Lancome Reflet d’Améthyste & Brun Adoré Hypnose Palettes Sneak Peek, Swatches & Quick Observations

Lancome Hypnose Palettes Brun Adore, Reflet d'Amethyste

With many other brands launching new eye products, Lancome will soon join the game with 12 Hypnose Palettes (RRP in Belgium: 56 euros. Availability: March 1st). The 12 palettes are divided into the Doll Eyes (2 in the purple family and 2 in the blue family), Drama Eyes (smokier blue, gray, brown, and purple), and Star Eyes (with neutral shades including brown, khaki, and gray). Today I have the sneak peek of Reflet d’Améthyste (DO2) and Brun Adoré (ST1) to share with you!

Lancome Hypnose Palette hand scale

Lancome Hypnose Palettes come with packaging that feels sturdy enough, though the velvet pouches that I have come to associate with luxury brands are missing. However, I do really like the fact that the closure is magnetic, as I won’t have to worry about the palettes accidentally popping open in the bag if I travel with them.

Lancome Reflet d'Amethyste hand scale

The compact opens to a mirror, 5 eyeshadows, and 2 applicators. I like the tiny brush. It is soft and functional! The two applicators are also kept in place with magnets, which is a very thoughtful detail. As you can see, the 5 shades are not the same size, but I have no problem picking the colors up with my regular brushes.

Lancome Reflet d'Amethyste closeup

Reflet d’Améthyste contains a pinky lavender with shimmer (on the left). This shade is soft and smooth, but it applies somehow sheer. It can be built up relatively easily, but there’s still some translucency. The liner shade is a dark blue-based shimmery purple. It is smooth, pigmented, and easy to work with. The middle shade is a mid-toned shimmey grape purple. Again, it performs well. The shade below is an iridescent mauve. This shade feels soft, but it is rather powdery and not very pigmented. I have to really layer it to get the color to show. The shade on the right is a shimmery icy pink that contains micro-glitter. This shade feels powdery and dry in the pan, and also powdery and dry swatched. The micro-glitter doesn’t seem to bind too well with the shade, so you might find some stray glittery particle on your face.

Swatches of Reflet d’Améthyste:

Lancome Hypnose Palette Reflet d'Amethyste swatch

Shades in the purple family are always tricky, but with Reflet d’Améthyste, the biggest offender is a shade that is not remotely purple. Since the icy pink is unfortunately one of the biggest shades, I feel that it drags the value of the palette down.

Lancome Brun Adore

Brun Adoré has a smooth and pigmented shimmery taupe. The liner shade is a matte black. It is a little drier, and it swatches gray initially, though it is pretty easy to build it up (part of this could be because it is hard to swatch a shade this narrow, as I have no problem actually using it with a regular brush). The shade in the middle is a truly creamy, shimmery darker mauvy taupe. Both the color and the formula are phenomenal! The shade below is a slightly plummy light taupe. It is also very smooth and pigmented. On the right, we have a light shimmey taupy champagne with micro-glitter particle. It feels a bit dry and scratchy in the pan, and it looks a little powdery and sheer in the swatch. On the lids it is somehow powdery, and I have to be careful not to have any fallout from it.

Lancome Brun Adore closeup

Here is the swatch of Brun Adoré:

Lancome Hypnose Palette Brun Adore swatch

The only shade that is not exactly 100% there is again, one of the biggest shades. I don’t really understand why one of the shades that are supposed to be used as a main lid shade has to contain micro-glitter in both cases, or why it is more powdery compared with the other shades in the quint. However, with 4 solid shades in Brun Adoré, it gets a higher rating from me.

Now, there is one last thing that is slightly surprising about these palettes. They are priced at 56 euros, which is not uncommon for luxury quads/quints. However, they only contain 2.7 grams/0.09 oz of product. The shadows are pressed, which means they retain their water weight (baked products weigh much less than pressed ones of the same volume, as the water weight is gone). I never really compare products in terms of weight, but if you are interested in getting one, this is something you might want to be aware of.

Lancome Hypnose Palette label

What do you think? Did you see anything you like? Have you tried anything from Lancome that you would like to recommend? It seems to be one of the brands that I haven’t got into!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • beauties

    I like the brown one :)

    • Sunny

      That’s my favorite one too!

  • Sara_BeauTime

    These seem like a miss to me. I was never impressed by eye shadows from Lancome (at least not as much as I love their mascaras!), therefore I don’t own any. If those are new formulation, I am going to check it out myself but price, product size and quality trio seem to be not that convincing at this point.

    • Sunny

      Hey Sara, I know what you mean. For the price I’d like to have a little more product.

  • Teri

    That taupe shade in the middle is to die for! And yeah, purple shades aren’t easy, but they seem to do it quite ok. Weird about the lighter colours tho. The palettes do look pretty! ^^

    • Sunny

      Yeah the lightest shades are a bit weird in both cases, but the taupes ARE pretty!

  • BeautyLoves

    They look gorgeous! However, I can’t comment on the quality of Lancôme shadows, as I’ve never tried them.

    • Sunny

      Same here. For some reason I just don’t think I’ve tried anything from Lancome previously!

  • Meryl @ Memoiselle

    I don’t think I am pulled into these two palettes. I have Lancome travel palette and I do think their colors and pigmentation is good but I just don’t really wear it as often, maybe I should explore the brand more :)

    • Sunny

      Haha you’re like me then 😉

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Ooh, I really like the second palette!

    • Sunny

      Yeah that taupe one is nice!

  • Anne

    Okay, it’s off-topic (I don’t find these two Lancôme palettes particularly appealing), but I finally saw Chanel Jeux de regards collection (only the Taupe pencil was missing) in store and boy, you weren’t lying! I swatched both quad and they seemed great. Séduction especially hit the bells! I wonder if Chanel has improved its baked formula (t’was about time), because I was also impressed by the swatches I made of Raffinement. Do you know if you’ll review it?
    Anyway, I didn’t buy anything, but damn. My wallet’s in trouble.

    • Sunny

      Oh yaaay I’m glad you like the collection! I heard many horror stories about the baked formula, but so far I haven’t had any problems with it. I really do want Raffinement, but I’m not too sure if I’ll get around to buying it and reviewing it. I have way too many eyeshadows on my plate for the moment, so it’d be crazy to get more!

      • Anne

        Well, I have Eclosion in the baked formula, and I find the quality to be good (though not excellent, which it should be)- but judging from the swatches, it really depends on the quads, some do seem truly atrocious. But, aah, Raffinement appeals me too (AND the swatches look great!)!
        I’ll tell you if I end up getting Séduction!

        • Sunny

          Yess keep me posted! Raffinement is a quad that I see myself reaching for often enough, but at this rate I’ll be begging for something else other than eyeshadows to review for a while LOL

          • Anne

            Well, that’s understandable!

  • Catherine (@bcrueltyfree)

    Brun Adoré has a nice collection of shimmery neutrals, a few look a bit unique (the second lightest one I really love). I do have plenty of dupes though :)

    • Sunny

      Haha I might have similar shades in my stash for some, but you’re right about the second lightest shade!

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    I have so flipping many browns but omg at Brun Adore!

    • Sunny

      For anyone who likes taupe it is amazing!

  • ValleyDoll

    They look really good ! I have one Lancôme palette and it was worth every euro !

    • Sunny

      Glad to hear you like your Lancome palette! I should swatch some more to see if there’s anything I really like!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Meh-I don’t know-Lancome palettes just don’t appeal to me for some reason. I think it is because of the chunky glitter in some of the shades. I’m not sure who they’re trying to target with these palettes, because older beauty junkies like me don’t like chunks’o’glitter in our shadows.

    • Sunny

      Yeah that’s my point too. Unfortunately the lightest shades in both of them contain micro-glitter, and the textures are powdery. Really doesn’t help keeping the glitter in place!

  • Marijke

    They look very pretty!!

    • Sunny

      Everyone’s jumping on the new eyeshadow wagon this year!

  • Rose

    The color on both palettes looks beautiful, but I am usually meh when it comes to Lancome eyeshadows. Unfortunately, like Tracy mentioned, all that glitter is not flattering on us *ahem* older beauty mavens. If it was a mix of mattes and shimmers/glitters, I may be more inclined to seek these palettes out.

    • Sunny

      LOL to be honest I don’t dig micro-glitter either. I do wish there were some satin/matte shades in each of them as well!

  • Taylor

    Lovely palettes! I find often times the lightest shade in palettes have micro-glitter and fallout.. I wished they were matte or had a slight sheen. The palettes are both gorgeous! Brun would normally strand out to me but strangely enough I have a big thing for purple/lavender shades at the moment, so I’m loving Amethyst. Looking forward to the looks as always gorgeous! <33

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks so much, Taylor! I’ll try to do looks with these ASAP!

  • Liz

    I don’t get why Lancome had to release these shadows when it wasn’t too long ago that they launched their current shadow palettes. I’m still trying to get used to those — these don’t seem like an upgrade so not sure what they’re getting at with a new launch and higher pricing. I like Lancome and all — it’s the brand I grew up with — but for that price, we’re probably better off with Guerlain or Chanel.

    • Sunny

      Oh true, I forgot about that! It’s the regular price for a luxury palette, but I wish there were more product in it. That way I wouldn’t have given the pricing a second thought!

  • Makeup Morsels

    hmm so I sense you’re slightly lukewarm on these? They honestly don’t really grab my interest. I love Lancome for Bi-Facil (which I stopped purchasing long ago because I go through those way too fast to justify the cost) and their Rouge in Love lipsticks look fantastic, but aside from Erika F I’m not really sold on their eyeshadows. For a long time when I was first getting into makeup I used their GWP quads which were nice, but honestly there are much better shadows out their for the price. I do like their classic packaging though, and your swatches make the colors look quite pretty!

    • Sunny

      Yeah I just think if Lancome wants to charge the same price as other luxury quads/quints for these, they might as well put some more product in it! I have swatched Erika F, but at least back at the time I didn’t think I’d be able to work with the color. I might be biased but Brun Adore is pretty cool indeed! I think I’ll save the slightly powder/glittery shade as an inner corner highlight, though it’s a bit sad since with the size of that shade it should work as an overall shade instead.

  • Jacqueline

    Sunny, the swatches look quite pigmented and I love the design of the palette. It is a pity that the large pans are the shadows that are less pigmented.

    • Sunny

      Yeah and both shades happen to contain micro-glitter as well, which isn’t really my thing. I think Tracy has a point. Lancome might want to realize their target market isn’t into micro-glitter.