Is it a Gloss, or is it a Liquid Lipstick? Le Métier de Beauté Pink-e Promise Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

LMdB Pink-e Promise FOTD

The answer? It’s a gloss, but it is so pigmented and opaque that it might as well be a liquid lipstick! If you’re looking for a fun Barbie-doll pink without fully committing to a lipstick, make sure you check out Le Métier de Beauté‘s friendlier version: Pink-e Promise Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss (RRP in the US: 32 dollars)!

Le Metier de Beaute Pink-e Promise

I am not going to dwell too much on packaging, since you read all about it so recently with Coral Rose here. It’s modern and clean, and the black cap doesn’t hold fingerprints. This wins it brownie point from this neat freak!

LMdB Pink-e Promise

Pink-e Promise is a bright blue-based bubble gum pink. There is no shimmer in it, though the formula has a brilliant shine. Again, this is a gloss formula that I believe everybody should try. It is lightweight, non-sticky, moisturizing, and long-lasting. Pink-e Promise goes on smooth as butter. I have seen many shimmer-free lip glosses that are too milky and sink into lip lines, but rest assured Pink-e Promise is not one of them. The only thing I would “caution” you about is the fact that there is nothing sheer about this one. In fact, it is amazingly opaque! What you see on me is how it looks with one layer. I don’t even need too much product (it’s the amount I pulled out with the wand. No re-dipping was involved) to achieve that! Except for the fact that it doesn’t “set” or stain, it really could be a liquid lipstick!

Here is how Pink-e Promise swatches on me. Left: Coral Rose. Right: Pink-e Promise

LMdB Coral Rose, Pink-e Promise swatch

Now, I won’t lie to you about how bubble gum pink usually makes me run a mile: it isn’t something that would naturally work with my skin tone. However, with Pink-e Promise I figured a principle out: as long as I keep the rest of my face rather neutral (instead of using bronzer or anything that is obviously warm-toned), I can totally pull it off too!

LMdB Pink-e Promise review

LMdB Pink-e Promise FOTD

It really pops, right?

Bottom line: If you want to try a bubble gum/Barbie pink without fully committing, check out Le Métier de Beauté Pink-e Promise Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss. I swear by the formula! This specific shade is really opaque, but the shine takes some of the edge off so it isn’t as challenging as a matte lipstick for example.

Are you more of a Coral Rose girl or are you all over Pink-e Promise? Are there any Barbie pinks you would recommend?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: As usual, out of North America, Le Métier de Beauté is available on Zuneta!

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  • Redhotjillypeppers

    The texture sounds really nice. I also love the other colour a lot. Very fun & bright colours !

    • Sunny

      The texture is really really amazing. If you have a chance you have to try just one of these!

  • beauties

    you rock that pink :)

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks! Took me some trial and error but we got there 😉

  • Annick

    Woah it’s so opaque! I’ve been eyeing Le Metier de Beaute glosses for quite some time now, this is definitely one to keep in mind!

    • Sunny

      Hey Annick, yes it is! I don’t think the majority of them is this opaque, but if you like opaque glosses Pink-e Promise is a great choice!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    PINK! hahaha! That is bright for a gloss! I think it looks great on you Sunny!
    I think I like this one better can you believe it? I’m liking pink a lot now! I like how opaque it is.

    • Sunny

      Thanks so much, Tracy! This one is SO amazingly opaque for a gloss. It’s incredible!

  • Taylor

    Sunny, seeing this shade on you has made me smile. It look so lovely! I know what you mean about milky pinks and settling into lines.. I love this pink! Promise to wear this again :-)

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Taylor! It did take me a couple of attempts to wear it right. I tried to wear something ever-so-slightly bronzing with this and it went SO wrong!

  • Larie

    More LMdB, Sunny? What are you trying to do? 😛

    Also, does your scarf have cats on it? Awesome!

    • Sunny

      I’m trying to share my new-found love for their lip glosses with you LOL

      And yess that scarf has cat all over! Not the warmest scarf I have, but I love it for spring (as if the cat hair on my cardigans is NOT enough to show the world that I am a crazy cat lady)!

  • Rainy Days & Lattes

    Sunny! You are lookin’ good today! The pink gloss on you is very flattering ^_^ The formula sounds amazing!

    • Sunny

      Aww THANKS GIRL!!! The formula is amazing. I think it strikes a balance among many things people look for in a gloss!

  • Teri

    Now this one definitely pops on you, haha ^^. Love the shade, it’s fun and bubbly :).

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks! Can’t combine it with anything too warm-looking but it sure is fun!

  • Caise

    this is such a lovely shade!

    • Sunny

      It’s really fun! The formula is really, really good too!

  • Chris El

    I’m a sucker for pinks and this looks gorgeous! Must try now!!

    • Sunny

      Yaaay I hope you’ll at least get to try Pink-e Promise on at a counter. It’s lovely!

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie

    WOW! That is a stronly pigmentated gloss! Love it!

    • Sunny

      Yup it’s more pigmented than a sheer lipstick!

  • Tessabd

    Waaw looking good, I have one by Gosh that does the same thing, very convenient if you don’t like lipstick like me

    • Sunny

      Oh yeah I know what you mean! An opaque gloss is a great option if you don’t like lipsticks but want more color than a sheer gloss :)

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    so pink and cute!! :) hehe

    • Sunny

      Haha thanks Joyce! I have secretly started referring to this as my Nicki Minaj pink :p