Sneak Peek: MAC Fiery Impact Blush from In Extra Dimension 2013!

MAC In Extra Dimension 2013

I remember all the enthusiasm about MAC In Extra Dimension last April (particularly the highlighters). I assume it did well, because this April there will be a new In Extra Dimension Collection (in Belgium it will be available on April 12th)!  I want to quickly show you Fiery Impact Blush (RRP in Belgium: 24 euros. Their regular blushes go for 21 euros here, so I assume the RRP in the US will be a bit higher than their regular blushes as well) just so you can get an idea.

MAC Fiery Impact blush

The packaging of Fiery Impact is no different from the regular MAC blushes, and it also contains 6 grams of product.

MAC Fiery Impact

The texture has to be the most special thing about Fiery Impact. I don’t own anything from last year’s In Extra Dimension, but I have tried the Estee Lauder’s Gelee Powder formula, and it feels very similar. Basically, the powder is so extremely fine that it feels more like a gel or cream instead.

MAC Fiery Impact lush bcloseup

MAC Fiery Impact Blush is described as a burnt red bronze. In the pan it looks closer to a brick red, and it has a lot of tiny shimmer. When swatched heavily, it looks like a rosy bronze. Once sheered out, it looks like a brownish rose with a sheen. I don’t really see the shimmer anymore, and that’s a promising sign! I have the impression that it can be blended and built up very easily, but since I haven’t had the opportunity to test drive the blush, I will save my observation for a more detailed post later!

Here is how Fiery Impact swatches on me, both heavily and blended out:

MAC In Extra Dimension Fiery Impact swatch

I will test it out and show you how it looks on my cheeks so stay tuned!

For those of you who haven’t got wind of the collection, the line-up includes:

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (RRP in Belgium: 21 euros):

Extra Silver (true silver), Opalesse (opalescent white with pink pearl), Zestful (pale iridescent lime), Triple Impact (opalescent lavender with violet pearl), Dimensional Blue (frosty blue), Smoky Mauve (mid-tone cool mauve)

Extra Dimension Blush (RRP in Belgium: 24 euros):

Bareness (rosy beige), Blazing Haute (dirty peach), Flaming Chic (bright blue pink), At Dusk (mid-tone rose), Fiery Impact (burnt red bronze)

Extra Dimension Skinfinish (RRP in Belgium: 28 euros):

Definitely Defined (silvery pink/soft rose with shimmer), Shape the Future (pastel pink with iridescence/soft brick with light shimmer), Double Definition (soft shimmery gold/patina bronze)

Did you see anything you might like? If you have tried anything from MAC In Extra Dimension, what is your experience like?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • Jennifer

    Thank you. I’m really looking forward this years collection. I have several ED products from last year and they are My favorite Mac items.

    • Sunny

      You’re welcome, Jennifer! I’m glad ED works so well for you, and I hope there will be shades you like this time around!

  • beauties

    ooooh nice :)

    • Sunny

      Yup it’s pretty exciting!

  • Yak Man

    looks like a very nice blush ♥

    • Sunny

      Yeah I can’t wait to give it a proper go!

  • robin

    its gorgeous!

    • Sunny

      I think it has real potential!

  • BeautyLoves

    It’s pretty, but not my colour and I’m not sure I’ll be checking out the collection. Which is a good thing, because I already have a ton of makeup! 😉

    • Sunny

      I’m curious about the highlighters, since they were very well-received last year!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    This is a blush I would definitely wear during summer when I’ve got more of a tan !

    • Sunny

      Haha yeah I’m waiting for that to happen too!

  • kerker

    Gorgeous blush! Th texture/detailing looks amazing.

    • Sunny

      Yeah the texture is very interesting, and I have great experience with EL gelee eyeshadows. The pattern doesn’t get rubbed off easily either. I’ve swatched it several times and it doesn’t look used at all!

  • Larie

    Oh, I’m excited! I actually quite like MAC blushes; they come in a lot of different colors and the mineralize formula imparts a nice glow.

    • Sunny

      I have some and while I can’t say they’re my favorites, they aren’t bad! I haven’t tried the mineralize formula though.

  • Taylor

    It look lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing I on you

    • Sunny

      Thanks Taylor! I have a hunch that it’s a color I can pull off relatively easily :)

  • Teri

    This is such an amazing blush! I actually like the colour shade as well, not my first pick but it’s surprisingly pretty! ^^

    • Sunny

      Yeah I wasn’t sure what to make of the official description, but I think it has real potential!

  • Claire

    I really like orange, my fav is Illamasqua Lover so far. Mac looks quite drying on me but this shade looks yum!!

    • Sunny

      OOO that one is definitely on my wish list! Fiery Impact has a different texture from regular MAC blushes, so it might work for you!

      • Claire

        ahhh, don’t create more lemmings Sunny 😉 I had a hard time choosing what do I ‘need’ … this year, so many pretty releases xxx

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    A very strong pigmentation if you ask me! I’m sure the colour will suit you fine!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Peggy! It does seem to blend out easily though, so I hope I won’t end up looking like a clown 😉

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I am not all that excited about this particular color to be honest. I tend to go for pinky coral tones more. But that is just me of course! I’m interested to find out how it looks on you :-)

    • Sunny

      I think warm-toned ladies will have an easier time with Fiery Impact, because I can see quite a bit of brown in there. Maybe you’ll see something else you like 😉

  • Kristen @ Glambunctious

    Ooh, pretty! The description of the texture sounds like a dream! Can’t wait to see some pictures of you sporting this color!

    • Sunny

      I have good experience with this type of products, and I’ll try my best to test it out and show you how it looks soon!

  • Procrastinator you have Stereo Rose to compare this to? I liked the look of SR, but the shimmer was hard to deal with.

    • Sunny

      Hey girly, sorry but I don’t have Stereo Rose! Stereo Rose is more coral from what I can see, and you really don’t see “shimmer” in this one once it is applied/blended out. Hope this still helps!

  • xLoveHappyx

    Oo, that blush looks very pretty. I have never tried any “extra dimension” items, but maybe I will!

    • Sunny

      Yaay I think it has real potential! I’ll keep you posted!

  • Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    I actually didn’t pick up anything from last year’s launch. I think I’m a little overwhelmed with all the MAC collections, but this looks like a lovely color. I may check this out when it comes out.

    • Sunny

      Same here. MAC didn’t start an online shop here till not so long ago, and everything I wanted would be sold out on day 1 so I gave up. I do really enjoy the texture of this blush though!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Oooh! Pretty blush!

    • Sunny

      Yup! I’m now curious about all the other ones too 😉

  • Makeup Morsels

    I usually don’t remember half the collections MAC comes out with because there’s just SO MANY but I remember when they did this collection last time because I was all gooey eyed over the pretty embossing hahaha. Fiery Impact is such a pretty shade! I might check out some of those eyeshadows…

    • Sunny

      Yeah I know what you mean. I think on average MAC launches one collection every week, which makes it really really hard to keep track! I do think the texture of these is worth looking into though!

  • Victoria

    OMG that looks gorgeous! I haven’t tried any of Mac’s Extra Dimensions before but I would definitely try to get my hands on this! :)

    • Sunny

      Haha yaaay glad to hear you’re falling for Fiery Impact as well! I like this gelee invention. It’s pretty sweet!