FOTD with MAC Woodwinked, Urban Decay Mildew & Smog

Hey everyone! How’s your weekend so far? Today I went to Brussels to check out the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. I realized there are still some shadows that I swatched but never showed in FOTDs for you, so I decided to incorporate Urban Decay Mildew eyeshadow into the look.

Despite the fact that Mildew is such a stunning shade, if I am not a bit more careful with it, it could darken my eyes. I started by tentatively patting it on my lids today, but was smart enough to leave the inner third free. I was right, if I had gone all the way in, it wouldn’t have been very flattering. Now, I probably could have used any gold in my collection for the inner third or even a peachy champagne shade, but since MAC Woodwinked is the only one in the same palette, I took the easy way. Some Smog and blending later, I’ve got myself some gold, green, and coppery eyes! I lined my lower lash line with Urban Decay Whiskey, and then smudged out with Darkhorse.

I used Tarte Exposed and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze for my cheeks, MAC Harmony to contour, and MAC Sweetie on my lips.

Some more pictures so you can see my eyes more clearly:

I took the pictures after I got home (at about 5:30. Daylight was fading fast), but I only had to blot my T-zone and reapply lipstick. Can you notice any differences in these pictures? Like the amazingly clean-looking background? I stumbled across the beauty blogging series written by the top-notch blogger Rae from theNotice. Her Tips for beauty bloggers: surfaces and backgrounds gives extremely useful pointers about picture-taking in general. So today, I hid behind the curtain of my living room for the FOTDs. What do you guys think? The images are definitely cleaner (makes me want to go back and delete all the FOTDs I’ve done so far)! Special thanks to Rae! I still have sooo much to learn!

I hope you like the look, and I’ll see you again soon!

Sunny xx

PS: I swear I’ll include NARS Mexican Rose in my FOTD very soon!

  • Michelle at LipstickRules


    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Michelle! PS: I only picked Added Goodness up today. I’ll swatch/review it as soon a I can!

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    I love the new backdrop, it looks very clean and really puts the focus on your face/ makeup!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Emi! It’s the most genius idea that never occurred to me! The ONLY tiny problem is my hair could look a bit funny from being squash by the curtain :p

  • ShannonBearzatto

    This is one of my favorite looks on you, it looks gorgeous!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Shannon! I wish I could wear colors the way you do, but my lid space is very limited so I have to work with what I have!

      • ShannonBearzatto

        Well I think it’s just funky enough but still very classy. I love it!

  • Bellachique

    Love it! You really wear green so well! It looks so naturally on you! I did a green look too btw, but I did it yesterday, so it wasnt my intention to copy you, I swear! :) The white background really looks better btw! But don’t you dare to delete your previous pictures! I will haunt you if you do! :p

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much Teri! I can’t wait to see your green look (and even if you copy me I’m totally fine with it because I heart you)! And OK, I’ll leave my messy un-classy pictures alone, and consider this is what making progress looks like!

  • Naomi Hing

    Now where did i put my sweetie? need to find it! love this look!

    • Sunny

      Hey Naomi, I hope you found it! I think Sweetie goes really well with green eye looks!

  • lena

    your FOTDs gets prettier everytime! :)

    i usually use my white blind as background and lately my FOTD got so big doesn’t really show much other than the gigantic head! lol

    hope you are enjoying your weekend. 😉

    • Sunny

      Hey Lena, thanks for the compliment! I’m not very good at taking photos, but I’ve been experimenting!

      Your FOTDs are always super clean-looking! I don’t have white blinds, but as it turned out white curtains do the trick so yay!

      I hope you’re enjoying your weekend too xx

  • Chris

    Sweetie is such a perfect color for you. You should wear it all the time.

    I think I own Mildew. You’re inspiring me to use it again. :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Chris! I’ll swatch/review that soon (it’s probably the oldest lipstick I own, but I haven’t gone through it yet. Oops) too :)

      You should play with Mildew. It’s a really nice shade!

  • Jacqueline

    That is a great idea, I love the picture, very clear.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Jacqueline! Rae is a total genius for coming up with that one!

  • Rinny’s Beauty Diary (@rinny151)

    This is such a pretty look on you! I like the subtle smokey look.

    Urban Decay has such funny names for their shadows – who would want to wear mildew on their eyes? haha 😛

    And I agree that the clean background makes your face stand out much more. I’ve got to start rethinking my background choices too.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Rinny! Yeah, I know, Mildew? Yuck!

      Your FOTDs are nice. I don’t have the impression that they’re cluttered or anything. It’s just that if I ever want pictures with proper daylight, wrapping myself up with the curtain and standing in front of the window is the only way to do it lol

  • JennySueMakeup (@JennySueMakeup)

    I love love woodwinked, such a fab golden shimmery color! The sweetie color is great- guess I’m going to need to look into that one!

    • Sunny

      Hey Jenny Sue, thanks so much for swinging by and leaving a comment!

      I’m a big fan of gold eyeshadows in general, so I use them all the time! You should look into Sweetie too. I really like the color, but wish the formula would last a little longer. xx

  • Diana

    I love this look. I have asian eyes too, and it is so difficult for me to find nice ways to put eyeshadow on. I’m going to try this look!

    • Sunny

      Hey Diana, I think we have very different materials at hand to deal with, so most technique Caucasians can use doesn’t apply (or maybe it does, but it has to be tweaked). Let me know if you like it after you try it! xx