#TulipTuesday: the Oranges & the Apricots

#TulipTuesday the Oranges and the Apricots

The color orange brings to mind a picture of sun, summer, warmth, and energy. I know the idea of sporting an orange lip scares many, but don’t let that fear get to you! This week’s #TulipTuesday features orange, apricot, and even some orange-leaning coral shades. With a variety of finishes and textures, maybe you will find something that works for you!

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#PerfumeMonday: Two Diptyque Scents for Upgraded Cocooning Time

Diptyque Vanille & Benjoin review

Full disclosure: we can’t complain much about winter here in Belgium. Except for a few snowstorms here and there (which melted so fast you’d wonder if they actually happened), it’s been another rather mild one. However, some cocooning time with the other inhabitants of the Mostly Sunny headquarters is always welcome. What better way to upgrade that than with two Diptyque scents perfect for the occasion, Vanille and Benjoin?

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What’s in Christine aka 15 Minute Beauty’s Bag


15 Minute Beauty is not a low maintenance girl!  She tends to spend way too much time on her makeup and carries around up to 20 lippies at any given time.  But, chances are that you weren’t expecting her to have this in her purs


10 Things for Valentine’s Day/Saturday

10 Things for Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day seems to be a rather polarizing concept. Personally, I am completely chilled about it. I am not big on going to a restaurant on the day because of the crowd, but I won’t ever say no to flowers and chocolate! In the spirit of the day, here are 10 things I think everybody would enjoy, whether you choose to treat today like any other Saturday or celebrate it with your loved one (be it your significant other, girlfriends, or fur kids)! [Read more…]

I Get That Fun Summer Vibe from Givenchy ColoreCreation!

Givenchy ColoreCreation look

In makeup as in life, sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it. I stared and stared and stared at the pieces from Givenchy ColoreCreation for days without being able to make up my mind what type of look I’d do with them, but when I finally buckled down and gave it a shot, everything just came together! Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Givenchy’s vision for spring/summer!

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