

    Omg those lashes look so cool! I also really like Convoitise, looks like a good highlighter too!

    • Sunny

      Hey girly, I think Convoitise would be a great inner corner highlight indeed!

  • http://miaka-mylife.blogspot.com Ruby

    Love this look that you did, the paper lashes gives that extra kick to the eyes. :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much! Yeah that’s a lot of extra kick :)

  • http://nails.blogmesin.com Rabbit

    Oh you look great! So beautiful eye makeup. The lashes you are wearing are amazing!
    Happy Chinese New Year !

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much! I’d totally love to throw them back on for a special occasion :)

  • http://www.phyrra.net Phyrra

    Beautiful! Happy Chinese New Year!

    • Sunny

      Thanks, Phyrra!

  • http://www.lenallure.com L e n a

    oh how beautiful!
    you look absolutely gorgeous, Sunny!

    happy lunar new year! :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks SOOOO much Lena! I hope you’re having a great one too!

  • Dominique

    Oh this is beautiful, amazing eyes !

    • Sunny

      Eee thanks so much Dominique :)

  • http://mybeautyhoard.blogspot.sg/ Jacqueline

    Happy Chinese New Year Sunny, the peony lashes are so pretty. I have been dying to get my hands on Diabolique but no such luck. You look fab dear.

    • Sunny

      Yay happy Chinese New Year to you too, Jacqueline! You must be having a great one! I actually don’t think Diabolique is already sold out everywhere. Maybe you shouldn’t give up just yet!

  • http://www.makeupwithdrawal.com Mimi (@MUWithdrawal)

    😀 Aw Sunny! Happy Chinese New Year! Those lashes are so cute! I’ve been wanting to try them, especially since they’re on clearance on Sephora now. I also LOVE that TF on you! <3!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Mimi! You should definitely play with some Paperself lashes. I bet you’ll do amazing things with them! Happy new year to you too :)

  • http://www.selphia.com Linda

    Tom Ford Diabolique Lip Color looks amazing on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much, Linda! It’s my power red!

  • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    Awww, so pretty and I absolutely LOVE the outfit! I went to a Lunar New Year celebration and parade yesterday in Baltimore, it was so fun :)

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

      OH and of course – HAPPY (day late) NEW YEAR, SUNNY! x

      • Sunny

        Aww thanks so much Catherine! xx

  • http://bronzerbunny.com Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    OOOO Look at you!! :)

    • Sunny

      Teehee thanks Joyce!

  • http://memoiselle.com/ Meryl @ Memoiselle

    Hey Sunny,
    Happy CNY!!
    That lashes looks so pretty on you, I salute you for wearing that lashes :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Meryl! I actually have a REAL soft spot for these and don’t think they look totally over-the-top. Can’t wait to have an excuse to wear them out!

  • http://www.ziba-blog.com Ziba

    Hey, I didn’t know you’d gotten Paperself Lashes!! They look great on you! They look really subtle actually, unless you close your eyes and look down. Perfecto!

    • Sunny

      Hey Kareen, yes I did! You’re right about them being somehow subtle. In my book they’re not too cray-cray, though I wouldn’t wear them on a daily basis 😉