Rouge Bunny Rouge Blue Roan Satin Eyeliner Nocturnal Ink

Rouge Bunny Rouge Satin Eyeliner packaging

Rouge Bunny Rouge made new felt-tip liquid eyeliner? Count me in! I got to try Blue Roan Satin Eyeliner Nocturnal Ink, and for the most part we get along really well! [Read more…]

Those Are a Few of My Favorite Things in 2013!

2013 in review

It feels a little surreal sitting here writing the last post for 2013. Is it the end of another year already? Before we can officially see it off with style, here is a quick look of a few of my favorite things in 2013, both beauty- and non-beauty-related: [Read more…]

Let Your Eyes Glisten with Burberry Midnight Brown When the Clock Strikes Midnight!

Burberry No. 21 Midnight Brown

A little while ago I was in the area of the only Burberry Beauty counter here in Belgium. I thought I’d check out the relatively new Oxblood lipsticks (still think I need the Lip Mist version at some point), but I ended up going home with No. 21 Midnight Brown Sheer Eye Shadow. What can I say? I love neutral eyeshadows, and Burberry makes some of the best neutral eyeshadows I have ever laid my eyes on! [Read more…]

The Beauty Spotlight Team Gets to Know Polish Insomniac!

Get to know polish insomniac

It’s Jessika’s week for 20 Questions from The Beauty Spotlight Team!  Will she crack under the pressure?  Is there a real person under all that glitter (and hair)?  It’s time to find out!

Now This Is Good Stuff: Clé de Peau Concealer

Cle de Peau Concealer

It’s impossible to talk about Clé de Peau without mentioning their legendary concealer. Everywhere you look, everyone seems to think this is one of the best concealers on the market. I was running out of my NARS Stick Concealer around the time I was back in Taipei, so I decided to give it a go. [Read more…]