Volume, Length, Curl, Color: What Can’t Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Bleu and Prune Do?

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara 20 Bleu, 30 Prune

If you look at the recent releases, 2013 has been all about eyes! While we’re at it, why not try a mascara that’s not just… black? I used to be incapable of imagining putting anything but a jet black mascara on my lashes. After all, with the lashes I was born with, I could really use some definition! Well, with Chanel, I don’t have to choose! Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara just welcomed two colored companions, Bleu (20) and Prune (30. RRP in Belgium: 30,50 euros). Not only is the formula itself noteworthy, it is a clever way of flashing some colors while not sacrificing definition!

Chanel Le Volume Bleu, Prune packaging

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara comes in sleek black packaging. People talk about the satisfying “click” of luxury lipsticks, and these also close with a satisfying click! Something else I like about the packaging is the opening is just the right size. I have seen mascara wands that are significantly smaller, causing too much extra product to be pulled out. Not a problem with Le Volume!

Chanel Le Volume Bleu closeup

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Bleu is a bright cobalt blue. The wand is Chanel‘s patented “snowflakes” brush. It is very flexible with spikes of different lengths all over. It deposits scarcely any product when you put the wand on your skin (I literally scraped a layer of skin off doing the color swatch on my arm), but when you take it to your lashes, it coats them very effectively. I am seldom happy with one coat of mascara, but with Le Volume, I can get away with one pretty happily! It lengthens, volumizes, and holds my curls sky-high throughout the day! When I say sky-high I’m not even kidding. I am pretty sure this is the only mascara I’ve tried that can achieve this so far!

Here is the eye close-up of Bleu on my lashes. Clock-wise from upper left: bare eye (with lashes curled), one coat of Bleu on my upper lashes, two coats of Bleu on my upper lashes and one on the bottom:

Chanel Le Volume Bleu eye swatch


The best part? My lashes still look exactly like this at the end of the day! Mind you, the lashes of my right eye curl less easily, and still this is what I get!

Chanel Le Volume Prune closeup

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Prune is a red-based plum. I thought the red in it would make my eyes look tired, but it doesn’t seem to do that (though this could be because of the eyeliner).

I don’t know if it’s this particular tube, but while Prune lengthens and volumizes nicely, it seems to make my lashes stick together a bit more than Bleu. I am not going to write it off though. Some mascaras have a wetter formula when they are brand new, and after a while they actually get better. I suspect Prune is one of those, and I will report back if I notice any difference!

Here is the eye close-up of Prune on my lashes. Clock-wise from upper left: bare eye (with lashes curled), one coat of Prune on my upper lashes, two coats of Prune on my upper lashes and one on the bottom:

Chanel Le Volume Prune packaging


You can see the arm swatch of both here:

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara 20 Bleu, 30 Prune swatch

Now, what else can I tell you about Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Bleu and Prune? Besides the length, volume, and curl it gives to my lashes, it also holds up like a champion. They don’t smudge or transfer at all, but they’re easy to remove with Bioderma (or any eye makeup remover of your choise). The colors are visible from a normal viewing distance at certain angles, and both do give enough definition and drama even though they’re not black!

Here you see Bleu on my lashes:

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel in Bleu

Here you see Prune:

Chanel Le Volume Prune FOTD

To be honest, unless someone is right in front of you, the first thing these mascaras do is not screaming “I am blue/plum!” However, at certain angles they flash some color in a clever way, and you can definitely pair them to your advantage.

Bottom line: Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Bleu and Prune have an excellent formula and a clever way of tinting lashes with some color. If you’re on the market for something that will make your eyes pop, definitely check them out!

Do you use colored mascara? Any favorites you would like to share?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I bought the blue one and it’s LOVE I tell you! But I have a soft spot for blue mascara haha! It’s been one of my faves for a very long time-since the 80s and i still love it! I agree, the formula is really great too. I think I want the plum one now because of you haha!

    • Sunny

      EEE good to know you like Bleu! I was more skeptical about it but turned out to like it better!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Oooh that blue–SO stunning! I NEED this in my life! It’s a nice change from the usual (albeit gorgeous) navy mascaras that you often see. This cobalt blue is vibrant and unique!

    • Sunny

      Hey Becca, yes you should take a look at Bleu! I was really scared when I saw it, but now I’m addicted 😉

  • http://nails.blogmesin.com Rabbit

    I was using coloured mascara from L’oreal. Plum colour. I liked it :)

    • Sunny

      Sounds good! I’ll have to pay more attention to tinted mascaras in general 😉

  • http://www.myfashiontrendencies.com Chris El

    I NEED to have bleu. I think it warms up brown eyes and makes yours pop nicely! :)

    • Sunny

      Haha yes you wear these colors really well! I hope you’ll like Bleu!

  • http://beautiesatwork.wordpress.com/ beauties

    i have never used any other colour than black :)

    • Sunny

      Maybe one day you’ll try one and think it’s fun too!

  • http://drivelaboutfrivol.blogspot.com Kate

    I LOVE coloured mascaras! Cobalt and violet are my favourites but I keep trying to find a great hot pink too. I’m v. excited for Chanel summer with all those colours <3

    • Sunny

      Whoa hot pink sounds insanely fun! I can’t wait to see what Chanel is going to do this year. So far they’ve been doing a great job in my book!

  • http://www.beautyandthings.com/ kerker

    The Blue looks really nice! I don’t see the Prune showing much of its colour.

    • Sunny

      Hey Kerri, yup the blue definitely shows up better than the plum, though you can see from the full-face shot that it’s definitely not black.

  • Anne

    I don’t think I’d reach for the blue mascara too often, but I love the plum one! Now maybe I can’t talk my mother into buying one for me… (When we have nothing to talk about, we talk Chanel makeup. At least we have that in common!)

    • Sunny

      LOL that’s hilarious! My mom couldn’t care less about makeup in general, probably much less Chanel (blasphemy that is)! Yes, I hope you’ll be able to convince her. I hope the formula will work well on you!

      • Anne

        Tss, my mother barely knows makeup brands other than Chanel DO exist! :)

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    They look like a lot of fun! I’m really amazed that they give you some serious length and volume as well, yay!

    • Sunny

      That’s the best part! One coat and I’m basically good to get out of the door!

  • http://keepingupwiththekelly.wordpress.com Kelly

    I enjoy using coloured mascara, with some looks black can be too dark and harsh. In that case I like to use colours like dark brown, dark grey and dark purple. You won’t see me wearing really bright coloured mascara, it’s not really my thing. The Prune shade from Chanel looks like something I would wear but the blue is a bit too bright for me.

    • Sunny

      Hey Kelly, wow I don’t think I’ve seen gray ones around, but maybe I didn’t look! The blue isn’t TOO visible from a normal viewing distance though (only at certain angles) but I know what you mean!

  • http://www.beauty-box-online.com Beauty Box

    The blue mascara does give an edge to a makeup look though the prune one looks very close to black so it’s the “safer” shade I suppose. I’ve never tried coloured mascaras but your post made me want to try it, esp with the patented snowflake brush that Chanel mascaras have…I never knew that!

    • Sunny

      Hey Yu Ming, I don’t think ALL Chanel mascaras have the same brush, but Le Volume has this patented snowflakes one and it works well on me! I hope you’ll get to try Bleu!

  • http://mylucitedreams.com Taylor

    Loving the blue! I was looking forward to your review on these. I initially liked the plum but now that I see them I rather like the blue. It has a lovely effect!

    • Sunny

      Yup I also ended up preferring the blue one! I hope you’ll at least be able to get maybe a sample of the regular Le Volume to see how your lashes like the formula!

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com Redhotjillypeppers

    I owned a plum coloured mascara a couple of years ago and it does give a nice subtle effect

    • Sunny

      I think it’s a bit less intense than black, but still the drama is there 😉

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    I actually love blue mascara! I haven’t picked one up in years, though, because I can’t find a good paraben-free formula. You look great, Sunny!

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much, Larie! I just checked the ingredient lists for you. Great news! None of them contains paraben. Maybe you should pick Bleu up 😉

      • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

        AHAHAHA. Thanks, Sunny 😛

  • http://papayapieces.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/nasi-goreng-with-pork-and-egg/ Sofia

    HI Sunny, I’ve never used coloured mascara before (mainly because I spend enough euros already on black mascara). The blue gives interesting twist, and I was thinking that gosh the prune must turn up all red…. Well how wrong, when I got to the prune photos section, wow, on your eyes and colouring its gorgeous!!!

    • Sunny

      Hey Sofia, yeah I was worried about the plum one being way too red too, but it works fine on me! I’m still dreaming about a more purply plum mascara though!

  • Melanie

    I am happy to hear that you are loving the blue! I am like Tracy — it’s because of the 80’s that I have loved it deep down. Then, though, I was too young to be allowed to wear it. I proudly admit that I have not worn/bought/used a black mascara in over 9 years!!!

    • Sunny

      Oh wow, that’s amazing! I think my default will stay black, but if I wear eyeshadows that will match these two I’d totally use them! The formula is solid!

  • http://leisurelysensitive.blogspot.nl Yak Man

    I’ve never used colored mascara, the blue one looks really nice! 😀

    • Sunny

      Yup I like the blue one more as well 😉

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    I love blue mascara, don’t use it very often but it always makes my eyes pop.

    • Sunny

      Then you should totally use it more often!

  • http://alittlebeautylux.blogspot.com Louise

    Ooh Prune looks like a pretty color! I’ve really never ventured into colored mascaras… always been loyal to my blackest black tints, but these look pretty enough to consider 😉 Also, the black formula of Le Volume de Chanel is ah-mazing! I received a sample a few weeks back and have been raving about how great it is to everyone!

    xx Louise

    • Sunny

      Hey Louise, I honestly think I might need to get a tube of the regular Le Volume. Hurrah for all the latest mascara technology: my lashes are looking so much less pathetic nowadays LOL

  • http://beautyreductionista.blogspot.ca/ Liz

    I’d have ignored the whole thing except that you said:

    “To be honest, unless someone is right in front of you, the first thing these mascaras do is not screaming “I am blue/plum!””

    I will ask for Bleu to be put on me at a counter! Dammit, why did I start reading your blog? :p LOL

    • Sunny

      LOL sorry, Liz! It really doesn’t scream blue! It’s really a clever mascara. You’ll see! Let me know how you like it!

  • http://memoiselle.com/ Meryl @ Memoiselle

    You rocked the plum very well Sunny!

    • Sunny

      Thanks, Meryl!

  • http://lifeandlensofbeauty.blogspot.hk jenni@lifeandlensofbeauty.blogspot.hk

    there was a period I was into blue liner and mascara. just Becoz they make the white in ur eyes look larger and brighter!! I need t check this blue mascara from Chanel out!!

    • Sunny

      Yesss you should! It’s interesting to step away from the regular black from time to time :)

  • http://mybeautyhoard.blogspot.sg/ Jacqueline

    I love bright blue mascaras but I’m terrible I like mine to really scream that I’m wearing blue.

    • Sunny

      Haha well you CAN definitely see this one is blue at certain angles though 😉

  • http://bronzerbunny.com Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    i have a vague memory of having a colored chanel mascara once…. lol. looks good on you!

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks, Joyce! Check these out, if not then the black Le Volume!

  • http://www.unprofessionalbeautyblog.com Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    That blue looks gorgeous and you can actually see the color.

    • Sunny

      Yup it’s the best of both worlds!