Sneak Preview: Givenchy Summer 2012 Collection (Probably the FIRST Batch of Swatches You’ll See!!!)

Hey everyone!

How are you doing? I hope you’re coping just fine with the beginning of a new working week. I had quite possibly the most exciting Monday ever in my life, because I was invited to the headquarters of Givenchy to see their new collections! Since I took way too many pictures (naturally), I am going to divide them into two parts. For this part, I will show you the sneak peek of their Summer 2012 Collection. For the next part, I will show you their Crosiere Collection (most of which is permanent) and the complimentary products that will work well with it.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Let me not prolong the wait by showing you the star of the show: the much-anticipated Ombre a Fleur de Peau Cream Eyeshadow in Pearly Rose and Pearly Nude!

Pearly Rose is a very mauve-y pink on me, and Pearly Nude is really just nude. In the pictures below you can see how they swatch and how they look once they are blended out.

To be very honest, I was a little skeptical when I saw the promotional image. Literally every brand nowadays, including drugstore ones offer similar products, so why would Givenchy bother? Once I started blending it on the back of my hand however, I realized the texture is exquisitely good. It is like a mousse that goes on airy light. I am not too sure about the glitter, and I will have to test it out to report if it has any fall-out, so you might have to give me a couple of days for that!

This collection comes with a magic kajal called Delicate Nude. It is supposed to be great for the waterline (to brighten the eyes up without looking very fake in comparison with a stark white liner), or even as a lip liner. Every Givenchy liner comes with a sharpener, and this is no exception!

Next we have the lip products. This collection comes with one Rouge Interdit (#56 Delicate Rose), one Rouge Interdit Shine (#26 Delicate Brown), and one Gloss Interdit (#03 Coral Frenzy).

The lipsticks feel light and smooth. I am not too sure about the glitter in Delicate Brown, so again, I will have to test it out to see if the glitter will travel around. The Gloss Interdit has the texture of a glaze. It is neither the most sheer nor the stickiest gloss I have tried.

In terms of nail polish, Givenchy has actually brought out a color that is uncommon enough for summer: a brown by the name of Delicate Brown. Below you can also see the beautiful hand of Anastasia, or should I call her Ms Givenchy?

They even brought out a brown mascara (Mascara Phenomenon Brown), if you want to keep the look very casual and understated (though admittedly it wouldn’t work for everyone):

Apparently the brush is easy to use once you figure out you are not supposed to zig-zag with it the way you use your regular mascaras. Instead, you are supposed to push your eyelashes up from the roots with it. Also, another piece of news is that Givenchy will be launching a revolutionary mascara in September. There is a media embargo on this one, so Anastasia couldn’t tell me more than this. However, at least we know we should keep our eyes peeled!

So this is the sneak peek of Givenchy Summer 2012 for you! What do you think? Is the anything that you’re interested in checking out? Again, I have received some pieces to try out, so if you want to know how they work, you should stay tuned (follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter would be the first step)!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Special thanks go to Anastasia who is all kinds of gorgeous, and tolerated while I took pictures and swatched all the products like a mad woman!

  • ashleypassionforpolish

    I’m really liking the lip gloss! I love peachy shades like that!

    • Sunny

      Hey Ashley, I think that gloss looks very promising indeed!

  • chromamesilly

    Im really digging that Magic Kajal. Ive never liked the idea of pure white, so this looks like a great alternative. Thats super great that you got this sneak peak, thanks for sharing!

    • Sunny

      I have tried a white, and it was just… weird. So yeah, this looks really promising!

      • chromamesilly

        Yea, I think white looks way to unnatural. :/ How much this one retail for? Do you know?

        • Sunny

          Hey Thalia, I don’t have the PR info yet but I should soon receive it in e-mail. I’ll let you know then! Usually it’s cheaper in the US though, so have hope :)

  • sugarmitten

    What a cool way to spend your Monday!! And I just get to sit in a boring office :-( I love the packaging on the eye shadows. The Magic Kajal and the gloss look really nice.

    • Sunny

      Hey Amy, awww but I literally had my adrenalin level shooting through the roof trying to get it up as soon as I could! I didn’t test the magic kajal on my eyes so I couldn’t say if it will hold up, but the gloss is adorable 😉

  • bellachique

    I envy you!!!! Let’s switch lives! I just love the packaging of Givenchy, pretty!

  • bellachique

    You are going to show us more pictures I hope! :p

    • Sunny

      Yesss I am! The second part is coming up soon! And my life is a bit of a chaos at the moment. SOOOO much to do!!!

  • Esmay

    Not my favourites, butttt maybe the other photo’s will make me love the products!

    • Sunny

      Haha Esmay, have a little more patience. The second post will be up later! The swatches/reviews should be done in a week or so too :)

  • Phil (@Mirror_Reality)

    Have a feeling those eyeshadow creams are going to get huge like the Armani eyes to kill and Chanel illusion d’ombre.

    • Sunny

      Hey Phil, I don’t have either, but I will compare this with L’Oreal Infallible and maybe even Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow, depending when it arrives in my mail from a swap :)

  • Diana F. (@DianaAPBL)

    Ugh, so bummed I couldn’t be there. But I’m very grateful for your review! Love the detail in your swatches. I’m very excited for the nude kajal 😀

    • Sunny

      Aaah too bad (well it’s Monday after all)! I tried my best, but these photos aren’t the best. Just so that people can get a general idea :)

  • naomihing

    Oh i can feel you enthusiasm in this post! So glad you got the opportunity.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Naomi! Let’s see if I remain enthusiastic after testing some of these out thoroughly :)

  • petra

    Love these products, so pretty!!

  • Mimi

    Ooh! Brown polish. I uh… I’m not sure how I feel about it! It does seem like an unusual shade for summer, that is so brave of Givenchy. At the same time, I feel like that is one of the colors that I feel naturally repulsed by when it’s on the fingers. I’m not sure why!
    I do like that Delicate Rose lipstick though, absolutely gorgeous.

    • Sunny

      Hey Mimi! Well, the polish looks good on Anastasia (who has yellow/olive undertone). I thought it’s super brave of Givenchy too! You can definitely spice it up with some glittery top coat though, no doubt :)

      The Delicate Rose lipstick does look very nice! It’s one of those “my lips but better” shades that you can’t have too many of haha

  • Rae // theNotice

    Ooh, this is all actually quite exciting! I’m not typically much of a Givenchy fan, but I’m quite intrigued by that liner. Keep us updated? :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Rae!!! Nice to see you popping by :) I’ll for sure keep you posted :)

  • Devon

    I really like the brown-bronze lipstick, I’d have to swatch it on the lip but I think it looks lovely. Definitely looking in to picking some of these bits up. I’ve never heard of Givenchy before – is that bad? Should I? 😮

    How’re you doing with making a lightbox, Sunny? 😛 (It was you who asked, right?) x

    • Sunny

      Hey Devon! I don’t know how that one will look on me yet, but I’ll soon find out! I am not very familiar with Givenchy cosmetics myself, but I’ve always been a fan of their perfumes!

      I haven’t started making it yet (SO much to do) but I will! I’ll keep you posted! Did you see my tweets? My bestie found how to get Mr Owl online (though the head is red not black)!

  • sarah@abeautifulstory

    *glamorous product envy* I like the look of all of it! :)

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    How exciting! :) lucky that you got to go!

  • Jessica

    Oh my goodness! I wasn’t paying attention to this collection at all … but those cream shadows. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next :)

    ♥ Jessica

    • Sunny

      Hey Jessica, I’ll be testing them out these days and write the review soon! xx

  • fancieland

    What a great opportunity!! Everything looks amazing! I’m loving the liner and lip gloss!

  • pearlessence

    I don’t know if it’s weird for me to notice but… I like your ring LOL

    • Sunny

      Hey hon, that’s not my hand! That’s Anastasia’s hand, so it’s her ring :p I didn’t have the time to do a manicure there haha (also, I couldn’t have taken a picture of my hand at that angle lol)

      • pearlessence

        Oopsies. Well, maybe someone took the picture for you 😛

  • callitbeautyblog

    The lipgloss looks gorgeous! And how lucky are you to be able to Givenchy Headquarters?

    • Sunny

      Thanks Dani! Yeah I was totally overwhelmed! It felt like a dream!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    Well honey, let me tell you, that mascara is teh best evah!! It’s my holy grail, I use it in black.

    • Sunny

      You know what, that’s it! I’m going to purchase the waterproof version soon! My eyelashes are very tricky, so let’s pray this one will perform well!

  • Tina B

    Holy sneak peek!! Love these type of posts, quite a few interesting products most likely out of my price range, ha ha! Very swank :).

    • Sunny

      Actually Tina (I’m going to say this very quietly), Givenchy is more reasonably-priced compared with other luxury brands. I understand it is still after all a luxury brand, but compared with many others the price tag is friendlier!

  • Nanni

    Yep! Must check out the Magic Kajal :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Nanni! I think I’ll buy one and review it (if I have the time. I have so much piling up), because everybody seems to be VERY in this one!

  • lescreationsdenanni

    Hihi! Once a Blogger… There’s no way back 😀
    Especially now it’s getting warmer & sunnier You’d like to spend some time outside @ night & not behind your PC writing posts. Keep up the good work!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Nanni! Yeah, I think what I have sacrificed the most is actually the time I’d normally spend with friends and family. I’m not as rigorous about doing housework as I used to be either. Eeee