Two Simple Steps for Well-Kept Hands with Dior Huile Abricot & Instant French Manicure Pen

Dior French Manicure Instant French Manicure Pen, Huild Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum

While most people are probably more interested in the new Rouge Diors, let’s not forget Dior is launching their new Manicure line at the same time! I have heard great things about Dior Crème Abricot, so how does the daytime serum version, Huile Abricot perform? Also, are you really really running out of time but want your nails to look more presentable? Dior is offering Instant French Manicure Pen as a solution!

Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum

You guys know that I prefer to stick to a skincare product for at least 2 months before I say something about it, but I have to make an exception for Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum (RRP in Belgium: 25 euros) here. I have been using it a couple of times a day for the past 2 weeks, and I am hooked because it has done a fantastic job strengthening my nails!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know that my nails are a weak, peeling mess. I have been on a vitamin supplement continuously for a year now, but nothing stops them from chipping and peeling. This is why I can never test out wear for nail polishes anymore: even with a base coat and a top coat, the manicure I did before going to bed will for sure start chipping even before I make it out of the door the next day. It’s more than sad!

Dior Huile Abricot applicator

Dior Huile Abricot is a thick serum type of product that comes in a squeeze-tube packaging with a felt-tip applicator. The packaging is foolproof. I squeeze one drop out, and distribute it on the nails/cuticle before rubbing it in. It has a very light scent, and it is absorbed into the skin fast with no greasy residue. My fingers are practically glued to the keyboard during my waking hours, and I can’t stand making a mess with greasy fingers. I have tried other cuticle oils/treatments in the past, but I could never stick to them because of the greasy residue (that and less clever packaging. You’d think a dropper is easy enough to use, but in my experience that’s not true). With Huile Abricot, I don’t have that problem!

I have been motivated enough to rub it in at least twice a day. When I am home, Huile Abricot is right next to my computer. When I am out for the day, I toss it in my handbag. Within as little as a week, I started seeing a clear difference. My nails would normally peel all the time, but all of a sudden it stopped! My cuticle has been much softer and healthier as well. Of course it will take quite some time for nails to grow out, and I will for sure report back if Huile Abricot can solve my problem once and for all. For the moment, I am just going to say that I truly appreciate this product, as it is doing something for my nails that no other hand cream, cuticle treatment, or even vitamin supplement has achieved!

Here is the ingredient list:

Dior Huile Abricot ingredients

You might know that I am skeptical about companies calling their products “oil” when they are nothing more than silicone. Dior Huile Abricot doesn’t suffer from that problem. The first ingredient is isononyl isononanoate, a skin-conditioning agent. After that you actually do see a mixture of oils!

Dior French Manicure  Instant French Manicure Pen

Dior Instant French Manicure Pen (RRP in Belgium: 25,50 euros) is a bit like a white marker. It has a twist-off cap. You are supposed to shake it and press the end of the pen before you use it. You can get decent result with one pass (provided that you shake it properly and bring it across your nail with even pressure), but I prefer to make it optimal with two coats.

Dior Instant French Manicure Pen review

Dior claims the Instant French Manicure Pen is foolproof. Since I am pretty clumsy however, it took me several times to achieve a decent-looking French manicure. It is still a little difficult to maneuver the pen on my right hand, but let’s just say this is designed to be an emergency product, so I can live with something that is passable and not perfect.

In the same vein, the manicure doesn’t last too well. I can usually get a day with it, but after that it starts smudging (especially when I do the dishes and so on). All in all, Dior Instant French Manicure Pen will work if you have very limited time, but if you want a perfect-looking French manicure that will last several days, you might still have to go the proper route.

Here is how Dior Instant French Manicure Pen looks (two passes):

Dior Instant French Manicure Pen swatch

Dior instant French manicure

I don’t know if you can spot the difference, but my cuticle and nails look much healthier after two weeks, if I may say so myself!

Bottom line: I might have finally found a cuticle/nail treatment that actually works! Dior Huile Abricot is easy and pleasant to use, and that’s why I am pretty sure I’ll stick to it. The ingredients are good as well. I’ll have to keep you posted about whether my nails will grow out healthier, but for the moment, color me extremely grateful and impressed! Dior Instant French Manicure Pen is designed for people who have little time (and perhaps not even a table where they can lay their hands down to paint the nails properly). The result is passable for a day or so. If you want something quick and don’t mind having to remove it the next day, it is not a bad choice. If you want a perfect French manicure that will last several days however, you might need the patience to do one properly!

Do you have a favorite nail/cuticle treatment? Do you think you’ll pick anything up from the new Dior Manicure line? I still have half a bottle of my beloved Dior Top Coat left. After that, I will no doubt pick up the new Abricot Top Coat!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Glad the cuticle treatment worked well for you! I need to start doing that again too. My nails are a mess right now too! Those french manicure pens make me giggle. There’s no way I could do my right hand nicely on my own!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Tracy, yess get the cuticle treatment! Just twice a day and you’ll see a difference soon!

      I can do my right hand. Not as nicely but not disastrous, either. The trick is to support the pen with a finger or two!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    The Huile abricot sounds like something I could use right now. I’ve been DIY’ing my ass off for the last two weeks and my nails are a mess :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Aww I’m so sorry to hear that, Jill! Do give this a try. I’ve been using it twice a day and it has made so much difference for my nails!

  • Siri Lovise Eliassen

    I have tried the abricot line at work, and even got compliments from the BF – and then my nails started peeling again. I’m planning on investing in the serum and cream, although, as I’ve just procured the Ciaté nail tonic, base and top coats I probably won’t be getting the Dior ones just yet. They are brilliant, however, as well as efficient.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey girly, ahh I hope Huile Abricot will go on working for me! I’d be SO sad if my nails start peeling again!

      • Siri Lovise Eliassen

        Let me know how it works out for you!

  • peggy timmermans

    I have the crème abricot but i really would like to try the huile. That sounds really perfect! The French Manicure pen..hmmm… i think it’s only nice when you have longer nails…wouldn’t work on mine…

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Peggy, give the Huile version a go! It’s simply the best nail treatment I’ve tried (and the only one that works for the previously miserable mess I called my nails)!

  • Caise

    I need to try out this serum

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      YES! Keep me posted about how it works for you. I am SO amazed how my nails simply don’t peel anymore!

  • Diana

    I don’t think the manicure pen looks very natural. I’ve tried it on myself and on my sister and it just looks so… fake?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Diana, I’ve never thought about it that way, but I see where you’re coming from!

  • beauties

    the pen is not my cup of tea, the abricot however….;)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Try it! I’ll keep you posted about when I run out (I use about twice a day), just so you can have an idea how economical it is 😉

  • Icaria

    Yay for the treatment, I’m so glad it’s working for you. The Apricot cream has been HG for me for years and this post reminds me that I have to get a new one. The pen, I’ve tried a few through the years and this one seems similar, a little liquid paperish. Next time you use it try applying a coat of light sheer pink or beige, it should make it last a little longer. :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Helene, I remember you telling me about Creme Abricot but I wasn’t sure I’d use it as often because of the texture. Huile Abricot on the other hand is PERFECT for me! I should probably try to layer a coat of nail polish over the pen. I’ll let you know how it works when I do 😉

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I am glad the cuticle product works so well! I am not sure about the french mani pen though. It looks reaaaally really fake and obvious.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Melissa, it really works very well! I’m hoping my nails will grow out strong and normal! I’m not a big fan of the French manicure pen, but I don’t dislike it, either. It could be personal though. I would prefer to use that time to paint my nails with something that is opaque with one coat 😉

  • Sara_BeauTime

    Maybe the french mani pen should be topped with a nude nail polish to look natural. I love cuticle creams and think that those hydrate my nails so that they don’t break. My current fav is Lush one with Lemon but I might give apricot a try, especially in this new packaging :-) Thanks for the review. Do you think we are also getting this one nail polish called Apricot?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sara, now that is a possibility! I haven’t tried it though. You’ll probably also need a nail polish that is not too opaque for that to work?

      I haven’t heard of this particular nail polish so I’m not sure!

  • Christa Potter

    I’m loving the Huile Abricot as well. My review went up this week too! LOL

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I know! I read it! Can’t wait to try the new top coat!

  • Liz

    Definitely intrigued by the Huile Abricot. I like the design and portability. While I love rubbing body butters and salves on skin, I dislike cutical balms in tins for some reason.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Liz, I know what you mean. I’ve tried several cuticle treatments (in tin, in a bottle with dropper…), but I never stuck to them because it always got messy! No problem with Huile Abricot though :)

  • Larie

    Pass on that French tip pen, lol, it seems gimmicky. However, I do like the packaging of the Huile Abricot and keeping it around with you at all times seems like a fabulous idea. Going on the wishlist!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Larie, I hope you’ll love Huile Abricot as much as I do! It’s simple to use and it works really well!

  • Lily

    The Huile Abricot sounds good. I’ve never really used cuticle care products before, because I’ve used hand lotions that also take care of nails. I’ll have to look out for this one :-)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lily, for some reason none of the hand creams I’ve tried works as well as Huile Abricot, and I have tried SO many of them!

  • Krystle Kouture

    The pen looks amazing! I wonder if it can be layered over clear polish? I had acrylics for years and always got french. I haven’t worn a french mani since because mine always look terrible. I think I could do it with a pen like device (maybe!)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Krystle, I think that’s possible! You can also use stickers to make the line neater :)

  • Whitney

    I think I may need a Huile Abricot :O I have the same problem as you for nails..they chip and flake..I don’t wear nail polish in case my nails get damaged even more :(

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Whitney, aww I’m sorry to hear that. I went through long periods of time during which I avoided nail polish to see if things would improve, but they certainly didn’t. I don’t wear nail polish too often because they don’t last on peeling nails, and I don’t have the patience to repaint my nails every day (or even every other day). I’m definitely seeing improvements though! Really hoping my nails will grow out strong with Huile Abricot!

  • Nathalie Gusone


    I’ve already tried DIOR HUILE ABRICOT and it works well but i’m very interested in Dior Instant French Manicure Pen, so could you post the ingredient list please…??


    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Nathalie, I’m glad to hear Huile Abricot works well for you!

      Luckily I still have the box! The ingredient list of the Instant French Manicure Pen is: alcohol, methoxyisopropanol, CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), acrylates copolymer, acetyl triethyl citrate, aluminum hydroxide, PEG-12 dimenthicone.

      Hope this helps!