Guerlain Cils D’Enfer Spring 2013 Sneak Peek & Quick Swatches

Guerlain Cil D'Enfer spring 2013 group shot

Hey everyone, today I have the sneak peek and quick swatches of Guerlain Spring 2013, Cils D’Enfer for you! You will soon see two beautiful quads and two juicy lipsticks reviewed in detail here, but for the moment how about some swatches and quick observations?

Guerlain Coup de Foudre Ecrin 4 Couleurs

Guerlain Coup de Foudre Ecrin 4 Couleurs (502. RRP in Belgium: 55,10 euros) is my personal must-have from the collection. There is a metallic olive green with antique-gold sheen, an almost-matte coral with some golden sparkle, a shimmery grass green with a golden sheen, and a gunmetal gray with a blackened-green sheen.

Out of the four, the coral is slightly powdery but has great color-payoff. The gunmetal gray is the only sheerer shade with a drier texture. However, it can be built up relatively easily. The other two shades are creamy and pigmented.

Guerlain Coup de Foudre 502 swatch

Guerlain Attrape-Coeur Ecrin 4 Couleurs (501. RRP in Belgium: 55, 10 euros) has an interesting mix of purple shades. There is an icy mauve with an iridescent glow, a metallic white, a red-toned purple, and a pinky lavender.

Guerlain Attrape-Coeur Ecrin 4 Coleurs

Out of the four shades, the white is the one with the best quality. It has a smooth texture and the color payoff is excellent. The red-toned purple is slightly powdery, but the pigmentation level is still good. The icy mauve swatches rather sheer, though it is buildable. The pinky lavender has decent performance.

Guerlain Attrape-Coeur swatch

Now let’s move onto the lipsticks! On the left you see Ballade Rouge Automatique (600. RRP in Belgium: 34,96 euros), and on the right, Flirt Shine Automatique (761. RRP in Belgium: 34,96 euros).

Guerlain Ballade Rouge Automatique, Flirt Shine Automatique

Ballade is a coral peach, and Flirt is a deep fuchsia berry with shimmer.

Here is how they swatch:

Guerlain Ballade, Flirt spring 2013 swatch

Did anything catch your eye here? Full-length reviews and looks are coming soon!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • Ankita@corallista

    Now Flirt is exactly my kinda color!

    • Sunny

      I bet Flirt will look HOOOOOT on you!

  • beauties

    ooooh ballade looks amazing 😀

    • Sunny

      Ballade is AMAZING! It works really well with Coup de Foudre. You’ll see :)

  • Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    NICE!! But I’ve had a change of heart. I got my eye on Blanc de Pearl coming out soon… and Blush G Sakura!

    • Sunny

      LOL well I’ll show you you might still need Coup de Foudre. That coral is SO much fun and actually very easy to wear!

  • Paris B

    I played about with this at the counter but I’m passing on them all – whew! Well ok not all, I’m getting the Perles du Paradis but its not here yet so my wallet is safe for now 😀

    • Sunny

      Haha good for you, Paris! I’ve heard different experiences with Perles du Paradis, but I’m still very happy with Perles du Dragon so I’m going to pass on that!

  • Caise

    the purple palette is so pretty

    • Sunny

      I like the mix of different purples in it! I still have to see how they perform though :)

  • Anne

    The Coup de Foudre quad just sways me, but… I’m not too sure how often I’d use it in the long run. I already have shades that seem to come close to this metallic olive eyeshadow, although I don’t think I have an exact dupe. I don’t really care for the coral, and the two other shades do look interesting AND lovely, but I’d have to use them regularly to justify this price. Aaah, it’s a tough one.
    The purple quad does nothing for me, it’s way too cool toned and purpley.
    But the lipsticks! I’ve had my eyes set on Flirt since Christine reviewed it at Temptalia, but you’re making me want Ballade, too!

    • Sunny

      Hey Anne,

      Coup de Foudre is actually a very interesting quad to play with. I’ve done two looks with it, and I can still think of more ways to wear it! The coral is amazingly easy to pull off too. You’ll see!

      Ballade might not look bold or unique, but it’s really pretty on! Guerlain has some of the best lipstick formulas out there. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

      • Anne

        Shhh, don’t tell my wallet! :)

  • Jacqueline

    All so beautiful, I don’t even know where to begin. Drools!

    • Sunny

      Begin with Coup de Foudre! It has my personal seal of approval. SO much fun to play with!

  • Rabbit

    I am waiting for more about Attrape-Coeur. I love the colours in this palette! :)

    • Sunny

      I’ll try my best! That first shade seems like a bit of a trouble-maker. I hope it won’t be a pain to use it on the eyes!

  • Emi at Project Swatch

    Those lipsticks are lovely!

    • Sunny

      They are! Flirt is SUCH a pigmented Shine Automatique!

  • Teri

    aaaaah, all the pretties! 😀

    • Sunny

      I know! I like how Guerlain put the colors together.

  • Perilously Pale

    I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this collect! Coup de Foudre has been in my dreams for a month now!

    • Sunny

      I’m really infatuated with it! That coral is actually pretty easy to wear!

  • Marijke

    The Purple shadows look so pretty!

    • Sunny

      It’s an interesting mix of different purples. Hopefully I’ll make it work!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    I completely fell in love with the purple palette when i first saw it! The prretty!

    • Sunny

      I do really like purple too, but the greens, the greens!!!

  • Taylor

    Oh wow! I was actually planning to swatch Ballade this weekend. It so beautiful! The palettes are just stunning! I can’t wait to see them on you, especially the purple!

    • Sunny

      Hey Taylor, Ballade is adorable. If you do swatch it you might take it home 😉 Normally everything will be reviewed next week so you don’t have too long to wait!

  • ValleyDoll

    Oooh I want it all ! Might try Flirt out, perfect shade for me !

    • Sunny

      Flirt is SO amazingly pigmented it doesn’t even feel like a Shine Automatique! You’ll love that thing!

  • Kelly

    I really think Guerlain has the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen, I would buy it just for the packaging!

    • Sunny

      Haha yeah Guerlain has this retro glam about it :)

  • Claire

    I am so behind your posts, lol … ah Guerlain buddy 😀 I knew I would like the purples but I don’t need more for sure *sigh* everything is so beautiful xxx

    • Sunny

      Haha not a problem! I’ve had to post twice a day because I have so much to share! The madness will quiet down soon though. Go through your stash for similar shades first? That way you’d feel more justified 😉

  • Icaria

    Dreaming of Ballade & Coup de Foudre… Beautiful!

    • Sunny

      What’s better: the two go well together!

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    i love Flirt! So cute :)

    • Sunny

      You’ll get to see it this week! It’s a daring shade :)