Guerlain Star Dust Gloss d’Enfer & La Laque Couleur

Guerlain Stardust gloss, nail polish

We went through the first part of Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection a few days ago, and now it’s time to take a look at *Star Dust Gloss d’Enfer and *Star Dust La Laque Couleur!

Guerlain Stardust (900) Gloss d'Enfer

Both Guerlain Star Dust Gloss d’Enfer and La Laque Couleur are meant as sparkling top coats instead of standalone shades, though if you enjoy the sparkling, glossy look, absolutely nothing stops you from wearing them on their own!

Guerlain Stardust (900) Gloss d'Enfer closeup

Guerlain Star Dust Gloss d’Enfer (900) is basically a clear gloss with a slightly silver sheen and iridescent, multi-chrome sparkle. The sparkle is very fine, so I don’t feel it on my lips. It has a slightly perfume-y smell, and the texture is neither tacky nor sticky.

Here is how Star Dust swatches on its own:

Guerlain Stardust (900) Gloss d'Enfer swatch

However, the sparkle really comes to life if you layer it over a lipstick! For example, this is how it looks over Guerlain Provocative Rouge G:

Guerlain Stardust (900) Gloss d'Enfer over Guerlain Provocative

Besides the glossy finish, the lipstick provides a base against which the sparkle really stands out!

Here I dabbed Provocative on as a stain before topping it up with Star Dust:

Guerlain Stardust (900) Gloss d'Enfer over Guerlain Provocative lip swatch

You have seen the look here:

Guerlain Meteorites Blossom FOTD

Guerlain Stardust (862) La Laque Couleur

Star Dust La Laque Couleur (862) is a perly silvery-white, semi-sheer nail polish with a whole load of iridescent shimmer!

Guerlain Stardust nail polish closeup

Guerlain Stardust (862) La Laque Couleur brush

On its own, it is still semi-sheer after two coats. If you are not into the semi-sheer look, layering it on top of another nail polish might be the best way to go!

Two coats of Star Dust La Laque Couleur:

Guerlain Stardust nail polish swatch

Guerlain Stardust (862) nail polish swatch

Guerlain Stardust (862) La Laque Couleur swatch

I am slowly beginning to notice a trend of sparkling top coat type of glosses and nail polishes this season. Are you a fan?

  • Larie

    Layer that on Dior Porcelaine!!!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh now that’s an idea!

  • Chia-Yi Liu

    I’m a huge fan of shimmers & fine/small glitter!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Chia-Yi, the shimmer in the gloss is really fine. It’s the type you don’t feel!

  • Lily

    Not a fan of clear sparkly gloss, but that nail polish looks pretty :-)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lily, I find it pretty over a base, but it’s not something I’d wear on its own!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I haven’t decided yet… do I like this, do I not like this, I’m indecisive, lol.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha I know what you mean!

  • Sofia

    I have a (Essie) nail polish like that and I really like it, its quite useful, I can just use it on its own or to add sparkle over others. I like the look of this one too!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sofia, I’m glad to hear there is a nice shimmery nail polish in your life :)

  • Eva

    oooh the nail polish has way more coverage than I expected :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I think if you use 2-3 coats you can definitely wear it on its own!

  • Icaria

    The gloss, been there done that and so I passed but I’m still on the fence about the top coat. I like the idea but I still don’t know if I would wear it much. :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Helene, same here! I am almost always too lazy to actually layer!

  • Lena L

    The nail polish is pretty on its own!
    Pearly white color like this can easily work both in winter and spring. Very lovely.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lena, I agree. It’s definitely a very snow queen color as well.

  • Teri

    I’m quite the fan of the nail polish, it’s a lot prettier than I’d thought ^^. The gloss looks like fun too tho, layering is just so much fun ^^.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I prefer to layer it because otherwise you see sparkle but no color!

  • Jaa

    I adore the packaging! Black and White. Simplicity at its best! :) The shimmery clear gloss looks gorgeous, too!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jaa, yeah this is more typically Guerlain for me!

  • Catherine

    These look so totally enchanting next to each other! Just very, very delicate and pretty

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Catherine, delicate is the word!

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    That polish!!!! SO PRETTY. The gloss-well, too much for a clear sparkly gloss. But that POLISH!!!!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I think the polish is definitely in line with your snow-queen looks!

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    Not too fond of the polish but the gloss looks nice !

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I do like how it looks layered!

  • Tiffany

    Oooh, that nail polish looks interesting! I love sparkle :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha OK then this sounds like something you’d enjoy!

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen

    the polish is pretty and the gloss is a nice ‘topcoat’ for your lips (haha) but i dont think i need to pay guerlain prices for that.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jenn, I hear ya. Although just to be honest. shimmery Guerlain lip products are exquisite! Even among luxury brands, I find it exceeding all sorts of expectations.

  • Kate Driveller

    I’m still not a fan of sparkle on lips (though you’re right, they are everywhere lately, so how long will it be before I succumb??) but that nail polish is magical pixie dust! *_*

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Kate, I am a fan of sparkle when it’s done right! It’s just a pity that not many companies get it right (although Guerlain is definitely a rare exception)! I want the sparkle not to feel gritty, not to travel around, and disappear along with the gloss/lipstick so that it doesn’t stand out more and more as time goes by. Is that too much to ask? 😉

  • Siri Lovise Eliassen

    I still can’t decide between this topcoat and that from Diors Trianon. Help?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey girl, hmm PERSONALLY if I had the choice between the two, I’d go for the Dior one. I think the finish is possibly unique from what I have seen. Although I’ve never even swatched it, so I have no idea how it really works. It just looks so pretty on the pastel shades from the same collection!

  • Replica

    I’m not usually a fan of these types of products, but I really like the effect of that Star Dust gloss used over the lipstick :)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Clare, I almost never layer in real life because I am lazy, but when I look at the photos I really wonder if I should stop being so lazy, because the effect is pretty!

  • Liz

    I was originally interested in these two when the promos started but probably won’t get much use out of them. Imma heading straight for the ballz instead!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh yay, the ballz! I don’t think I’ll get a new tub till my current one runs out (which will take just about another 3 years), but I hope the new version is indeed even better (or at least just as good. I’ll settle for that)!

  • Makeup Morsels

    The lipgloss is beautiful, but I rarely layer these days hahahah too lazy! But that nail polish on its own is gorgeous to begin with & I’m sure with other colors as well. Pleasantly surprised with the spring collections this year, they’re all gorgeous.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey MM, I have the same lazy problem! I actually learnt to like some stuff I didn’t think I would this year, and that’s always good!

  • Liss Cope

    what a beautiful gloss Sunny! love the little sparkles on it, I like the effect over the lipstick <3

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Liss, same here! It doesn’t add any color, but the sparkle is gorgeous!

  • Eileen

    I have both the Starduat gloss and polish and have been enjoying them tremendously. It’s been unseasonably warm here in Southern California, but it is also still winter so a bit of silvery blue Stardust on the toes when wearing strappy sandals or peep toes looks perfect. The way it flashes blue in the winter sunlight is gorgeous. As for the gloss, the Gloss D’Enfer formulation is a really good one. It isn’t sticky, it wears well, and it has a moisturizing effect on my chronically dry lips. And, although it contains plenty of multi-colored sparkle, the micro-glitter is not uncomfortable to wear and blends in beautifully with any color over which it is layered. At the risk of sounding terribly snobbish, this is Guerlain and is nothing like the glittery goo that is typical of most drugstore brands. I love wearing it over berry and deep rose shades, shades like Madame Batifole, Madame Rêve, and Rose Barbare.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Eileen, oh yay! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy it!

      So so jealous of people who live in Cali! It’s no wonder that most of my American friends want to relocate there. I get what you mean. It’s actually hard to get shimmer right, and even among luxury brands, Guerlain has to be one of the best!

  • Natasja

    Now this is a nail polish I think is gorgeous! Very unique but gorgeous. I like that you combine the Guerlain Star Dust Gloss d’Enfer with lipstick. Doesn’t the applicator turn into the color of the lipstick, though?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Natasja, I put the gloss on the back of my hand and dabbed it on with a finger, so the applicator stays clean! I am a bit of a neat freak!

      • Natasja

        smart trick :) will remember that! thanks.

  • Syirael

    I think I could just stare at the bottles of these and be happy! They look so pretty, especially the gloss. :-)

    Would you happen to know how the polish compares to something like OPI Happy Anniversary?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha you seem to like shimmer!

      I don’t own that particular OPI shade, but I checked out swatches online and I think they could be pretty similar. The OPI one seems to be more silvery and have a more metallic finish though.

      • Syirael

        You got me! 😀 Well, we rogues tend to go for the sparkly things, you know…especially if they’re in locked chests at the bottom of dungeons, for some reason!

        Thanks for going and looking up swatches of the OPI shade! I did wonder if the Guerlain might be a bit more of a ‘white’ shimmer.