Swatch & Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait (025) & Cherry Tart (070)

After reading so much about the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, I finally decided to take the plunge. Revlon is strangely hard to find in Belgium, and most displays I have seen are seriously limited. Therefore, I reckoned eBay was my best chance. I managed to find these at a price that’s a little higher than the recommended retail price, and shipping was reasonable. Now let’s take a closer look at them shall we? I got the color in (025) Peach Parfait and (070) Cherry Tart. From what I could see, Peach Parfait is a good everyday shade while Cherry Tart is what I would call a “training wheel” shade for bolder lip colors.

Packaging-wise the lip butters are just fine. The first handful of times they might be a little hard to open, which is why I pulled too hard and accidentally nicked Peach Parfait with the cap the same day I got it. I like the fact that the top of the cap is transparent. Even without testers, I can imagine you’ll have an easier time choosing among the 20 available shades because you see what you get through the caps. The way the caps are coordinated with the lip butter colors is also a nice touch. I find it icky (note: this is very personal) that you can leave fingerprints on the silver tubes though. I don’t know if it’s a phobia, but I freak out a little whenever I see fingerprints on shiny surfaces, if it makes sense.

Now onto Peach Parfait.

It might be my fault, but after hearing everybody rave about it, trying it on was a bit of an anti-climatic experience. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a decent product; I’m just not sure if it’s worth all the hype. The base color is a nice peachy pink. It has a strong sheen, which could be good or bad depending on your preference. My major gripe with this one is the fact that there is SO MUCH GLITTER. Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s golden shimmer, because it really is glitter, and there is A LOT of it. I have no idea how, but the glitter travels around my face. I would even find some around my nose a while after application! The back of my hand was a glitterbomb after wiping this shade off after the swatch, which made me want to smack myself on the forehead and say “doh!” When it’s on my lips I don’t really see all the glitter (except for the stray ones that get onto my face), but even after removing it with a makeup remover some of the tenacious glitter stuck. Because of all the glitter, the otherwise smooth (albeit a bit too slippery to have much lasting power) texture feels slightly gritty. I will probably finish the tube, but I will definitely not repurchase this shade.

Cherry Tart is a sheer juicy red. It has some glitter, but thankfully it is a lot better compared to Peach Parfait. This is what I would call a training wheel red. If you’ve always wanted to try red but feels that nothing looks right on, you might want to give it a go. It’s not designed to be a very opaque lip product, but the color payoff is good.

Some people say it’s unscented, but I do detect a hint of vanilla. It is really a hint and it disappears very fast after application, so I can’t imagine it bothering anyone. The texture, like I said, feels slightly waxy on and is as soft as some lip balms. Even after a couple of uses I can already see a dent. It is comfortable on my lips, but I don’t think it can replace a good lip balm. Another gripe with the Lip Butters is that it is nearly impossible to get precise application with the tips. Do note this might be due to my poor application skills though (my blogger gal Lena for example, can get crisp lines with these). My lips don’t look as “sculpted” as I want them to look with a lipstick.

Bottom line: It is a decent product, but not even close to a 10/10 for me. If you can get it easily from a drugstore at its recommended retail price (around 8 dollars), it might be worth a try (especially considering the color range). If they are not easily available where you are however, you’re not missing out on as much as you think you might be.

  • princesagr

    Thanks for swatching them.
    I was thinking to order them online too (not yet in Greece, why they are so hard to find?) although not that colors…

    • Sunny

      I think in two weeks they’ll hit the stores in the UK, but Revlon is very hard to find here so I just ordered them off eBay. Give them a try . Maybe they’ll work for you. I’m just… happier with the other stuff I own!

  • shannonbearzatto

    I’ve been so very much on the fence about these, to buy or not to buy. Perhaps next time I am combing through the drugstore I will pick one up. I was so tempted by the Peach Parfait, but now, since your review, I might opt for something darker to start and with less glitter.

    Great review and swatches Sunny – thanks!

    • Sunny

      Hey Shannon! Well, I personally wouldn’t recommend Peach Parfait, but I’d still say you should pick one up and see how you like the formula. Apparently I’m pretty much alone in not liking these the way most people do!

      • shannonbearzatto

        This is actually the second review I have read that sort of painted them in the light of “overrated”.

  • Pamela Ridwan

    I’ve been wanting to try this lip butter for soooo long. But revlon is no more available here in Germany :(
    So yes,ebay is the only option, but Im afraid to order something from US for they will be held in custom and paying custom tax isn’t cheap too :/

    • Sunny

      Hey Pamela, so you’re stuck in the same makeup vacuum as I am lol

      I don’t know how strict German customs are, but I haven’t really had a problem. Also, since the prices are low, I’m not too sure they would be bothered to charging you import tax (or so I hope).

  • Chris

    Glitter in lipstick always throws me. It’s almost as if the companies think we want to look like a kid’s craft project. 😛

    I like the sheer aspect of Cherry Tart. I agree with it being a red for begineers, a nice way to ease into red lips.

    • Sunny

      Hey Christina, I agree! I was fooled because everybody says it’s golden shimmer. Well I beg to differ! Cherry Tart is pretty sweet though. Were if not for the fact that they’re not easily available here, I would like to try some more shades!

  • naomihing

    I bought the same two shades! I kept Cherry Tart and gave my mom the Peach parfait. I think she likes the glitter!

    • Sunny

      Hey Naomi, thanks for dropping by!!! It’s funny how your mom likes the glitter :p Granted it’s not very in-your-face when it’s applied, it just goes a bit everywhere and that drives me a little crazy! I just checked out your blog and love it! Am following you now :)

      • naomihing

        Thanks Sunny! I found your blog through Lena! hehe

  • lena

    aww thanks for linking my post. i am so flattered! 😀

    i know exactly how you feel about this product.
    granted, even after hauling 6 colors, i still want a couple more, but i don’t see myself go crazy like i did about super lustrous lip gloss when it was first introduced years ago.

    but in a big picture, i am glad i can find nice qulity products (i mean as good as or sometimes even better than higher-end brands’) at affordable price. :)

    thanks for sharing!

    • Sunny

      Hey Lena, I think people should know it could be precise, just I can’t achieve it lol

      If I can get these easily from a drugstore nearby, I would perhaps like to try some more colors. However, after hearing SO much hype and going through extra trouble of laying my hands on them, I’m just a bit disillusioned :p

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    I have Candy Apple, which is a warm red. I really like it, but I think I lucked into the best shade for me!

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    And if you ever decided to get another one, there are very good descriptions here – the descriptions say which ones have shimmer or sparkle:

    • Sunny

      Thanks Emi! I might have seen that, but I didn’t know “sparkle” would be translated into “gritty glitter” on lips. It’s probably my fault! It’s a nice color when you see the swatches, both on skin and lips, but I dislike how it feels on lips. Oh well. Unless these become easily available in Belgium I don’t think I’ll order any more of them!

  • Bellachique

    I heard people complain about the glitters in Peach Parfait, shame really!Thanks a lot for the honest review, I really understand why they are not all that or you :). I think i’m going to wait till I get to London or Paris for the lipbutters, I hope they maybe are available there :).

    • Sunny

      Hey Teri! Yeah, it’s a real pity because it is an otherwise lovely color! I heard that they will hit the stores in the UK in about two weeks, but I don’t know if/when they will be available in Paris. I’m sure if you pick the right color (ie glitter-free) it’s a great drugstore find. Too bad Peach Parfait pretty much ruined the experience for me lol

  • jiwoxpw28602Julia

    Omg, great timing! I also got the lip butters in Peach Parfait, and Cotton candy. Ick! They’re so shiny and super glittery, lol! After hearing all the raves (esp about peach parfait) I was wondering if I was the only one. Thanks for the post! ^o^

    • Sunny

      Hey Julia, no you’re not the only one! I wish I had put this up earlier so that it might have saved you some money. But oh well, cosmetics is so personal. One girl’s HG is the other’s poison. At least now we know we have to check for the glitter when we purchase something like this!

      Thanks sooo much for dropping by and leaving a comment :) I really appreciate it!

  • Sherry

    I have peach parfait so far okay for me as suits my skin colour.

    • Sunny

      Hey Sherry, I’m glad you like it! It works well with my skin color too. I have nothing to complain about the color. It’s the glitter that annoys me a bit :) Thanks sooo much for checking my blog out! I hope to see you around more often :)

  • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    Peach Parfait looks so good on the model, I think that’s why everyone wants to get hold of that shade. I ALMOST wanted to get it the other day but stopped myself when I saw the price. Madly overpriced here in SG. But thanks to your review, I think I’ll give it a miss. Don’t like glitter that make my lips feel like sandpaper (even if it’s very fine sand)!

    • Sunny

      Hey Bun Bun, is Revlon overpriced in Singapore? Almost everything else is overpriced here, but it’s probably the insane VAT. The base color is great, but if you don’t want your lips to feel like sand paper you might want to stay away from Peach Parfait. Try another one instead? The majority of the people seem to really like them!

  • Astrid

    I’m still waiting and hoping for these to be sold in Belgium :(

    • Sunny

      Aargh I know. It’s weird how limited Revlon is here. It’s probably my fault that I picked two shades with glitter too, because everybody else seems to love it!