Build a Mask Wardrobe with Caudalie!

Caudalie Masks review

With my combination skin, very few products can really do it all. I have resorted to using different serums, creams, and even primers for different areas of my face. I’ll admit it might seem excessive to many, but this is pretty much the only way to keep my skin happy. Caudalie recently launched *4 masks that allow me to build a mask wardrobe that covers all my skincare concerns. While you might not need all four, out of Moisturizing, Glycolic Peel, Instant Detox, and Purifying masks, you will probably find at least a couple that you need in your skincare cabinet!

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#5forFriday: 5 Swipe, Blend, & Go Eyeshadow Formulas You Need This Summer!

#5forFriday Swipe, Blend, & Go

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy. Ain’t nobody got the time to blend 5 eyeshadows into seamless perfection when the sun is shining and there are a million fun things to do! This week’s #5forFriday features 5 swipe, blend, and go eyeshadow formulas that will create effortlessly beautiful and long-lasting eye looks that everybody wants in summer!

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Take a Dip in the Midnight Sea!

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Don’t ask me how this happened. Apparently I love Tom Ford Naked Bronze so much that I managed to talk myself into ordering Midnight Sea as well. While this duo might not have “Sunny” written all over it, this is where the fun begins!

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Lovin’ Dior Coral Sunset!

Giorgio Armani Senso, Dior Coral Sunset, Chanel Desinvolte + Insoumise FOTD

I don’t go out of my way to make my makeup fit a “seasonal” profile, but a lot of the times it happens on a subconscious level. For me, sunny weather calls for almost overly warm-toned looks with bronzy browns I spend most of the year shying away from, orange corals I pretend I don’t like more than the pink-leaning ones, and while I’m at it, why not add some bronzer?! I traded my Pink Sunrise for a friend’s Dior Coral Sunset, and it is just what the doctor ordered! [Read more…]

You Probably Don’t Need… Sisley Phyto Eye Twists

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I don’t particularly enjoy writing negative reviews, but sometimes there is just no sugar coating it. I had high hopes for the new *Sisley Phyto Eye Twists. However, after testing the four shades I have out, I really can’t urge you to go out and buy one. [Read more…]