For Warm-Toned Gals, NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil Works Like a Walk in the Park


My lipstick logic for the moment is something like this: oh, a new line of lipsticks! Let me check it out by picking up… you guessed it, the coral! NARS has several lines of well-loved lip pencils, and Satin Lip Pencil is the new kid on the block. Without too much hesitation, I picked up Lodhi.

NARS Lodhi

All NARS lip pencils come in the same packaging, but the colored ends are slightly different (the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils for example, only has one thin band of color). It is simple yet pretty sophisticated. I like how it doesn’t feel too plasticky, as that reminds me more of children’s crayons.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil

Lodhi is a soft orange coral with a creamy satin finish. The texture of this pencil is amazingly soft, and it glides onto the lips as if it were lighter than air. I don’t have any problems about it smushing on my lips, though when I swatched it (and wrote Lodhi on a piece of paper for one of the pictures above), I have accidentally applied a little too much pressure.

NARS Lodhi tip closeup

The great thing about Lodhi is the fact that it is very creamy, but it doesn’t move around. The creamy texture hides the lines on my lips well, but at the same time even when I eat, I don’t end up with lipstick outside of my natural lip line or on my teeth. I normally prefer lipsticks over lip pencils, but I really enjoy how precise you can be with a NARS lip pencil. I usually start out by defining the contour before filling my lips up, and it works well that way!

Here is how Lodhi swatches:

NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil swatch

The only coral in my stash that is somehow similar is Chanel Enjouée Rouge Allure. However, as you can see, Enjouée has much more pink in it.

Left: Lodhi, Right: Enjouée

NARS Lodhi, Chanel Enjouee comparison

For such a creamy color, Lodhi wears surprisingly well. I can get 5 hours or more with some drinks and light snacking, but it will be gone with a full meal. It does leave a soft stain behind that you can build on, so every time you reapply the color seems more vibrant! It is also fairly hydrating, which is always a plus.

A couple more pictures with me sporting Lodhi:

NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil review


NARS Lodhi review

Lodhi has definitely stolen my heart, but like most things in life it is not perfect. Besides the fact that it needs to be sharpened and some product will be wasted in the process (I definitely suggest freezing it for several minutes before sharpening because it is so creamy and soft), I have reservations about carrying it around and using it in summer (or in a warmer climate). I am simply too afraid it will melt! Until I get to read about people’s experience with this line in hotter climates, I will more than likely refrain myself from purchasing another spring/summer shade (even though the bright pink Yu is also calling my name rather loudly). Come autumn/winter however, I am sure I will look into the several reds on offer!

Bottom line: NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil is a gorgeous coral with an excellent formula. Especially if you are looking for something that will smooth over your lip lines, I would highly recommend it. It is incredibly creamy without the embarrassing migrating, and it wears well. If you don’t mind the sharpening or potential risk of having it become melty when it gets warmer, it is another lipstick that makes coral lovers rejoice!

Have you seen NARS Satin Lip Pencils? Is any of them calling your name? Do you own any of their other pencils? I have come to the realization that I have definitely under-explored NARS lip products in general, so a little haul is being planned.

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • Chris

    I tried these out this weekend and loved them. I agree that they may be too creamy to tote around in the summer. BTW, this color looks great on you. It didn’t look too hot on me. 😉

    • Sunny

      Thanks Chris! I bet there are many shades in the line-up that look hot on you! I think the weather in Cali is already a bit of a challenge for such a creamy texture!

  • beauties

    this is your colour Sunny 😀

    • Sunny

      Thanks Eva! I’m trying not to buy more corals but I might fail LOL

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I am in love! *swoon*

    And the freezing-before-sharpening tip is great, thanks 😀

    • Sunny

      Thanks girly! For some stuff you really have to, including extra creamy eyeliners!

  • Jacqueline

    It looks gorgeous Sunny. I am trying not to cave and but but damn there are some gorgeous shades that I cannnot help but want. Lodhi looks like something I would wear everyday.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Jacqueline! If you do try them out I’d LOVE to hear about it. I think Singapore is a great climate to test if they will melt, though I hope they won’t!

      • Jacqueline

        Knowing me , I’ll just buy one to test. :)

  • Ruby

    This is a beautiful shade, Sunny. I have wanted to check out their lip pencils but haven’t not gotten a chance. I should plan a trip to NARS counter soon. :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks, Ruby! I only get to see NARS counters in Taipei, but I’m already pretty grateful that I have access to the brand online!

  • Teri

    Gah, I love this one so much on you! It pulls a bit more orange on you but that’s what I love about it ^^. Too bad about the softness, I might wait until I hear reports about it not melting, lol!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Teri! EVERYTHING pulls a bit more orange on me it seems! It’s really incredibly creamy. Not that it gets too warm here very often but still. I’d totally cry if Lodhi melts on me!

  • Christine

    I have only *just* started exploring Nars lip products as well! They are remarkable– I got a lipstick the other day and it was like nothing else I have in terms of saturated color, but light and moisturizing on my lips. I love this color on you Sunny! But possibility of melting is “no bueno”.

    • Sunny

      Yaay good to know! I think I’ll pick up a couple of lipsticks soon just to get a better idea about their formulas. I’m waiting for gals in warmer climates to figure out if they’ll melt. If they don’t then I want at least half of them :)

  • annick

    Gorgeous! Love the shade on you!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Annick <3

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    I love this color on you, Sunny!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Emi! Coral is really a no-brainer for me :)

  • Tiffany

    Ooo, Lodhi looks so pretty on you, Sunny! I’ve swatched these a few times but I’m trying to exercise self-control so I haven’t given in…..yet 😉 I have my eye on Luxembourg and Biscayne Park 😀

    • Sunny

      OOO yeah I’m definitely drooling over Luxembourg too! I like how there are SEVERAL nudes in this range so everybody should be able to find something. I bet you’ll rock Biscayne Park!

  • Larie

    This is a great color on you – very flattering and summery! This kind of color looks rubbish on me, though! Hahahahaha. Oh man.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Larie! I’m sure you can wear some corals, so start with the sheerer ones and don’t give up!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    I’m going coral crazy because of you and the pretty shades you’re showing us ! I want them all ! :)

    • Sunny

      Yaay I’d LOVE to see some coral on you, Jill!

  • Procrastinator

    This is goooorgeous on your skin! Im always afraid these colours will make my teeth look yellow/my lips look huge though.

    • Sunny

      Thanks girl! I think Lodhi actually doesn’t have TOO much yellow. I don’t really notice yellower-looking teeth with it!

  • ValleyDoll

    I just love lip pencils ! This one looks gorgeous on you !

    • Sunny

      Thanks Eva! NARS has several lip pencils, also Dior has some new ones in their summer collection. If you like lip pencils it’s a great time to pick up some!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    *sigh* this shade is pure perfection on you! I NEED this! This one and Rikugien (spelling?) are definitely going to be mine! Ahh I can’t wait to bust this one out during the summer! 😀

    • Sunny

      Thanks Becca! This is actually a very easygoing coral, and I see you rocking it!

  • Taylor

    Lodhi! I knew which one you were going to pick, hehe. The formula sounds lovely! I still haven’t picked one yet, I kind f went crazy for Dior recently, but will definitely come back to them. I wonder if Lodhi would be too orange for me?! I personally love the pencil form, I had no trouble with the Matte formulas in the summer, I literally had Bettina with me all last summer but I totally hear you, I wonder f this formula would be different.

    • Sunny

      LOL you know me so well, Taylor! Corals always look a bit different on everyone, and they tend to pull more orange on me. If you see Lodhi on Karen at MBB for example, it looks more pink! I don’t own a matte lip pencil yet, but I did hear those are more solid so I’m not sure!

  • Liz

    Great tip about freezing it! I hate the thought of any of the precious product being lost. Love the shade! Go corals! Hahahahahaha!

    • Sunny

      Yeah I know! I’d sit on the floor and cry if I snap the tip sharpening it! Thanks Liz :)

  • Kristen @ Glambunctious

    It’s good that you like coral because it looks super swell on you, Sunny! I love this color on you! I’m not sold on these yet because I’m not a big fan of having to sharpen lip products. If this were housed in a twist-up mechanism, I’d be all over it. Still, man I love NARS. :)

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Kristen! The sharpening part is a bit of an inconvenience, but I like the formula and shade selection. Now, if only these wouldn’t melt in summer I’ll buy several more!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    LOVE. I think you wear corals SO WELL! I really want to try one of these-I have to see if they are here yet!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tracy! I think you’ll like the formula! I got mine on NARS EU, which gets all the new NARS stuff first of course :)

  • Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    I told you a few times before that you look good in corals right? Well, this is the umpteenth time 😛

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks Lily!

  • sara

    lodhi!! thats my last name so i want this product even more now!! 😀

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sara, what a nice coincidence! It’s a good one. If you get it I hope you’ll love it!

  • Michelle @LipstickRules

    Sunny, I think I’m gonna cave in and finally pick this up. I had to re-read your post just to confirm 😉

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha I wore this again the other day. Already had to sharpen it once or twice. Still not a big fan of the sharpening aspect, but dang the shade and the formula are just SO GOOD!

  • Tiffany

    Stumbled upon your blog just now and love it! I love NARS everything, but I especially love Lodhi! It looks so pretty on you!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Tiffany! I have sharpened Lodhi a few times by now. I am getting worried it’ll be gone!

      • Tiffany

        Ration it until the big Sephora sale and stock up! That could be a solution!

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          True. Now come to think of it, a friend is going to the US and coming back here at around that time… LOL