I Found a Happy Watermelon/Coral Pink in NARS Niagara Lipstick!

NARS Niagara Lipstick

A while ago when I reviewed NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil, I realized I haven’t tried many NARS lip products at all. When I found a coupon code somewhere, I took the opportunity to order a couple of them, including NARS Niagara Lipstick. Remember how almost every coral pulls more orange on me and I really want a coral pink? Well, NARS Niagara answered my prayer!

NARS Lipstick packaging

NARS Lipsticks come in black rubberized packaging with the brand name across the cap. My experience with NARS packaging is generally fine. It could get a bit dirty but I have no problem wiping it down!

NARS Niagara Lipstick closeup

Niagara is a coral/watermelon pink with a glossy sheen on me. The formula is unscented, though I can smell something from its chemical composition. It glides on easily enough, but it is not one of the creamiest formulas I have tried. The lightweight texture packs a lot of pigment and great lasting power (I’d put it between 4-5 hours with a stain), though if there are dry patches on your lips it will cling to them (exfoliate and moisturize, y’all). The formula isn’t hydrating for me, but it isn’t drying either. It’s the way my lips tend to work though. Few formulas are clearly hydrating or drying for me.

Here is how Niagara swatches on me. Left: built up. Right: one pass. The lipstick was brand new and I might not have applied enough pressure. It is creamier-looking and more pigmented in reality!

NARS Niagara Lipstick swatch

You have seen Niagara on me in a couple other places, including:

(See the look breakdown here)

NARS Niagara Lipstick FOTD


(See the breakdown of the look here)


NARS Niagara review

Bottom line: For me personally, the NARS Lipstick formula does not excel (not particularly hydrating and potential of clinging onto dry patches). However, it is definitely more than decent and I am a fan of Niagara! It is another lipstick that I can wear every day with minimal makeup on the rest of my face, and it is very appropriate for the season!

Now your turn: what NARS lipsticks do you own?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx


  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com Procrastinator

    Ooh! Did you have this post in the works when I was there this weekend? I find corals often pull very red on me, I’ll have to play with a lighter, pinker coral next time!

    • Sunny

      Hey girl, that’s possible 😉 That’s the funny thing about corals. Some pull the pink out, some pull the orange out (me, me, me!), and some pull the red out! I hope you’ll find a good lighter pink coral soon!

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Pretty Pretty on you Sunny! I don’t own a lot of NARS lipsticks either-the only one I have is Barbarella. I have a couple of the pencil versions-the Velvet Matte and Gloss ones-but that’s the only lipstick I have. I don’t know-here they are expensive, so I always think if I’m going to spend that much, I might as well get a Chanel!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tracy! That’s good thinking too. I didn’t know NARS is priced that high in Canada!

  • http://nails.blogmesin.com Rabbit

    I don’t own any Nars lipsticks.
    This one has a really nice colour but I don’t think that corals look good on me.

    • Sunny

      Hey Rabbit, I would recommend the Satin Lip Pencil formula over this!

  • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

    I’m sure this will just look PINK on me with no hints of coral whatsoever >_<
    I have yet to try a NARS lipstick, and I know, it's a sin… but I'm not eating my lipsticks fast enough. LOL!

    • Sunny

      Haha yeah that is a possibility… 😉

      I know what you mean, though I don’t really want to use any of my lipsticks up for real. I mean, what if I use it up and I think of that color one day? Do I go out and repurchase???

  • http://bunniesandpeace.wordpress.com Marieke

    Niagara is the only NARS product I own. I expected it to be perfect but it isn’t. I do love it as an every day lip, but I hoped it would be more creamy, more pigmented. Ah well, it’s a cute color anyway!

    • Sunny

      Hey Marieke, I know what you mean! I don’t have an issue with the level of pigmentation here, but it could be more moisturizing for sure.

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Eeee pretty! Do delicate and feminine! I haven’t purchased a Nars lipstick in a LONG time. I think I’m going for one of the new Satin Lip Pencils first but this one is super pretty! 😀

    • Sunny

      YES go for the Satin Lip Pencils! Lodhi is more moisturizing than Niagara for sure!

  • http://www.aprettybeautifullife.be Diana

    Love it on you! It’s a very pretty neutral color but it makes you look so fresh.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Diana! I’m sure this will look great on you as well! Not too much but not too invisible either.

  • http://www.unprofessionalbeautyblog.com Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    This looks like a decent color, but then it’s not like I need another coral lipstick. I’m really into lip crayons lately, so I think I’d go with the new lip pencil that Nars came out with.

    • Sunny

      Hey Angela, yes give the Satin Lip Pencil a try! I personally prefer that formula!

  • http://beautiesatwork.wordpress.com/ beauties

    I don’t have anything from NARS :’)

    • Sunny

      You should pick something up to try! I really like their concealers and Satin Lip Pencils!

  • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com Claire

    I really like how natural this coral looks on you, I am loving those nars pencils for lips. I once had a nras lippie but gave it away, I stil have two or three colours I wanted to try though. Niagara looks beautiful Sunny <3

    • Sunny

      Thanks Claire! I definitely prefer the Satin Lip Pencil formula to this one, but the problem with that is it’s SOOO creamy I’m worried it might melt in summer! We’ll see 😉

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.wordpress.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    What a pretty shade! It’s the kind of lipstick I would take with me on the go. The color isn’t too bold so you could touch it up even without a mirror.

    • Sunny

      Yup it’s a pretty easy color (and tip shape) to work with!

  • http://www.style-laboratory.net sté

    Such a pretty shade, I’m pretty much a coral addict myself! Too bad the formula probably won’t work for me.
    Btw, happy b-day lady! Hope you had a great day ^^

    • Sunny

      Haha yay for coral addicts! Thanks Ste! I definitely had a great one!

  • http://musingonbeauty.blogspot.com Mariella (Musing on Beauty)

    Pfew! I thought you would create some other new urgent lemming but this one has been in my collection for a couple of years already! Lovely color :) It suits you really well!

    • Sunny

      Haha yay for you, Mariella!

  • http://softly.nothingspaces.com Carina

    I have Vendanges, and it’s my favorite, and I have Pago Pago and I’m not the biggest fan!

    • Sunny

      Hey Carina, I guess even within the same line there are differences then! Maybe I didn’t pick a good one to start with 😉

  • http://www.thesmalllittlethingsinlife.blogspot.com Annick

    The shade is very pretty on you Sunny! I didn’t love Niagara (gave it to my mum!) because I found it to be drying like you. And I didn’t like the glitter in it. But honestly, it looks amazing on your skintone!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Annick! Wait what glitter? What did I miss? I don’t think I see glitter in this one?

  • http://www.bellachique.be Teri

    Hmmm, too bad about the formula because I really need something more moisturising. I love the colour tho! It’s really pretty ^^

    • Sunny

      Thanks Teri! Your lips are more sensitive than mine so I think there is a good chance this will cling onto the dry patches. Too bad (but then again it’s money saved)!

  • Sasha

    Oh that’s a shame about the formula but anyway this color looks so pretty on you !
    I don’t own any of the nars lipstick, but I do have the dragon girl lip pencil and I love it !! (Maybe I have a thing for pencil packaged things ahah) I also have on my wishlist the Pur Mat in Mascate, I swatched it and I love it (if it wasn’t for the price, I’d have it already !! )

    Hope you have a lovely evening !!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Sasha! I keep looking at all the fabulous reds NARS has (they have many), and Mascate is also on my wish list! I might pick it up when autumn/winter comes!

  • http://www.nymphette.be Marijke

    Pretty lipstick, love the colour!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Marijke! I like lipsticks I can wear even when I’m wearing next to no other makeup on my face (because really, that’s just how lazy I am haha)!

  • Dominique

    I love the texture and the colour. I have many Nars lipsticks, the semi-matte ones are very drying but the satin and the sheer textures are very good, I have Niagara, Roman Holiday and Vendanges just great and so long-wearing. The semi-matte formula is very bad though, shades are beautiful but everytime I wear one of them my lips become dry, I always apply a lip balm after.

    • Sunny

      Hey Dominique, thanks for the heads-up! I still have to try Montego Bay (it’s a matte not semi-matte so hopefully it’s fine). I hope the formula is better but than again it’ll be money saved if I don’t find it particularly mind-blowing either 😉

      • Dominique

        You’re welcome, I don’t have Montego Bay but I do have Fire Down Below and many deep shades such as Trans Siberian, the colour is vibrant but the texture is really dry. ” Semi-matte “, better say ” matte ” ! Montego Bay is a true mat I think, I have no Nars mat lipstick except a matte lip pencil in Cruella, gorgeous shade but drying too.

  • http://wade-ashore.blogspot.com Caise

    what a beautiful pink shade! I waaaaaaant! it would probably dry out my lips though:(

    • Sunny

      Thanks Caise! Yeah I’d encourage you to have it applied first, especially if you have problems with lipsticks drying your lips out. I don’t and this one doesn’t, but it does cling onto dry patches which is not flattering.

  • http://www.valleydollbeautyblog.blogspot.com ValleyDoll

    What a pretty shade ! I like the Nars packaging a lot, it’s so sleek and elegant.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Eva! I haven’t had problems cleaning it so it’s fine. It doesn’t really compare with luxury packaging though. I picked up a Chanel Rouge Coco the other day and then this. Immediately it felt way too light haha

  • http://wandsandpliers.wordpress.com wheetnee

    It looks so natural on you!

    I own NARS Roman Holiday, one of the prettiest pinks ever! However, I agree that the formula is not hydrating. I have yet to find a true coral lippie that looks good on me.

    • Sunny

      Thanks girl! I think it doesn’t scream but it’s not plain natural either!

      I wouldn’t call Niagara a true coral. It is definitely predominantly pink. There are so many corals around though. I’m sure you can find a good one!

  • http://www.lavenderfedora.blogspot.com Yolennie

    This is such a natural pretty shade! Love the name, Canadian pride 😛

    • Sunny

      Haha yaaay for Canada! The formula isn’t my favorite but the color is definitely adorable!

  • http://makeupmorsels.wordpress.com Makeup Morsels

    I own no NARS lipsticks whatsoever! It’s a problem LOL. I do remember you saying that about coral, so I’m glad you found a nice pink one to love 😀 The color is so beautiful, even though I’ve been more into reds lately, I still can’t resist a soft pink coral like this. Sighhh~

    • Sunny

      Haha I have seasonal preferences when it comes to lipsticks. As much as I dig coral, I don’t really want to wear it in autumn/winter and it’s the same story with red the other way around! You should try Niagara on and see how you like it!

  • http://missmakeupmagpie.com Gemma Turner

    WOW what an amazing lipstick, it’s so beautiful! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Sunny

      Hey Gemma, it’s an easy-to-wear color that’s not too plain. You should check it out especially if your lips don’t lean dry!

  • http://miaka-mylife.blogspot.com/ Ruby

    I have only 1 lipstick from NARS and it’s Dolce Vita, gorgeous ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade. :)

    • Sunny

      Oh yeah I wanted it for a long time but ended up getting really sidetracked! I know there is a whole Dolce Vita cult out there and I can see why!

  • http://icarias.blogspot.ca Icaria

    Oh this is lovely on you! Like Tracy mentioned, the price of NARS l/s is a downer here. I may get Tolède when it comes out but for bolder colors that I would not wear every day, I might as well go for something a little less pricy. Also the rubbery packaging reminds me of Chanel from years ago. After a while, it looked almost sticky. I’m sure it’s improved here but still, bad memories.

    • Sunny

      Thanks girl! I actually haven’t had problems with NARS packaging becoming dirty or sticky, but some people do complain about it so I’m not too sure. Tolede looks like a great shade! One of the few pieces I like from their summer collection.

  • http://www.budziakbeauty.com Budziak

    Pretttttty! I need some NARS products.

    • Sunny

      You should try some NARS! I’d recommend the Satin Lip Pencil formula!

  • VickyM

    This would definately just look pink on me :) , it is a pretty color and it suits you very well. We are kind of limited here regarding the makeup lines we have, just: Chanel, Ysl, Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Sisley, Mac, Too Faced and maybe there is still a The Balm counter around I´m not sure, and to think I live in a large city…So there are many beauty brands we don´t have one of them is Nars.I have always liked this Nars lip pencil called Mexican Rose and now I think I like this Niagara lipstick, it´s very pretty 😀 .

    • Sunny

      Hey Vicky, yeah I think there is a possibility of this just looking pink on some! Where do you live if I may ask? NARS is not available in Belgium but I get it online. I really like their Satin Lip Pencils. I used to own Mexican Rose but ended up giving it to a friend because it’s so hard to remove! It’s a whole battle at night and I got a bit fed-up.

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    I can’t wear the regular NARS lipsticks, so I never spend much time over them. It’s pretty, though! Perfect for spring/summer. I think my Armani lipstick is like this, and it’s such an easy-to-wear shade :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Larie, I can’t get over how GA 510 looks on you! So sorry to hear the regular NARS lipsticks don’t work on you. I am not too sure I’ll purchase another shade either. The formula is fine but not mind-blowing, and there is just so much mind-blowing stuff out there.

  • http://www.glambunctious.com Kristen @ Glambunctious

    Oooh I love this, Sunny!! I’ve been having a mad love affair for NARS Roman Holiday (sheer hot pink) this spring!

    • Sunny

      Hey Kristen, I’ve heard a lot about that shade as well! Glad to hear you’ve been loving it!

  • http://papayapieces.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/curious-caffeine-facts-eye-cream/ Sofia

    Hhmmm, pity. I like the colour! I don’t have any Nars lipstick because moisturizing is important for me in lipsticks, (my lips are uber dry and I hate the dry feeling) and I generally dont see nice moisturizing reviews on Nars so I never jumped to get one…

    • Sunny

      Hey Sofia, the formula doesn’t really stand out for me. I do really like my Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil. That one is very moisturizing!