Can a Girl Have All the Redken Color Rebel Fun with No Setback?

Redken Color Rebel review

I belong to the earth’s small percentage of population that has never altered its hair color. I don’t know if you have noticed, but my natural hair color isn’t as dark as you might expect from someone of my ethnic background. I have always loved it and never really wanted to “mess with a good thing,” until I got the new *Redken Color Rebel in Rebel without a Coral. It promises some color fun with no commitment whatsoever, so I thought why not?! [Read more…]

Makeup Chitchat: Help Me Compose My MAC Quad!

MAC eyeshadow stash & quad

Christmas came early when the good people from MAC gifted me with an empty *Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 and a coupon to fill the eyeshadows in. The kind present resulted in a very sleep-deprived Sunny, because where do I even begin? Dear readers/blogger friends, this is where you come in: I need tips and pointers for composing my very own MAC quad! [Read more…]

Make It Smokey with Guerlain Cygne Noir

Guerlain Cygne Noir Écrin 2 Couleurs (10) review

If you’re thinking smokey this time of the year instead of gold, gold, and more gold, Guerlain has something up their sleeve in the form of *Cygne Noir Écrin 2 Couleurs that might speak to you! [Read more…]

All That Burberry Gold (and Oxblood)

Burberry Gold Complete Eye Palette, highlighter, Oxblood Lip Glow, Gold Nail Polish look

By now it’s pretty clear I’m a bit coocoo over Burberry Winter Glow. After showing you the eye palette and highlighter, today I’m going to wrap things up with *Gold Lip Mist, *Gold Lip Glow, *Gold Nail Polish, and *Oxblood Lip Glow!

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#Perfume Monday: Brecourt Oud Santal

Brecourt Oud Santal review

Sometimes I want an easy-to-wear fragrance that is pleasing for the most. Other times I want something pure, intense, and absolute: something that I wear for myself, something I wear when I just don’t care. My most recent “I wear this for myself” discovery is *Brecourt Oud Santal.

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