Sunday Boredom? Monday Blues? Quick Fix Is a Click Away with Parfuma!

If you don’t live in Brussels or Antwerp, getting certain brands here implies a trip to the more specialized stores. So what if you get this urge to buy some new makeup on Sunday (for those of you who don’t know, shops are closed here on Sunday with very few exceptions), or if Monday is kicking your as* so hard that you need a quick pick-me-up during lunch break? Check out the Parfuma webshop! [Read more...]

bodhi Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil

bodhi Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil review

One of the common misconceptions about face oils is that people with combination/oilier skin can’t use them. Of course everyone’s skin is different, but you don’t have to pass on all face oils just because your skin isn’t dry! I had great experience with bodhi‘s first face oil. When they launched a new one that targets combination skin, Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil, I was more than happy to try it! [Read more...]

Chanel Hasard Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow

Chanel Mystere, Hasard, Khaki Bronze

I don’t know where you stand on matte eyeshadows, but I know I’ve been developing more of an appetite for them. When I first started wearing eye makeup, practically everything I owned was shimmery. I still don’t think matte or barely satin shades look too good on the inner half/two thirds of my lids, but a lot of the times I prefer to use a matte shade in the crease for more depth. Chanel Hasard Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow from the Superstition Collection fits the bill! [Read more...]

Kenzo Flower in the Air

Kenzo Flower in the Air EDP

Probably everyone who knows a bit about perfumes know about Kenzo Flower. The powdery floral scent has been around for 13 years, and this year Kenzo brought the original team together (Alberto Morillas for the scent, and Serge Mansau for the flacon) to present Flower in the Air, a modern retake of poppy. [Read more...]

Two Simple Steps for Well-Kept Hands with Dior Huile Abricot & Instant French Manicure Pen

Dior French Manicure Instant French Manicure Pen, Huild Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum

While most people are probably more interested in the new Rouge Diors, let’s not forget Dior is launching their new Manicure line at the same time! I have heard great things about Dior Crème Abricot, so how does the daytime serum version, Huile Abricot perform? Also, are you really really running out of time but want your nails to look more presentable? Dior is offering Instant French Manicure Pen as a solution! [Read more...]