Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer

Rouge Bunny Rouge has been busy! They recently added a new primer, Genesis Original Skin Primer, to their line-up.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer review

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer comes in a black plastic bottle with a pump. It contains 33.5 ml (1.13 oz) and goes for 43 euros.

RBR Genesis

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer is designed to create a matte, flawless canvas that feels velvet soft to the touch. It should instantly fill in wrinkles and smooth pores to give a perfect, flawless finish. It also claims to reduce pores and shine, refine skin texture, and reduce sebum secretion.

Like other primers that claim to fill out pores and lines, Genesis has a rather thick texture. It takes a little effort to work it in. You also really need to give it several minutes to set. Once it sets, it does make the skin incredibly smooth- and poreless-looking. I feel like half of the job is done once this primer is on!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis pumped out

Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer is not drying, but I personally prefer to avoid using it in the undereye area. Also, if your skin is on the drier side, the layers you apply afterwards could feel like they “drag” a little. Instead of using this all over my face, I prefer to keep it to the target zones such as the T-zone, and just a little bit on my cheeks next to my nose. It holds up the foundation well. The interesting thing is it doesn’t really delay shine in my T-zone, but it does stops the shine from worsening. I would say that if you are specifically looking for an oil-controlling primer, Genesis might not be the best one. I know Rouge Bunny Rouge has a mattifying primer called Metamorphoses, and that might be worth looking into!


Bottom line: Rouge Bunny Rouge Genesis Original Skin Primer takes a little effort to work into the skin, but it does hide pores as lines extremely well. I would recommend this more for people who want a primer that disguises an uneven skin texture. It doesn’t significantly delay shine in my case, but it does stop it from worsening as the day wears on.

For the moment, every order on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website comes with a sample of Genesis Original Skin Primer. If it sounds like an interesting primer to you, this is a great opportunity to test it out (again, I receive no compensation/commission from the link. It’s purely about sharing the information)!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Mostly Sunny disclosure

  • Lily

    Oh, I was curious about the Metamorphoses after seeing it on Karima’s blog and YT channel. I want a mattifying one for my T-zone. I saw this and was wondering if it’s similar, so thanks for the review!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lily, I’ve never tried Metamorphoses but I read somewhere (can’t remember where!) that it keeps shine at bay for longer!

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    interesting! But sounds like something my dry skin can’t use, Oh well!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh yeah. I think there are better primers for drier skin out there!

  • Icaria

    Oh this might be interesting for summer since at the moment my skin (except for my nose) is more on the normal side. I do have to give another go at Houglass in the spring though. :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Helene, this is probably not optimal for Canadian winter! I’m also thinking in spring/summer it’d work better.

  • Isabelle

    Sounds like something to use on my nose & parts of my cheeks! Do you think this would also “fill in” scars? I bought this line filler product by MAC once, which did not help at all. I have one deeper scar on my nose I’d rather want smoothed out before I apply foundation :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Isabelle, hmm I can’t really guarantee that! Let me hook you up with a sample so you can see how it works!

  • Lena L

    Thanks for the review! I was wondering about this one. I would still go for their illuminating primer/highlighters since they do contain a good amount of silicones and would work somewhat similar. :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lena, if you want illumination, that one is probably a better bet! This one has a velvety matte finish.

  • beautiesatwork

    a good primer is sooo helpful :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Yeah I agree! I always use one with liquid foundation nowadays (though I don’t wear liquid foundation as often)!

  • Catherine

    Pretty packaging. It does look a bit thicker than your typical primer. Personally, I have so many primers, I’m not really looking for more at the moment, except if it’s a completely unique, miracle-worker-style product. But looking at the ingredients, this looks pretty standard, though still nice (most primers these days seem to work great)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Catherine, haha if you have that many you might want to finish some first indeed 😉

  • Shari

    Definitely not the typical primer! I usually skip over any face primer, (except my beloved Guerlain one which I only use when I’m going to a special event) so I dont know a whole lot of thing about primers. Thanks for sharing about this one though, Im currently a step closer to trying all things RBR but I’ll be going for the blushes first then the lipsticks then face stuff :-) Currently reading up! Hihi

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Shari, YES blushes first! I keep hoping they’ll add some new shades to the line-up, since most of them look like they could be too light for me.

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen

    !! my curiuosity was peaked at the words matte. but…from your review i guess it might not be what i’m looking for (but maybe the metamorphsis one is) i wonder if there’s something about mattiyfing primer textures in general that make them sort of hard to spread around. i find the becca mattifying primer really difficult to smooth over my face sometimes.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jenn, I think it’s mattifying and pore-filling combined that give them the texture. I haven’t tried the new Becca mattifying one. Their Resurfacing Primer is OK though? Not as runny and thin as some other primers, but not a pain to spread out, either.

  • Cassandrapamela

    Oh this is another thing from RBR that I want to try! the aqua milk foundation is on my bucket list as well as the mono eye shadows! ^^
    the thick texture is a bit put off for me but maybe it is worth trying esp when you said once it sets, it does half of the job :) I am so far really happy with my benefit professional but I am opened to try new things 😀

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha I like how you call that your bucket list! Who wants to jump out of an airplane or climb the Himalayas if they could have some more pretty eyeshadows? 😉

      Once the primer sets, I really feel I can just about skip foundation! The surface is so smooth and poreless already! I have a sample of that Benefit one somewhere. Must dig it out and see how it works!

  • Jenny

    I was wondering how this compared to their Metamorphoses primer. I think if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick that one. Thanks for the review Sunny!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      You’re welcome, Jenny! I haven’t tried the other one, but I heard it has more shine control. I’d like to try it now were it not for the fact that I had so many primers sitting around!

  • Michelle @LipstickRules

    Wish RBR was more readily available where I am. This looks really interesting!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Michelle, I have to buy all my RBR online, but with the help of beauty blogs, I haven’t really got a dud or a shade that just doesn’t work for me!

  • Liz

    Darn, I was hoping this might be a good alternative to some of the primers I’ve been relying on (Hourglass too expensive, MAC being reformulated, Becca packaging being wonky… the list goes on). Well, I’m sure that RBR will get me some other way soon though!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Liz, you don’t like Becca’s tube packaging? It works fine for me! Hourglass is divine, but it’ll take me forever to finish even a sample size since I only use it on my cheeks! Just got word their new eyeshadows will be available at the end of next week! So excited! Going to rush to their website and make my order as soon as they become available!

      • Liz

        I liked the tube packaging until it ripped! Now I’m on a mad rush to finish it before the contents dry out.

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Eeee nooo! Can you depot the content? I’m just thinking that might be less stressful?

  • Natasja

    i like that it hides pores.. mine are so big. such a bother. Didn’t know the brand though, so it surely is an interesting discovery! Thank you :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      You’re welcome, Natasja! Have you tried any pore-minimizing primers? There are actually quite some around!

      • Natasja

        Actually, I haven’t! I don’t use primers for my face.. only for my eyes when I am going for a (heavier) look that I want to maintain all day long.

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          OK get ya! If pores really bother you, there are a whole slew of primers out there that might help 😉