Dior Ruban & Grège Vernis Plus Thoughts about Dior Top Coat Abricot & Gel Coat!

Dior Grège, Ruban Vernis

These might be the last Dior Vernis you’ll see for a little while, but I can’t promise you anything because I am still thinking about Wonderland! I am going to quickly swatch *Grège and *Ruban for you, as well as going over the (relatively) new Dior Top Coat Abricot in comparison with their *Gel Coat!

Dior Ruban Vernis (268)

Dior Ruban Vernis (268. RRP in Belgium: is an icy ballerina pink with plenty of silver shimmer.

Dior Ruban nail polish

When I first saw the shade, I thought it would be tricky to work with. Thankfully, you can actually make it even and opaque with minimum work! As it is with any nail polish, use a base coat to smooth your nails out (and protect them from staining). Lay down a thin first coat, and then follow up with a thicker second coat. The trick here is also to make sure the first coat has completely dried down before moving on to the next step!

Voila, with two coats. you get a finish that is shiny, smooth, and opaque (as usual, the swatches are done without a top coat)!


Dior Ruban (268) swatch

Dior Ruban nail polish swatch

Dior Ruban Vernis swatch

Admittedly, Ruban is not the type of pink I usually reach for, but it doesn’t clash with my warm undertone!

Dior Grège nail polish (413)

Next up, we have Grège (413). Grège is a shade that got carried over from the previous line-up (it came out with 3 other neo-nudes back in back in autumn 2012). I can see why this beige-y café-au-lait with a little gray undertone is one of their best-sellers!

Dior Grège nail polish closeup

Grège has the effortless consistency and application of a typical Dior Vernis. It is opaque with two coats, though one coat is very even already. If you are running out of time, you can easily whip up a quick French manicure with this!

Dior Grège Vernis swatch

Dior Grège new 2014 swatch

Dior Grège nail polish swatch

I like how there is a tiny bit of gray in it, because a pure beigey nude doesn’t tend to work too well with my skin tone. It is very modern and classic!

Dior Top Coat Abricot & Gel Coat

By now, the concept of a “gel” top coat might not be too new anymore, but Dior was among the first to launch their Gel Coat. Gel Coat gives the nails a better shape, an amazing, long-lasting shine, as well as keeping the nail polish going for longer. The only downside is you need a little patience for it to become touch-dry. You know that my nails are very weak, and sometimes the manicure I did the night before wouldn’t even stay intact before I head out the next day. With the new Dior Vernis and Dior Gel Coat however, I can keep my manicure perfect for two days! I am beginning to think the longer dry time is worth it!

To use Dior Gel Coat, drip a generous drop onto dry nail polish before carefully smoothing it out. Don’t press down too hard! If you remember this, it will never shrink or drag your nail color!

I picked up a bottle of Dior Top Coat Abricot when I ran out of my previous bottle of Dior Top Coat (I must have gone through 2-3 bottles of them). It is great if you have very limited time, as it pretty much functions as the quick-drying drops you see from some brands. Either way, I am glad to own both, and I definitely use them both depending on the amount of time I have!

Here are the ingredient lists of the two top coats if anyone is interested!

Dior Top Coat Abricot:

Dior Top Coat Abricot ingredients

Dior Gel Coat:

Dior Gel Coat ingredients

Quick poll: what are you wearing on your nails? I have Dior Aventure on my nails, and Chanel Coup de Coeur on my toes!

  • http://beautyreflectionsblog.com TracyBeautyReflections

    Both are really pretty! Even that pink! I like them!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I know! I was thinking I wouldn’t get along with Ruban, but I like how it turned out :)

  • http://theconsciencefund.wordpress.com/ Divya

    Oh Grege is my favorite nude color! I have it from the original formulation and save it for special occasions! These are so ridiculously expensive in India!!

    Nail Fix for Summer | The Conscience Fund

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh I’m glad to hear that! My favorite nude probably has to be Dior Incognito. It is available in the new formula, but not here in Europe for some reason!

  • http://www.noodlesdoodleswithpretties.blogspot.com 38noodles

    They both look darling on you! I’m surprised how much I like Ruban on you, soft pink nail colours don’t usually catch my attention for long. How does Grege compare to Yacht? Not had the pleasure to use Dior top coats yet. Still on my one and only Chanel one, but I think I’m nearing the end.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Noodles!

      I’d say Yacht definitely has more gray and less beige in it! I haven’t tried the Chanel top coat. Actually, I haven’t tried any other top coats since I discovered the Dior ones!

  • http://www.thepaintedrogue.wordpress.com Syirael

    <3 Ruban…*sigh* why did you have to mention ballet, damn you! ? Now I have to own it… 😛

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha I didn’t know you have a thing for ballet 😉

      • http://www.thepaintedrogue.wordpress.com Syirael

        Wait…are you serious? :-O I need to spam my blog with more ballet stuff then (well, more than the single pointe shoe review that I currently have, LOL!) 😀

        • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Waait now come to think of it I remember SOMETHING! But yeah, spam your blog all the same :p Did you start learning when you were little?

          • http://www.thepaintedrogue.wordpress.com Syirael

            Nope! At the grand old age of 24 😀 I’m very proud of having made it to pointe, but I owe it all to my amazing teacher :-) it’s a wonderful way to work out! I never thought when I started that I would end up with a (ladylike) six-pack…

          • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

            Oh wow! Seriously??? That’s amazing! You have a SIX-PACK? Man you must be really really fit 😉

          • http://www.thepaintedrogue.wordpress.com Syirael

            Ballet will do that to you! I do about 6.5 hours per week, including a particularly (enjoyably) brutal 1.5 hour advanced class. I didn’t start with all this, obviously, just with one hour of beginners’ on a Wednesday evening 😉 The six pack just sort of…happened when I wasn’t looking, but the fitness *is* handy for all those rooftop chases 😉

  • Bailey_AlltheWords

    Ruben is gorgeous- love that it’s opaque too.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Bailey, yeah I was really surprised to be honest! Usually these type of shades aren’t the easiest to work with, but Ruban is fine!

  • http://www.abeautifulzen.blogspot.ca/ jenn @Abeautifulzen

    i quite like grege (and want the lipstick version!!!)


    A Beautiful Zen

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      OOO yeah the lipstick version is a dream-come-true for me!

  • Icaria

    Isn’t it funny I almost picked up Ruban this week but was hesitant mainly because often the lighter the shade the harder it is to work with but now I might pick it up for summer. Grège is beautiful but since I’m not much of a neutral nail girl and already own one from another brand I’ll pass on it. Now Wonderland I totally get you, that one too is so pretty! :)

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Helene, I’d say Ruban requires a little more effort than Dior Vernis on average, but you won’t have to jump through hoops! Yeah, Wonderland. That might just come home with me at some point!

  • http://lipstickintheattic.blogspot.com/ Judith

    J’adore ruban. Such a nice girly shade!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Exactly! Girly is the word!

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com/ Redhotjillypeppers

    I’m not too fond of shimmery polishes but I like the nude one !

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jill, I think Grege would look pretty on you!

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    Not sure why but I am not too moved by either of these. Grege looks really classy though, and Ruban is very cute, but they’re both not colors I’d spontaneously pick from the rack.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Melissa, I totally understand! I only wear nudes occasionally as well. I like how they look, but most of the time I reach for something more fun :)

  • http://www.beautetude.com/ Beautetude

    The second one looks really pretty for an everyday nude color.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I agree! Grege is a classic!

  • Indian Savage

    The first is my favorite!!!!
    So adorable
    I love your blog
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN ?
    The Indian Savage Diary

  • http://nothingspaces.com Carina

    WOW, Ruban is so pretty.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I think it’ll look great on more tanned skin! Should be sweet on you :)

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    So subtle and elegant- loving them both! The subtle glitter in Ruban is especially stunning :)

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jennifer, Ruban is actually pretty much as sparkling as Dior usually goes!

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    Ack, I need both Ruban and Grege. Gorgeous work-safe neutrals! I’m wearing two Diors atm actually, LOL. Lucky on my toes, Spring Ball on my hands 😉

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha yup definitely work-safe! I’ve already taken Spring Ball out this year as well!

  • http://eyespaintedblack.com/ Natasja

    both are gorgeous and I am especially loving the light brown one because it works wonderfully as a “nude” shade :)

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh yeah it’ll be a perfect nude on you!

  • http://www.hellojaa.com/ Jaa

    Both shades look nice but they are probably not the right colors for me. The pink would be too stark and the nude would be too … err… nude. LOL.

    I have to say I’m more interested in the top coat and gel coat! Actually I already have and love the gel coat but I’ll look to see if I like the top coat enough to warrant a purchase! 😀

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha not a problem. There are a lot more shades in the line-up to entice you :)

      I like how fast the top coat dries without shrinking and pulling the nail polish. Another great thing about the formula (at least the previous generation. I haven’t used this one up yet) is you can actually use it all the way to the end. Some top coats I owned previously sure don’t work that way!

  • http://naturelbellefemme.blogspot.com Pinks (@naturelbellefemme)

    Loved the photos. Amazing polishes :-)


    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      It’s honestly amazing to see how Dior Vernis can be EVEN better!

  • http://truecolorjoy.com truecolorjoy

    toes never get painted unless i’ve gone out for a pedicure. it’s just too much work. i have Bourjois’ 1 seconde in 27:Green Fizz but it’s chipping and needs to come off soon. i debating btw pastel yellow, pastel peach, coral pink or shimmery cobalt blue to replace it.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I hate to twist myself into an uncomfortable position, but I have had one pedicure here and it really didn’t turn out the way I thought it should (especially for the price. I was SO upset)!

      I say coral pink or shimmery cobalt blue!!! Although you might want to seize the end of spring and do the pastel thing now 😉

      • http://truecolorjoy.com truecolorjoy

        true. luckily i’m not fashionable enough to care if i wear pastels in the summer 😛 i’ll probably swatch them all on my current polish and see which one calls out to me. bf can be the tie breaker if needed

  • http://www.nailsandcupcakes.com/ Isabelle

    Hello Grège! Such a pretty nude! I would have expected a little more grey in it though according to the name, but it’s still pretty. I like it with your skin tone too!

    I have nothing on my nails at the moment & on my feet I have a hot pink by OPI. Not sure which one though!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Isabelle, I think it’s a skin tone thing. I’ve seen it looking more gray on some! I think my undertone makes it pull warmer!

      It’s kinda hard to maintain a manicure during a trip, but a hot pink on the toes is a good call!

  • SprinklesOnACupcake

    Oh, I love the pink!!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha why am I not surprised 😉

  • Memoiselle

    I love Dior Grege shade! I need to check it out :)
    And yay I have Aventure on my nails too!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Meryl, YAY! Isn’t it GORGEOUS? I think it’ll be one of those shades that I wear A LOT in spring and summer!