Pursuit of an “Autumn” Blush: Bobbi Brown Plum Blush

Bobbi Brown Plum (5) Blush FOTD

I have not learnt to truly appreciate blushes until very recently, which might explain why there isn’t much variety in my stash. In pursuit of something I didn’t already own and an “autumn” blush, I got Bobbi Brown Plum Blush. The verdict? I think I could use some more plummy pinks in my collection! [Read more...]

Quite Possibly My Perfect Nude: Dior Grège 1947 Rouge Dior

Dior Rouge Dior 999, Darling, Grege 1947, Trafalgar

Long-time readers might know that I am not very passionate about nudes. I have some that work, but I can’t say any of them makes me giddy: until I tried Dior Grège 1947 Rouge Dior! [Read more...]

Penhaligon’s Vaara Eau de Parfum Transports You to the Maharaja’s Summer Palace

Penhaligon's travel atomiser

The niche British perfume house, Penhaligon’s, never ceases to surprise me with their unique creations. One of their latest launches, Vaara Eau de Parfum, transports you to the Maharaja’s summer palace with its creamy, smooth floral scent! [Read more...]

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Visionary Beauty’s Top Picks For Frizzy Hair

hair intro

No matter how perfect your makeup, there’s nothing better to ruin it than a bad hair day. With winter around the corner, it’s the time for unmanageable, frizzy hair. Visionary Beauty gives us her top picks to say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny and smooth.


Giorgio Armani Diva Rouge Ecstasy Is Pretty in Pink!

GA Diva (503) Rouge Ecstasy FOTD

Apparently my pink phase is far from over, and pretty soon I’ll be able to do a “for the love of pink” post the way I did with coral. The latest addition to my stash of pinks? Giorgio Armani Diva Rouge Ecstasy! [Read more...]