Last Beauty Spotlight Team Round-Up for 2013!


How are you spending the pre-Christmas weekend? I’ve got cleaning and gift-wrapping planned, just so that I’ll be ready for the grand occasion! I am really, really bad at wrapping presents though. Chances are I’ll end up with embarrassing, badly-wrapped ones this year just like all the other years!

Anyways, I’ve got some more Sunday reading material for you. This is the last Beauty Spotlight Team round-up for 2013. Enjoy!

Ever on the quest for the perfect eye cream, Helen from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog has tried a staggering number, but has finally found the holy grail of holy grail eye creams in Radical Skincare Eye Revive Creme. It truly is amazing!

15 Minute Beauty is trying out the new MAC MasterClass Makeup Brushes, and kind of loves them.  Even if they do remind her of a toothbrush.

Beauty Info Zone is taking some daring steps this holiday season. See what the ladies found from Senna Cosmetics to help them stand out from the crowd.

Is Spring in the Air already? Visionary Beauty spies the YSL Flower Crush Spring 2014 Collection.

All about the bling? Everyone is at holiday time. Here are Prime Beauty‘s my Top 10 Shiny, Glittery, Sparkly things for the holiday season!

Pink Sith Need a kickass red lipstick to wear to your next Pepsico Board Meeting to tell them this isn’t your first time at the rodeo? Then you need NARS Guy Bourdin Cinematic Lipstick in Future Red!

Kate says ‘hej hej’ and ‘välkommen’ to Face Stockholm’s delicious Crème Blushes over at drivöl åbout frivöl. Diacritical marks = LOVE.

It is the time of year for Festive Glitter, Shimmer, and Sparkle! Find out Pammy Blogs Beauty‘s Top 10 Picks for Glittery Shimmery Favorites!

Perilously Pale finally got her hands on the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette. What does she think of this rose toned take on neutral? Let’s find out!

Sometimes you just want to say Oh Phsiiit like polish insomniac suggests. Take a look.

Carrie from eyeliner on a cat has a review and a giveaway this week of her latest obsession: HURRAW! Lip Balms! You can win this trio of luxe, all-natural tea-themed balms: Green Tea, Earl Grey and Chai Spice… sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  • Icaria

    LOL I have a hard time believing that you’re a bad wrapper! Ever thought of gift bags? I know they’re not the same but they can save the day. :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh gosh you should see my presents. I can never get the edges to look quite right! Some years I just use pretty bags, but this time I thought I’d make an effort. Well, I guess the thought should count LOL

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Heeeey, I just started using a skin peel foam called Oh Pshiiit… Maybe I should visit polish insomniac and find out if she’s talking about the same product!

    • Kiss & Make-up

      Update: Aw, it’s nail polish. Ah well, that’ll do I guess :-)

      • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

        Now I’d like to hear about that peeling foam! I know about Pshiiit as a webshop. They stock many amazing indie polishes!