Small Tip for Big Lashes!

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum, Shu Uemura lash curler

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I have this quirk when it comes to curling my eyelashes: I do it before putting even the primer on. It is most definitely very unorthodox, but I have the impression that because of my eye shape, curling the lashes after everything else is done makes the curler a bit messy. My inner OCD screams no!

The problem with curling before everything else, at least when it comes to my naturally straight lashes, is that by the time I am ready to put on mascara, the curl has relaxed somehow. Putting mascara on first doesn’t seem to be an option (I have tried, but it makes lining difficult), but the other day I had this light bulb moment: why not put the lash primer on right after curling the lashes?

Bang, problem solved!

You might remember from this old post that I discovered the joy of Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I am so happy with it that instead of branching into something else, I repurchased it recently. Besides extraordinary length and volume it offers, the primer also does a great job holding the curl!

What I do nowadays is curling my lashes, putting Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum on, and then proceeding to finishing my eye makeup. The primer dries clear, so my lashes don’t get in the way when I am doing the rest of my eye makeup. However, they definitely stay as curly as they possibly can! It’s all smooth sailing from there. As long as I use a good curl-holding mascara afterwards (my current go-to is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. I’ve been testing it out for the past two weeks, and you will get to read the review very soon), my lashes easily look their best!

Also,while I still think the Shiseido lash curler fits my eye shape better, I have been reaching for my Shu Uemura one instead. After the painful pinching learning curve, I have pretty much fallen in love with this sturdy curler that gets all of my lashes in one go. The sturdy construction saves so much energy during the process, and I am definitely very pleased with it!

How about you? Do you curl your lashes right before putting your mascara on? What is your favorite lash primer? How about eyelash curler?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: I’m sorry the posts have been on the shorter side this week. On top of getting quite some work with next-day deadlines this week, I have no hot water in the apartment for the moment (long story short: while replacing the gas/electricity meters, the workers found a leaking gas pipe in the basement which won’t get fixed till next Monday). While I have been able to take flash showers with the cold water, my hair is not looking its best (silver lining: I managed to lay my hands on both Klorane dry shampoos earlier this week, so it’s still under control). I might pack up and go to some friends’ house as a shower refugee today, but we’ll see!

Anyways, I promise to get back on track and bring informative full-length reviews back soon! Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime!

  • Procrastinator

    I’ve wanted to try the serum for a while. My only thing is that I almost never wear mascara — I don’t know why, I just forget. If this works on me, it might be the thing to help me actually finish a tube of mascara versus throwing it away at the three month mark out of fear of pink-eye.

    • Sunny

      Hey girly, I would encourage you to try this primer, and I hope it’ll work just as well for you! I never finish a tube of mascara either, unless it’s a small sample. I have accumulated so many that I actually won’t have to buy a mascara for a very long time!

  • Shoegal

    Sunny! This post is a godsend! I have stopped curling my eyelashes because 1)it breaks my fragile lashes and 2)my eyeliner gets all smudged. It seems that you’re saying with the serum, I can first curl then put on the eyeliner? Any advice on curling without breaking my lashes? I have both the Shu Uemura and the Shiseido curlers but neither prevents the breakage. What about plastic curlers? Heated curlers? Thanks!

    • Sunny

      Hey girl, glad this helps! This primer dries clear, so I don’t think the lashes will get in the way when you’re doing your eyeliner. You can definitely curl, apply the primer, and do your eyeshadow/liner before putting on mascara.

      I know this primer is supposed to prevent breakage, because it sounds like your lashes need some extra protection. Do you use waterproof mascaras? Because they could make lashes a bit more brittle.

      • Shoegal

        I only use waterproof if I’m on holiday and swim. Sounds like I should not use it otherwise since my lashes are fragile. Thanks for this post!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I don’t prep or curl my lashes, but it’s good to hear that there are tools and products out there that really do the trick for those that want or need it!

    • Sunny

      Oh tsk you make me soooo jealous! Some of us won’t have any visible eyelashes without a good curler, primer, AND mascara you know 😉

      • Kiss & Make-up

        Noooo I am not making anyone jealous! I might have pretty decent lashes, but I also have a unibrow, feet the size of a cruise ship, one Dumbo ear (the right one) and about ten other beauty qualms. And those are things no curler, primer or mascara can take care of, trust me 😉

        • Sunny

          LOL you crack me up! I know what you mean. There are things about everyone that drives them crazy, but I’ve honestly never realized one of your ears is slightly different (I know someone else like that but really that’s not the first thing you see)!

  • beauties

    this may sound arrogant, but I think my lashes are long and curly enough by themselves :)

    • Sunny

      Haha life is so unfair sometimes!

  • Kate

    Did you ever watch fuzkittie on youtube? She would curl her lashes before any eye makeup too :) I’m a curl after everything girl — my lashes don’t droop through the makeup process but they get in the way somehow? Especially if I want to smudge liner into my lashline…
    That said, I REALLY want to try the Dior primer now.

    • Sunny

      Hey Kate, now come to think of it I have seen her videos! Apparently I’m not the only one who curls my eyelashes at the wrong moment haha

      Do give the Dior primer a try. It’s the only one I’ve ever owned, but I’m just so happy with it that I don’t want to look around!

  • Ruby

    I am using Shu’s curler as well and it certainly fit Asian eyes very well.

    Have not tried any primer before (but I certainly wanna try Dior’s after your rave) and definitely curling b4 putting on mascara for me too. I hate to see my curler getting clogged with all the pdts

    • Sunny

      I had a bit of pinching problem with the Shu curler in the beginning, but after I learnt how to use it properly it’s not a problem anymore! You really should try a primer. I am lazy by nature, and it’s hard for me to incorporate a new thing into the routine unless I see a really good reason: this primer is one of those things that I haven’t wanted to live without! Keep me posted if you give it a try!

  • Teri

    Oh this sounds exactly like my whole lash curling routine! Gotta love the shu curler, mine is still going strong after 5 years!

    • Sunny

      That’s good to know! I love how sturdy it is. Saves so much energy!

  • Eileen

    You’re not alone in curling first. I’ve been wearing mascara for over 55 years and have always curled my lashes first. When I first started wearing mascara, a movie studio MA told me to curl first because the mascara could stick to the curler and eventually cause the lashes to break or be pulled out. We used pretty heavy cake mascaras in those days! LOL. Anyway, curling first is a habit I’ve retained and I’ve never had any problems with my lashes. Apply eyeshadows and liner, curl lashes, apply mascara–done!

    • Sunny

      Hey Eileen, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! It’s so sweet of you!

      When I was younger I was taught to curl my lashes twice, once before mascara and once after. I quickly gave up on doing it the second time because I hated getting the curler all messy!

  • Taylor

    Thank god for dry shampoo! I do wish you a long hot shower very soon! I always curl before, there is nothing worse than pulling away the eyelash curler to find your precious lashes clinging to the curler. I find that waterproof mascaras are the only ones that hold my curl. I thought the serum added great volume but my lashes went straight again after I applied it. I’m glad you found a routine that works so well for you :-)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Taylor! I got to take a decent shower at some friends’ yesterday, and the pipe will be replaced tomorrow so let’s hope things will be back to normal soon!

      I’ve actually found some non-waterproof mascaras that hold curls, and the primer does help as well. I’ve become lazy because it’s so much easier to remove non-waterproof mascaras that I don’t look for waterproof versions anymore!

  • BeautyLoves

    Something for me then! I’m always on the hunt for bigger, bolder lashes.
    I have the Shu curler, works well on me!

    • Sunny

      Yup you have to try a lash primer! It’s probably not right to call the Dior one my favorite since it’s the only one I’ve tried, but I just can’t imagine anything better!

  • Rainy Days & Lattes

    I like both the Shu and the Shiseido curlers :) It really makes a big difference for lashes! I like to “prep” my lashes as well! Thanks, Sunny!!

    • Sunny

      Hey Jen, I like both as well, but my Shiseido is getting a bit too old now. I might have to replace it when I’m in Taipei this summer. A good primer does SO much! Ultimately I think if you invest in a primer, you can go for cheaper mascaras because they don’t make that much difference anymore.

  • Edwina

    It’s the same for me too! I’ve always curled my lashes first before anything else. I think that curling the lashes after mascara has been applied gives them a weird “dent” and a fake look since the lashes are more brittle at that point.

    • Sunny

      I agree. As much as I love my curler I just curl once before my primer and call it a day!

  • Paige

    I’ve been doing this for years already: curling my lashes with Shu lash curler, coat them with Diorshow maximizer, and then my go-to YSL faux cils mascara. In addition to help maintaining the curl and making the lashes look fuller, Diorshow maximixer makes removing the mascara product easier at the end of the day (no painful tugging or lost lashes). I’ve been curious about Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara and I look forward to read your input.

    • Sunny

      Hey Paige, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment :)

      I’ve heard great things about the YSL Faux Cils, but I haven’t tried it yet! I’ll make sure I review the Iconic Overcurl next week so stay tuned!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    First: hope the water problem will be sorted soon…i get your frustration! Secon; I love to curl my lashes, I can’t do without anymore, it has become a habbit. The Dior primer I don’t know…will have to check that one out!

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Peggy! I’ve really only tried one primer, but I have trouble imagining finding anything better so I’m sticking to it!

  • Jenni @ lifeandlensofbeauty

    I do the curling before applying mascara – I heard that its the least damaging to lashes! I think after applying mascara, the lashes may become stiff-er and thus exerting force to curl it might actually cause it to break :X

    • Sunny

      I know what you mean! I don’t curl after mascara either. I’m too afraid they’d just crumble!

  • Caise

    I actually haven’t used any eyelash primer so maybe I’ll give this one a try:)
    you have to try Chanel Coco Shine lipsticks! I own 4 of them.. :-)
    no hot water? it doesn’t sound like fun:(

    • Sunny

      You should, Caise! It’s something that I like enough to repurchase, and that says a lot because most of the time I’m looking for the next best thing!

      No it hasn’t been fun, but it hasn’t been THAT bad either. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow though!

  • Dovey

    Hi Sunny, I love my Shu—- and I always curl before mascara—- I like to think the mascara’s there to hold everything in place!

    • Sunny

      Yup, that and to grow some lashes that I don’t have LOL

  • JoanneP

    Oh another rave for Dior Maximizer. I’ve tried lash primer once and didn’t like it. My lashes got too fat and heavy. This sounds awesome. I need to check it out. I’m not a fan of curling after mascara either. It works ok but I dislike the mess it creates on my curler. Love Shu curler to pieces.

    Hope your gas line got fixed soon. x

    • Sunny

      Hey Joanne, the Dior one doesn’t weigh my lashes down at all (quite the opposite). I’d definitely encourage you to give it a go!

      Thanks for asking! Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, which is great because I’m freezing a little here!

  • Liz

    You know, I actually gave up on curling and priming the lashes at all? I’m one of those people who prefer the Shiseido curler over the Shu Uemura, but maybe I need to practice with the Shu as well.

  • Sue Lin

    Nice to know how you do your lashes. I used to do the whole deal: prime, shu curler, mascara, hot curler. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    These days it’s just shu curler and fiberwig. Haha …I’m getting lazy.

    • Sunny

      Hey Sue, I’ve never tried a hot curler! I’ve heard that people use their blow dryer on the curler prior to curling, but I’ve never tried that! Maybe I should 😉

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I had stopped curling my lashes because well, I don’t really need to. :) BUT I was finding that I’d get mascara all over my lid during application! If I curl my lashes, that doesn’t happen! GO FIGURE. :) I like the Shu one, although it does pinch me on occasion-is the the Shiseido on smaller?

    • Sunny

      Ugh Tracy I’m so jealous! The Shiseido one is slightly wider, and it is flatter. It works well for my eye shape because well, it is flat!

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    i started reading all the comments and forgot what i was gonna say. LOL. anyway, you know i love this stuff, so YAY

    • Sunny

      LOL no problem, Joyce! Glad to hear you’re also a fan!

  • Angie

    I have had problems keeping my lashes curled for the longest time – and I ignored it for the longest time as well because it was the last step I did in my makeup routine so then I wouldn’t have to notice how they looked anyway, lol! :) I have been recommended this and after reading your review I definitely think it is something I should try. I recently purchased Clinique’s High Impact Curling mascara and so I’m working with that one to see what I think of it. So far so good, but I usually can form a better opinion after I use it for awhile. Thank you for this review – I will have this on my list! :)
    PS – it is so nice to “meet” you on your blog – I remember seeing you comment on Beautezine quite some time ago but did not make a connection that you have a blog, so I feel as if I should have known you for so long now (if that makes any sense, haha!) 😉 You have a fabulous blog and I look forward to your posts! Also, thank you for the follow on Twitter! Have a great day. :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Angie, I actually never cared SO much about mascara because with my lashes, any difference is a good difference and I was happy with everything really! Having to blog about mascaras and doing eye closeups was something that eventually taught me to distinguish between something is just fair or very good.

      I remember seeing you on Beautezine too and I was like “wooow she’s so pretty and she takes great pictures!” Congrats on turning pro! My ultimate goal is learning how to work a proper camera and professional lighting like you do!

  • Ada Chen

    I heard that the curling of the lashes should be before applying things onto it or you’ll be breaking your lashes.
    By the way, I just bought Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, in the package with the maximizer. Maybe you can get one of them afterwards. And, I also got the Shiseido curler just now in the drug store. (my crazy trip to Japan!) I bought the one with red pack and numberred 213. Is this what you use? I’ll try it tomorrw to see how it fits my eyes.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Yes you should. I don’t mean I curl my lashes after I put mascara on. I mean I first curl my lashes and put on the primer before I do my eyeshadows/liner!

      I was thinking about getting the same set at the airport, but there is this 21% sale going on here so I just bought those two! I have the same Shiseido curler I think. It works well, but Shu Uemura has to be my favorite! Maybe you can try that next time :)