Swatch & Review: Dior Vernis 257 Incognito, 537 Riviera, 579 Plaza, 659 Lucky, & Top Coat. Matching Lips and Nails, Anyone?

Hey everyone!

When I swatched/reviewed the Dior Addict Extreme for you a couple of days ago, I promised to swatch/reviewed the matching Vernis. Well, here they are!

I’m going to begin with the top coat. These are my first Dior Vernis, so I would also like to review the brush. What better than a bottle of clear top coat to show you how the brush looks?

As you can see, the Dior brush is short and tapered on the sides. The pointy tip allows precise application. Either I have made a lot of progress in nail polish application recently, or these brushes are seriously amazing, because I had next to zero cuticle clean-up to do! The top coat has an excellent formula. It doesn’t pull, drag, or shrink the nail polish. It dries speedy fast, so you don’t have to stick your hands out in agony until you can move around like a normal person. It also did a great job keeping the nail polish fresh and glossy!

Now onto the nail polishes.

Incognito (257) is a pretty and understated nude pink. While the matching lipstick has the tendency to wash me out, I love how this shade looks on my fingernails. It’s so clean and classic! The formula is great. While one coat doesn’t achieve opacity, it is smooth and brush-stroke-free. With two coats it’s perfect (though not 100% opaque if this is very important for you)! It’s definitely something I would reach for when I have a wedding to attend, or when I want to be understatedly pretty!

While the lipstick form of Riviera (579) is stunning, the nail polish version is really a burst of bright (almost neon) orange/coral! It’s mostly orange, though I see a bit of coral in it too. The formula is slightly thicker, but still very easy to work with. With one coat it is almost already opaque, though I always do two for good measure.

579 Plaza is a berry pink. Again, the formula is slightly thicker but very workable, and with one coat it is already almost opaque! This is the kind of color that I never had the courage to try, because I thought it would make my skin tone look muddy. However, it is really not an issue with this one and I love it!

Last but not least, allow me to present you 659 Lucky. On me it is a coral red, though with different light/angle it could look like a hot pink! It is a very nuanced color. Despite the fact that it is not shimmery/glittery/holographic or a duo-chrome, I would say it is a very complex shade!

All of these have a creme finish, though even without a top coat they are very glossy. The dry time is satisfactory, and they last around 4 days on with minimal chip/tip wear (which is the best case scenario for me. Please bear in mind that my nails are still not in good shape at the moment, and nail polishes never stay very long on broken nails).

Bottom line: I would not say any of these colors is an absolute must-have, as you might be able to find quite similar ones on the market. However, I must say that the formula is excellent, the brush a breeze to work with, and the nuance in these seemingly straight-forward shades makes them worthy of the designer name!

Please stay tuned for some comparison swatches in my existing stash!

What do you think? Does any of the bright and cheerful colors call your name? Are you a fan of nudes such as Incognito? Would you wear matching lips and nails?

In other news, meet my new pet Mr. Owl:

Isn’t he oh-so-cute??? My bestie HM gave it to me last week, and it’s the first cocktail ring I own! I’ve never been a fan of chunky rings as they’re not the most practical, but this owl looks so adorable and tame I really don’t mind taking him to places!

Mr. Owl says goodbye:

Have a good one, guys, and we’ll see you around!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review are sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

  • Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    Bright colours. I love Incognito for work. It’s such a pretty blushing nude. My girls love Riviera. Super bright. LOL!

    • Sunny

      I know! Riviera is almost neon! It’s funny how when there is ONE nude in the bunch it suddenly looks very desirable. If I were looking at a mostly nude collection I might not be as enthusiastic about Incognito!

  • Emi (@projectswatch1)

    Again, Riviera is my favorite! So beautiful.

    • Sunny

      You should check it out, Emi! I think most people can have a lot of fun with it!

  • Esmay

    Like them all <3

  • mn

    I love Incognito and Lucky.
    PS- like the new layout and your writing style.

    • Sunny

      Hey hon, thanks so much for the kind comment! I’m really really happy to hear you like it!

      Stay tuned for comparison swatches that will be up this week. I MIGHT be able to find something that’s similar enough :)

  • Bellachique

    I really love the shades, I want them too, but it’s just a bit too pricey for me! And yes your birdy is supercute! Love it, haha!

    • Sunny

      Hey Teri, stay tuned for the comparison swatches because I might be able to find cheaper ones that are somehow similar (I’m not sure yet, but I own stuff that’s in the same vein)!

      Mr. Owl is so adorable isn’t he? Better than my other pets that wake me up at 6 in the morning lol

  • sugarmitten

    I’ve been looking for the perfect nude lately so I am drawn to Incognito but I’ve really been loving oranges and corals so Riviera is also calling my name! I’ve never tried Dior polishes before and that brush does look really nice. My wish list just keeps growing and growing!

    • Sunny

      Hey Amy! Oh yeah, I understand the growing wish list problem way too well! I know that it’s all a matter of personal taste. Some people apparently find the Dior brushes way too big, but for me it’s hands down the easiest I’ve ever worked with. I always spend a lot of time cleaning my cuticle up because the nail polish would get all over the place, but with this I really had almost zero cleaning to do!

      • sugarmitten

        My favorite are the O.P.I brushes and a lot of people complain that they are too big as well so I think I would probably like the Dior ones. I’m very interested in trying the tapered sides.

        • Sunny

          Oh yeah, OPI brushes are definitely among my favorites, only these are shorter so I get even better control! Swatch it next time you’re at a Dior counter!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    Plaza is my favorite for summer or going out. Incognito had to be a great varnish! It’s one of my favourites music bands ever :) Love them! The varnish and the group! :)

    • Sunny

      Yay, Peggy! You’ve got great taste!

  • Christine Brigid

    I’m drooling. Drooling! I love mr. owl, love the nail polishes, love the new layout– it’s just all good!

    Btw, do you have Milani where you live? The Dior brush reminds me a little of the Milani brushes….

    • Sunny

      Hey Christine, thanks for the compliment!

      We don’t get Milani here and I’ve never tried their nail polish! I’ve heard great things about the brand in general though!

  • Tina B

    I’m truly dying over all the brights! I can tell that brush and I would get along amazingly well as I have been loving the shorter, rounded brushes.

  • MakeupByKimB

    wow, gorgeous colors! very high quality pictures too!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Kim! I’m actually still waiting for my new camera to arrive. At the moment I have a small and basic one. It’s just that we’ve been having better natural light here!

  • Pamela Ridwan

    Î really like the first color!! really pretty for everyday use. the kind of color you can always use no matter which occassion or season ;D
    and the owl is sooo cute! <3

    • Sunny

      Thanks Pamela! Yup, Incognito is definitely something that just can’t go wrong! Thanks for liking Mr. Owl too :)

  • Jessica

    Incognito is so lovey and I adore the graphics in the background! How cute :)

    ♥ Jessica

    • Sunny

      Thanks Jessica! That’s actually the tattoo stickers I received. I’m thinking if I ever get invited to a Dior fashion show (a girl can dream, right?) it’d look so cool on my arm lol

  • Celeste@Becoming Beautiful

    The colours are pretty but like you said, not a must have. Your pet owl on the other hand…..

    • Sunny

      Haha I know!

  • lena

    the first beige pink color is so chic and pretty. i love it!
    i like how they all have some pure and transparent quality yet look so vibrant.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Lena! Actually except for Incognito the rest are very opaque with one coat :)

  • Natasha Spark

    Love all the colors! Btw the end where mr. owl says goodbye totally made me laugh hahaha 😛 very cute ring!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Natasha! I finally have a pet that doesn’t feel it has the right to wake me up whenever it gets bored lol *looks at my cats*

  • blissno9

    Love Plaza! 😀

  • JennySueMakeup (@JennySueMakeup)

    That ring is amazing!!!! Who knew owls could look so cool?!! The tapered brush on those polishes is reason enough to buy the Dior right? What a grand idea for less messy cleanup! Thanks for posting.

    • Sunny

      Hey Jennysue, thanks for complimenting on Mr. Owl :) The brush is really the best I’ve ever tried. The three brighter colors are basically one-coaters, and with the fuss-free application you can really save a lot of time! xx

  • Natasha Spark

    tagged you in my latest post, dont feel obligated to do this if you dont want :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks Natasha! I’ll do it when I have some time 😉

  • anabel nove

    Do you know how much they go for? I would love to get one to see how it last on me. I love the jelly look of some colors! THanks for the swatches.

    • Sunny

      Hey hon, I just checked the Sephora website, and they go for 30 dollars in the US. In Belgium they cost around 33 euros, but if you have a membership card you always get a discount. Hope it helps xx

  • wheetnee

    I love Incognito! And the owl ring is adorable! I love owl-related items 😀

  • Devon

    Sunny! Where did your friend get that owl? My nan collects owl-themed things and it’s her 80th birthday this year :)
    Devon x

    • Sunny

      Hey Devon, my bestie got it at a random stand back in Taipei, so I really wouldn’t know where to find another one! Sorry! Hope you’ll find something just as nice for your gran! xx

      • Devon

        But I want iiiiit :(
        I’m sure I’ll find something. It’s a big year for birthdays this year though!
        My Mum’s Mum AND her Dad (my nan and grandad,); both 80.
        My Mum’s Mum’s Mum (my great nan, I call her granny,); the BIG 100.
        Me; 21! 😀
        Need to start hunting down some owl-y things 😀 x

        • Sunny

          Sorry for not being able to help, Devon! hope you’ll find something nice for your gran! xx

  • blah

    I was trying on Dior Vernis in Sephora, and the brushes are the most amazing-est thing ever created. I didn’t have to worry about getting polish all over my cuticles and surrounding skin (which happens all the time, as I am still a newbie). But sadly, the polishes are quite expensive, so I couldn’t bring any home. :(
    I was wondering if you know of any other nail polish with amazing brushes like these, for hopefully a fraction of the price? Or if it is safe/recommended to buy one Dior Vernis and use the brush for all my other nail polishes?

    • Sunny

      Hey hon, I understand! My other favorite brushes are OPI and ONLY YOU ones (these are only available in Belgium though). I don’t really think you can switch brushes like that either. So here’s my trick. I always do my manicure at night, and clean up my cuticle in the shower the next morning. I know this is probably not very professional, but it does work for me! That or if I HAVE to clean up my cuticle without a shower, I dip a Q tip in my polish remover, squeeze all I can out, and clean up like that. Hope it helps!

  • Aussie

    Oh my goodness. I must know where that owl came from! Can you please, please, please help me find out?


    • Sunny

      Hey Austen! My bestie gave me that ring and she found it randomly at a roadside stand back in Taipei. We saw the same online a while ago (at Modcloth I’m pretty sure), but when I checked for you it’s no longer there :(

      I have searched a bit to no avail. I hope you’ll eventually find it for sale somewhere! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  • Em

    I finally caved in and purchased the Incognito le vernis. I love subtle and elegant colors and I just had to try it. I love the formula and dry time. A classic color.

    • Sunny

      Hey Em, I’m glad to hear you like it! It is indeed a very classic color! I painted a very close friend’s nails with this for her wedding a while ago. Our skin tones are VERY different (she is very fair with cool undertone), but it looked great on her nevertheless!