Guerlain Gracy Rouge G: One Heavy Lipstick I Don’t Mind Carrying in My Purse!

A while ago I might have mentioned I wanted to try a Rouge G, but at that point I was looking for a coral and couldn’t find one that I liked in the Rouge G line. When the fall collection came out however, my number one lemming was naturally Gracy Rouge G: a warm coral pink. I can practically jump straight to the bottom line part by telling you it has been the lipstick that I wear all the time!

Guerlain Rouge G’s come in a hefty reflective case. The first time I saw it I wasn’t too sure what to do, but it’s actually quite easy.

See this little buckle part? Slide the upper part out, the mirror would bounce up, and you can proceed to taking the lipstick itself out.

Easy Peasy!

As I said, the packaging is quite hefty, and I am not a big fan of anything that holds fingerprints, but my love for the design makes this forgivable. It’s sleek, luxurious, and just imagine taking this out in public! The formula of Rouge G is very low-maintenance, but I take it out from time to time because it’s very posh!

Color-wise, Gracy is a bright, warm coral pink. It has no discernible shimmer, and the finish is matte with some creamy sheen. It is surprising to see such a shade in a fall collection, but I am certainly not going to complain! The texture is creamy and glides on easily. It delivers opaque coverage with one single pass, and reduces the appearance of lip lines. It is incredibly comfortable and long-wearing. On me it lasts 6 hours or more, and when I eat/drink the color fades evenly. It also leaves a nice stain, so my lips are never left colorless! At the same time, it is really easy to remove so you will not have to go through a nasty battle when you’re dead tired at the end of the day. It has the signature perfume-y luxury lipstick smell, but I can’t smell it unless I sniff at the tube.

(Top: one pass. Bottom: built up)

(Note the size)

If I have to compare the formula of Gracy to the Rouge Automatiques I own, I’d say it’s even creamier and longer-lasting, but just by a bit. I don’t think a lot of colors in the two lines overlap however, so ultimately it will depend on the color you’re looking for.

Bottom line: I hope Gracy has the standard Rouge G formula, because it’s all kinds of awesome rolled into one! I know the price tag of Rouge G’s makes it less accessible, but I would still encourage you to save up for the shade (or two) that you love and will wear often!

Have you tried a Rouge G? Is Gracy a color you might want to check out? What is your favorite lipstick formula?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • claire

    As much as I love Guerlain (and I really do), this packaging looks like a huge space tampon. D: I like that the Rouge G’s are so pigmented. The colours they have are fantastic, I like the colour you picked a lot, I love how it looks on you! I find the rouge g’s differ in texture here and there but overall I like them, beside the packaging (imagine, you would pick 5 rouge g’s for travelling in your makeup bag, lol … a bit heavy).

    • Beautiful Kayekie

      HAHA space tampon. That’s brilliant!

  • BeautyReflections (@BeautyReflectTS)

    HAHAHAHA @Claire! Space tampon hahaha!
    This looks GORGEOUS on you Sunny!! I need to try one of these soon! Do they have a vampy one?

  • Ankita Chaturvedi (@corallista)

    What a gorgeous shade! I can definitely see myself wearing this shade often, looks beautiful on you!

  • Lady MaDe

    Oooh… just as the gloss, the package is again fantastic! I hope they also make the lipstick in a more nude tint as red colors just don’t work that great for me… If they have more nude colors I’m definitely gonna buy this!

  • lippylash

    The color is amazing! and suits you very very very well! I love the packaging but as you said fingerprints will be all over that sucker!
    I have wanted to comment for SOOO long on you blog again, excuse the absent 😉 but I’ve been away and had some family drama 😉

  • Christine Brigid

    This looks gorgeous on you Miss Sunshine! And what a rich color– the first and second swatches look almost the same!

  • ValleyDoll

    What a pretty color ! I do agree with the comment above stating that it looks like a huge space tampon :p ! Can’t help it, it does look a bit like it :p

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    This is really pretty! I love the Rouge Automatique formula, so I’m sure I would love the Rouge G formula – but that extra $ is hard to swallow!

  • Victori

    The shade looks lovely on you :)

  • Teri

    Oh wauw, it’s soooo gorgeous on you! It’s still on my wishlist, if I ever get the chance to go shopping again, hehe. So pretty!

  • keepingupwiththekelly

    I love the packaging! It’s so luxurious!

  • perilouslypale

    The packaging on these is a turnoff for me. It’s so darn lovely but way too darn clunky and heavy! That is a fabulous shade on you though. Love!

  • My Lucite Dreams

    This color is gorgeous!! I adore it.. I’m sort of loving the packaging, not great for a tiny clutch but the mirror is stunning. Will be checking this out :-)

  • Rainy Days & Lattes

    I don’t like how it can manage to get fingerprints… and like another reader said, space tampons! I love the color though and I’m sure the formula is superb! It looks really pretty on you 😀

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    It’s a beautiful colour…and an amazing lipstick!

  • Kumiko Mae

    I really love Guerlain’s fancy packaging! although it’s very heavy, i think there’s something eeriely boosting about having luxurious products inside your purse 😀

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Gosh that is a pretty shade–looks stunning on you! 😀

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Woohoo this is pretty! I had thought about #62 (Georgia?) but now I’m not sure if it is too similar to a Burberry shade I just bought… Definitely plan to get some rouge g stuff in the next sephora sale though!

  • Nanni

    Super nice packaging! Lovely color also! Looks good on you :)

  • Sunny

    OOO yeah, you definitely should! I always gravitate towards the same colors as well. I think it’s only normal after you’ve figured out what looks the best on you and what you feel comfortable sporting!

    • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

      True! :) Well, I’ll get one by Christmas maybe! :) (Scared at the idea of spending more money lol)

  • Sunny

    Thanks Becca! I bet you can rock it too!

  • Sunny

    LOL I totally agree with you! I wouldn’t carry 5 of them in my purse, but it’s so nice to have one!

  • Sunny

    Thanks Peggy! I think it’s great for those of us with a warm undertone :)

  • Sunny

    LOL I love that space tampon comment too much!

  • Sunny

    Thanks Taylor! Definitely check it out! I totally get a kick taking a Rouge G out in public!

  • Sunny

    Aww too bad! It’s true that it’s not practical to carry 5 of those in the purse at the same time, but I would definitely do one (or two)!

  • Sunny

    Thanks Teri! I’m lusting for Gourmandise after seeing it on you too. So convenient (and damaging to the wallet) that we can rock many similar colors :)

  • Sunny

    Thanks so much girly!

  • Sunny

    Hey Emi I understand. Rouge G is definitely a big splurge for most, but it’s also true that the formula is ever-so-slightly superior 😉

  • Sunny

    I know! I’m STILL laughing!

  • Sunny

    Thanks so much Christine! It’s definitely opaque in one pass!

  • Sunny

    Yeah I just keep wiping it ! It’s nice to have you back :)

  • Sunny

    Hey girly as far as I know there are some “my lips but better” shades in this range as well. You should look around next time you’re at a Guerlain counter!

  • Sunny

    Thanks so much Ankita! I bet it’s a gorgeous color on you as well!

  • Sunny

    Thanks Tracy! There are definitely vampy ones in the line. I’ve seen some (Gigolo, Rouge Garconne…) that are quite unforgettable!

  • Sunny

    LOL Claire your space tampon comment will go down in history as one of the most hilarious comments I’ve ever had! I won’t travel with 5 of them for sure, but it’s so nice to have one (or two. Let’s face it, this won’t be my last) around!

  • Sunny

    Thanks Nanni! This color just feels really me, but if you see any Guerlain lipsticks that are your thing, make sure you check them out!

  • Sunny

    I can’t look at another Rouge G without thinking about this space tampon comment :p