The Orange-y Trio of the New Chanel Rouge Cocos: Coco, Misia, & Arthur

Chanel Coco & Misia Rouge Coco new 2015

This is it, people, the moment you’ve been waiting for since I shared the quick swatch post last week! Let’s take a closer look at three orange-based shades from the new Chanel Rouge Coco line-up, including *Coco, *Misia, and *Arthur! [Read more…]

#TulipTuesday: the Coral/Watermelon Pinks

#TulipTuesday the Coral Watermelon Pinks

The latest edition of #TulipTuesday features a family of shades I hold very close to my heart, namely coral and watermelon pinks. While I’d take just about every coral out there on any given day, in general the more pink a coral leans, the easier it is for me (and most people I believe) to wear. Feast your eyes on 10 of my absolute favorites!

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#PerfumeMonday: Feel the Love in the Air with Miss Dior Hair Mist

Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist, Blooming Bouquet, Eau de Toilette

Long-time readers might know that I have a bit of history with Miss Dior. It was for a long time the only fragrance I wore, the first present I received from Dr. D, and naturally what I sported on my wedding day. I sometimes wonder if I’d outgrow it with age and all the fragrances I keep testing, but then I spray it on and feel the same butterflies in my stomach the way I did all those years ago. If you are also a fan of Miss Dior, I have great news for you: you can now scent your locks with the matching *Miss Dior Hair Mist!

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What’s in Helen’s Bag

Helen's bag


Have you ever wondered what Helen from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog carries around in her purse?  Well, The Beauty Spotlight Team wanted to know, so now everyone can see what she totes around each day. However, she found it extremely difficult to narrow down the selection to a single purse since she uses more than one each week. Knowing her as you do, can you guess what she ended up selecting? Let’s find out!

Not Quite a Miracle in My Book

Lancome Miracle Cushion Liquid Cushion Compact review

I am sure that cushion is going to be the next BB cream. Pretty soon, every company would jump on the cushion bandwagon, and we will be seeing much more than cushion foundations. Originated from Korea, cushion is a very nifty way of packaging liquid in a compact. *Lancome Miracle Cushion is the first cushion anything I have tried, and the story has so many plot twists that it could rival a chick flick!

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