bareMinerals Midnight Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner & a Girl’s Quest for an Eyeliner that Wears All Day on Her Lower Waterline

bareMinerals Midnight liner review

There are things that I never got obsessed until recently, like cupcakes or finding an eyeliner that will stay on my lower waterline. Up until recently I was happy that I have my upper and lower lash lines as well as my upper waterline under control, but then something happened… I started getting fixated on the idea of conquering my lower waterline as well! I collected a list of recommendations from some helpful tweeps (thanks again!), and decided I’d try bareMinerals Midnight Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner first.

bareMinerals Midnight Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner

Is this the end of my quest? The short story is no.

The long story however, will reveal that bareMinerals Midnight Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner is definitely one of the best black pencil liners I have tried!

bareMinerals Midnight closeup

Midnight is an incredibly rich black eyeliner. The formula is extremely creamy and soft, so it glides on like air while leaving a nicely opaque line behind (however, with a formula like this, you have to sharpen it quite often and be careful during the process so the tip doesn’t snap off. You know the drill). It stays creamy and smudgeable for a little while, so if you want to use it as a base for your smokey eye, you definitely can. However, once it sets it mostly does not move. I can even count on it to last on my upper lash line, which is quite an achievement!

Here is how it swatches. Left: one pass. Right: built up.

bareMinerals Midnight liner swatch

bareMinerals Midnight actually lasts reasonably well on my lower waterline. It starts disappearing around the outer corner within an hour (which is already above average), and at the end of the day I can see the part around my inner corners looks worn-off as well. However, the rest stays rather intact. It doesn’t systematically trigger an allergic reaction on my lower waterline either. Sometimes it does, but the irritation is mild. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to find an eyeliner that will last better on my lower waterline without any irritation, but among the ones I have tried (UD Zero won’t even go on, gel liners slide right off, and the Tarte one triggers a slightly alarming allergic reaction), Midnight has to be the best.

Bottom line: While bareMinerals Midnight Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner failed to be the holy grail eyeilner for my lower waterline, it is definitely an amazing pencil liner that I would recommend to people. If you are looking for a really creamy formula that glides on like air while leaving plenty of pigment in one go, do consider Midnight. It is not perfect for me, but for staying put on my upper lash line, lasting better on my lower waterline without too much of a side effect, it definitely deserves a gold star already!

In the meantime, my quest goes on! Some of the names that popped up during the epic Twitter conversation include Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner (not available here yet though I most probably will grab it when it is), Urban Decay Perversion (definitely a possibility, but how different is it from Zero? Zero refuses to go on my lower waterline, let alone staying there), and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof Eye Pencil (I’d like to treat this as my last resort). Do you have other recommendations? Have you tried any bareMinerals Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliners?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • Lily (@ChloeAsh)

    I haven’t tried these, but I read pretty good reviews online. I guess I’m lucky most pencil liners work on me as long as I apply it closer to my lash lines. Setting it powder helps lots too. Then again, when Milani works well on others, it causes allergic reactions on my eyes. To each her own!

    • Sunny

      Yeah this allergy thing is really pretty personal and unpredictable! Setting it with powder definitely helps, but I find it hard to set it with powder when I want a different color on my lash line. I think I’m just being too picky!

  • Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    I’ve also been searching for a long-lasting liner for my waterline. Well, so far no luck yet. However, UD Zero actually works pretty well for me.

    • Sunny

      Oh good to know! I find it hard to get Zero on my lower waterline. For some reason it wouldn’t go on, and it wouldn’t look black!

  • Yak Man

    Does it also works well on the upper waterline and between the lashes? :) I want to put there also some gelliner but after some hours I will look like a panda while the gelliner looks fine on the eyelid xD.

    • Sunny

      Hey Yak Man, Midnight lasts well on my upper lash line and waterline! Very little smudges or run on my upper waterline, but I did have that happen to me once (not with this pencil. Don’t panic) and I was in class! Didn’t realize till much later. I honestly wanted to disappear!

  • beauties

    gorgeous :) some tend to be more dark grey than black…but this one is deff black!

    • Sunny

      Oh yeah this is black alright! See what it does with one single pass? Pretty impressive!

  • Lisa @ MidwestGlam

    With all the bareMinerals products I have stashed away I’m surprised I haven’t tried their liners! I usually use UD Perversion and while it does start to fade after about a few hours I still find that it works better than most. MAC’s Pearlglides give me a bad reaction. So now I kind of stick to what I know. :(

    • Sunny

      Aww so sorry to hear about the bad reaction! I think there are certainly different liners people can’t use! If Perversion would stay a few hours on me I’d be happy. Seriously I don’t mind touching up once, but if it starts wearing off within an hour it’s really no good for real life!

  • Anne

    Sounds very interesting! I might check it out. I have some troubles with my waterline as well, albeit less than you it seems.
    I have one Armani pencil I really, really like, a rosegold one (it’s nicely brightening). It wears surprisingly well on the skin, especially since it’s so creamy, and it’s rather okay on my waterline: it fades very quickly on the corners (but nothing lasts there), but otherwise, it stays mostly on, but up close, it’s rather patchy. The patchiness is not noticeable for such a light shade, but I can see it becoming a problem for darker shades, if the wear is similar! Hope that helps.

    • Sunny

      Hey Anne, thanks for sharing your experience! I think our problem is the same: those pesky corners! Midnight actually looks pretty good in the middle part of my eyes even at the end of the day. I wonder if I should surrender and start carrying it around, but having to redo my waterline every hour or so seems excessive.

      • Anne

        Yeah, well, I’ve given up on these corners altogether! :) My eyes water very, very easily. But as my eyes remains mostly lined with my favourite formula, eg Chanel Le Stylo (by the by, I got Santal and Taupe after all! And, well, Beryl too. So thank you for your reviews!), I think it does the trick. You can’t really tell from a normal viewing distance, so I hope bareMinerals pencils perform just as well- Chanel prices kill me! I’ll try to keep you updated if I ever purchase Midnight.

        • Sunny

          The strange thing is my eyes aren’t even that watery so I don’t know what’s going on! The Chanel formula is a bit too hard on my waterline, though I do think it might have a better chance of staying put… One way to find out! Keep me posted about Midnight!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Sounds good. It may not be perfect, but what is? I might give this one a go!

    • Sunny

      Haha you’re quite right! The formula is quite impressive, so I hope you’ll give it a try!

  • Chris

    Wow that’s super black! Yes try Rimmel when you get the chance. I’ve also had great luck with Nyx Slide-On waterproof pencils.

    • Sunny

      OOO thanks Chris! Let me give Rimmel a try first. It’s less easy to get NYX here!

  • Meryl @ Memoiselle

    It looks darn creamy!!But too bad it smudges, so I don’t think I’ll get it. I might consider this eyeliner if it’s available in lighter shade for my inner corner, so even if it smudges, it won’t be too obvious :)

    • Sunny

      Hey Meryl, it doesn’t really smudge. It just wouldn’t stay put the whole day on my lower waterline (nothing does so far). Everywhere else it’s just fine! I think all of these (at least the permanent ones) are rather dark though!

  • Ciambella

    The only eyeliner that stays put on my lower waterline is Inglot’s matte gel eyeliner–which is not as convenient as a pencil and kind of a pain to use sometimes, but definitely manages to survive a sweaty hike under the sun as well as general daily activities (WITHOUT primer–this is what amazes me!). NYX Slide-On Pencils and Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners work better at sticking around with primer than other eyeliners do, but they also irritate my eyes so I can’t wear them. The Rimmel eyeliner also irritated my eyes enough that I didn’t really pay attention to wear time! :*(

    • Sunny

      Hey Ciambella, thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’m so sorry to hear about the Rimmel one irritating your eyes. It’s really funny though if you think about it. My eyes aren’t particularly watery or sensitive, but the second I try to put something on my lower waterline something will most definitely happen :)

  • Tiffany

    Wow, Midnight is so black! I hate when black liners aren’t really black, you know? Sorry you’re having such a tough time finding one that works for you :-/ I only use either Perversion or the Milani Liquif’Eye pencils when I want black on my waterline. While I can’t guarantee Perversion will work for you, I can say that it is SO much better than Zero. I hate Zero. Okay, maybe it’s just a strong dislike 😉 I’m also curious to try the Armani ones after hearing good things about it, but I don’t really need another black liner since I already have ones that work for me. I do want to try Midnight though after your review, and because Danielle from Bloomin’ Beauty loves it so much. Can’t wait to see what you try next!

    • Sunny

      Hey Tiffany, yes Midnight is really pretty black! Zero is just fine on my lower lash line, and I was surprised to realize I have problems getting it on my lower waterline! I’m treating the GA one as my last resort, and I’ll keep you posted for sure!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I think I have one of these in a dark brown actually and as I recall it’s pretty great!
    The Armani one-BEST one I swear. :)

    • Sunny

      Haha stop trying to persuade me :p

  • ValleyDoll

    That is seriously black, definitely my thing !

    • Sunny

      Hey Eva, do check this one out! It stays on my upper lash line even when I do a rather thick line (around my wacky “crease line.” That’s what defeats a lot of eyeliners/cream shadows)!