Givenchy Miss Interdit Collection: Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Miss Interdit FOTD

Sometimes your makeup stars are just aligned. For example, when within a few days a new orange lipstick falls into your hands and the brilliant Lisa Eldridge does a tutorial about wearing orange lipsticks! Givenchy is soon launching a collection of 7 new Rouge Interdits called Miss Interdit,Β and I have *Glamorous Orange to share with you today!

Givenchy Rouge Interdit packaging

The only information I can find for the moment about Miss Interdit is on Givenchy‘s Facebook fan page. The 7 Rouge Interdits come with 7 illustrated figures and “personalities.” Glamorous Orange (64) is worn by Miss Glamorous, whoΒ is “dressed – and groomed – to the nines, always!”

Givenchy Rouge Interdit

True to the Givenchy spirit, Givenchy Rouge Interdit has intricate packaging. It contains 3,5 grams (0.12 oz) and the RRP here in Belgium is 31,50 euros.

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit (64)

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit is a glossy tangerine. I would say it’s the type of “orange” that has more yellow in it, but there is still a good balance between red and yellow so you wouldn’t have to be self-conscious about how your teeth look. It has a typical luxury lipstick scent. It is slightly more noticeable than average, but it does disperse fast enough so I am not bothered.

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit closeup

Have I already mentioned how glossy Glamorous Orange is? I feel obliged to do it again. The texture is very moisturizing and comfortable to wear, but it packs a good level of pigment at the same time. It is the type of lipstick that you can still apply and wear casually, but doesn’t fail to make a difference. It resists to quite some drinks and light snacks, and all in all I’d say it wears for 4 hours. It becomes an adorable peachy tangerine once the color starts to fade, but it fades so evenly and beautifully that unless you want it to look 100% vibrant at all times, you wouldn’t have to reapply till after a meal.

Here is how Glamorous Orange swatches. Left: one pass. Right: built up.

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit (64) swatch

This is how it looks on my lips (just one pass!):

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit lip swatch

One amazing thing about Glamorous Orange is it somehow makes my lips look a lot plumper. I still haven’t figured out what it is. Maybe it’s the glossy finish (but then again I don’t really notice this much plumping with every glossy lipstick)?

When it comes to the rest of my face, I followed Lisa Eldridge‘s advice and kept it clean. I used a lighter base (Dior Hydra Life BB Cream), Urban Decay Sin, Buck, Virgin on my eyes, and Urban Decay Bourbon to line my eyes (smudged out with a bit of Smog). I very seldom skip my black gel liner, but I really like how this turned out! Guerlain Peach Boy is my go-to blush when I want to wear orange lipsticks, and I skipped bronzer/contouring to avoid making the look muddy.

Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit FOTD

Givenchy Miss Interdit Collection Glamorous Orange FOTD

All in all, I am both a fan of Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit and how the look came together. I might be biased because orange is not a particularly challenging shade for my skin tone in general, but I would like to believe there is an orange or two out there for everyone if you want to wear it!

Also, since we are on the topic of Givenchy, here is a sneak peek of what will be coming your way soon (from their OverRose Collection):

Givenchy Euphoric Pink Le Prismissime, Rose Illusion Ombre Couture, Givenchy Glamorous Orange Rouge Interdit

Givenchy Euphoric Pink Le Prismissime has 9 different pinks you can wear on their own or mix to customize a signature pink. I can’t wait to give Rose Illusion Ombre Couture a go, either!

Do you run away from orange or do you embrace it? I have to say the added bonus of working with this lipstick is reconnecting me to some of my old favorites (I can’t remember the last time I did an eye look with nothing but the Naked palette). What’s more, I actually lined my eyes with a BROWN PENCIL LINER. I didn’t see that coming!

  • Makeup Remastered

    What a wearable beautiful orange on you! I do hope we get this collection. After watching Lisa Eldridge’s video and now your post I’m on the hunt for my orange:)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, girl! I’m hoping it’ll be available there soon as well (I’m pretty sure it will be. This looks like a worldwide release to me)! Good luck finding your orange!

  • Siri Lovise Eliassen

    Aww… You’re making me regret Givenchy’s not available here – and it’s not relly a brand I felt we needed . Great shade!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, girly! Aww it’s not available there? Here it is exclusive to one chain store, but since that chain store is everywhere, it’s not too hard to find!

      • Siri Lovise Eliassen

        Not even the perfumes. But I live way up north, so there’s a lot of stuff we don’t get hereabouts. But most of the time that just mean money saved πŸ˜‰

  • Bella

    I love the orange look on you, and the rest of your face is just perfect. We shall see whether there is an orange out there for me….I seriously fear not :).

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Bella! I’m pretty sure there is some kind of orange you can wear! Maybe you just haven’t found it yet πŸ˜‰

  • Sofia

    I usually run away from orange because of some shade I had bought in the past that really did not suit me. (Coral yes, orange no). But I saw Lisa Eldridge’s video the other day too :) and now with your post, maybe there is an orange for me!
    PS can’t wait to see the posts for the other 2 products as well. I saw them in the Sephora the other day, quite cute.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sofia, I’m pretty sure there is an orange or two you can wear! Your skin tone doesn’t seem particularly pink or reddish to me!

      I’ll be working with those later this week, so you’ll get to see them soon!

  • Chia-Yi Liu

    it looks great on you but i’m definitely one to run away from orange. it’s only good as a food or drink but as a look it’s hideous on me.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Aww I’m sure there are oranges you can wear! There is no need to force it tho. Maybe one day you’ll change your mind!

  • Eva

    wauw πŸ˜€ this is sooo your color…orange doesn’t suit me at all

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Eva! I’m sure you can find some oranges that work for you, but there’s no need to force it if you just don’t like them!

  • Sara_BeauTime

    Oh yay! More Rouge Interdit? Yes please! I am already loving the one from Spring collection. And orange looks so fab on you, love it. I have to get use to it on me because many pull too warm but I will try the tips from Lisa’s video πŸ˜‰

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sara, yes there will be 7 new shades in total! You should definitely try Lisa’s tips!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    Not too fond of orange myself but this lipstick looks wearable :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jill, I’m pretty sure you can pull off certain oranges! Maybe you just haven’t found “the one!”

  • peggy timmermans

    It looks super wowie on you! I’m not too fond of orange in general, only on the eyes I like it. On my lips it’s just a fail but hey everybody’s different!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Peggy! I know orange is more challenging on certain skin tones, but apparently it’s not impossible!

  • Lily

    I love my oranges and I squealed in delight when I saw Lisa’s video. You look lovely here, Sunny. I think orange suits our skin tone. Don’t you think Lisa makes all her videos so easy to understand? Love her!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Lily! Yeah I know! She always has clear explanations as to why she’d do something a certain way. It’s just so professional!

  • Jacqueline Ma

    This such a lovely shade, I’m a sucker for orange lipsticks too. It i so pretty on you Sunny. I want to try this too.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Jacqueline! Keep an eye out for it! I bet it’s gorgeous on your skin tone!

  • Icaria

    Oh my Sunny this looks gorgeous on you! I’m not sure I would go orange but this makes me realise that I have yet to try a Givenchy lippie! :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Helene! You should look into Le Rouge and maybe the non-shimmery Rouge Interdit. The only other Rouge Interdit I tried before is shimmery, but personally I prefer to do without the shimmer.

  • Phoebe Limanta

    You gotta love Lisa Eldridge don’t you! I’m actually watching her at the moment too πŸ˜‰

    The lipstick looks beautiful on you :) It definitely looks nice and sheeny :)



    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I know! It’s impossible not to love her! This one has a really juicy finish :)

  • Larie

    Gorgeous! I wish it were more orange, though – am loving the bright orange lips that I’m seeing everywhere!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Larie, MORE orange? Haha this is orange enough for me πŸ˜‰ How about an orangey red? I do really like Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge!

  • June L.

    Your lips are so pretty! (Not in a creepy way… haha.) I tend to stay a bit away from the orange colours, but I think I’ll start using them soon. I somehow ended with a couple of orangey lip stuff, so I gotta use them! xD
    (Btw, is that a Tiffany circles necklace? I think we have the same one!! πŸ˜€ Idk I’m just super excited, haha)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Aww thanks, June! Some oranges are definitely less challenging than others, so you can start from there!

      And yes, that is a birthday present from my fiance almost 3 years ago now! I wear it almost every day :)

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    EEP! LOVE!! I don’t think I can pull off orange lips with the purple hair though, but the rose and pinks are right up my alley!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Tracy, yeah orange and purple sound like a challenging combination. You might really like the palette though!

  • Jaa

    Lovely makeup look there, Sunny! Very fresh! And your lips definitely look fuller!! πŸ˜€

    That Givenchy palette looks so gorgeous….. can’t wait for your review! :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Jaa! I’ll be working with the palette later this week, and I’ll definitely keep you posted! The swatches seem very promising!

  • fancie

    I don’t think I could pull this off either but it looks so pretty on you!!!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey doll, I’m sure there are some orange shades you can wear, too!

  • Whitney

    You look great in orange! I haven’t found an orange I can pull off yet!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Whitney! I’m pretty sure there is an orange or two for you out there. You should explore if you’re interested :)

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen

    EMBRACE ORANGE!!! lol. i was surprised by how much i love orange reds…never liked orange untill i discovered lipstick.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Yeah I know, it’s funny how Lisa says it! Orange reds can be really nice! I have Givenchy Carmin Escarpin Le Rouge, and that is a memorably good orange red! Another orange in my stash I enjoy enormously is Guerlain Envie Rouge G L’Extrait. I still think they make the best liquid lipsticks, and that they should add more shades to the line-up!

  • Krystle Kouture

    Just the right orange shade on you. Looks gorgeous!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Krystle! I’m sure there are oranges I can’t pull off as well, but this one is actually easy breezy!

  • Shari

    What a beautiful orange! I find oranges hard to wear on my yellow-toned skin so Im still on the hunt for the perfect shade for me :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Shari, but I’m yellow-toned too and it’s fine! Maybe look into oranges that have more red than yellow?

  • Liz

    Um… WANT IT. I love orange lips! I watched that tutorial three times and pulled out all my orange things. LOL I’ve yet to try Givenchy anything, but starting with lipsticks is always a good idea, right? πŸ˜‰

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Liz, haha same here! Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

  • Nikki Paderna

    Wearing orange makes me look like I just munched on a bag of cheese-flavored chips, not good. So I tend to shy away from them. I don’t know why it works on others. I can’t wait for your review on the Rose Illusion Ombre Couture. It’s the only thing I was eyeing in the collection.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh no I’m sure it’s not that bad! Maybe the oranges you’ve tried are too yellow-toned?

      If all goes well, I’ll have that up on the blog for you next week!

  • marciaf

    Your coloring is perfect for this lipstick. I’d be afraid of it but sometimes I’ll try something out of the ordinary, like this one is, and be pleasantly surprised.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks so much, Marcia! I do that all the time as well, but I actually learnt a lot in the process of trying things that I thought wouldn’t work for me.

  • cindyprimebeauty

    This lipstick is gorgeous on you! I love anything orange or coral! Can’t wait for the reviews on the rest of the collection!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Cindy! They will be up next week!

  • Keilexandra

    Tempted to try this but it seems like Nordstrom doesn’t carry Givenchy at all and Sephora doesn’t have the ‘glamorous orange’ shade, at least online. My lips are notoriously picky about formulas so I’m leery of ordering online with no return-after-open policy. Any similar tangerines in other brands that you might recommend? I’m a MAC NC30, typical yellow-toned Asian coloring.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey girly, this collection hasn’t officially launched yet, so if you wait a while it might be available on Sephora! I don’t have that many tangerines at all. The only other one I can think of is Guerlain Envie Rouge G L’Extrait. I personally like the formula, but admittedly it is a bigger investment.

      • Keilexandra

        Ah, I didn’t realize the collection hadn’t launched yet! I’ll keep an eye out and check out the Guerlain too, thanks!

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          You’re welcome! Alternatively, check out Chanel Conquise Rouge Coco. It is a very tangerine-based coral. I don’t know when it will be available in the US though. I hope soon!

    • murt

      I would say Clinique chubby stick in Oversized Orange looks very similar.

      • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

        Thanks, Murt! I hope that helps!

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    1. It’s beautiful. 2. I need it. 3. It’s lovely on you! This is one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever! *Adds to wish list*

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha thanks, Kristen! I still don’t know exactly when it will be released. Givenchy hasn’t been updated that particular FB photo album, and I can’t seem to find relevant info elsewhere!

  • murt

    I am a bit sick of orange lips to be honest – I know everybody is saying it is the trend for summer, but it was everywhere during the last couple of summers too! I feel like it’s past its expiry date.

    ETA: that look looks great on you though!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Murt, I see your point. Orange has been “big” ever since the year of tangerine tango I think. However, I still don’t have the impression that I see a lot of it in real life! Although from what my brother told me, it did get REALLY big in Asia last summer.

      • murt

        I live in Vancouver – where there are many Asians – close to Asian majority (I am Asian myself!) – and the orange lip trend has been everywhere here! Seemed like everyone was wearing orange lips the past two summers. Maybe because orange is so flattering on Asian skin tones generally? Who knows!

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Oh now that makes sense! From what my brother told me, the trend started in Korea, and then suddenly he noticed all the girls wearing orange! You can always lead the next trend by sticking with something else though!