30% More Pigment Is an Understatement: Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Suspense FOTD

Long-time readers might know one thing about me: I prefer pigment in my lipsticks. Don’t get me wrong: sheer lipsticks are great, but with my rather pigmented lips, a lot of them don’t show up. While the formula of Chanel Rouge Coco Shines sounds amazing and some colors are adorable, I never got any because most of them seem to be on the sheer side. Well, not anymore! Chanel recently expanded the line with some deeper shades with 30% additional pigment. After trying Suspense (80. RRP in Belgium: 31 euros), I am pretty sure the 30% is an understatement!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Rouge Coco size scale

The packaging of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (on the left) is just a bit thinner than that of Chanel Rouge Coco (on the right). The two lipsticks share the same classic vibe and rosy scent.

Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine Avant-Premiere

As you can see, the tip of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is different from the more classic tip of Rouge Coco. As a matter of fact, if I had to nit-pick about Suspense, this might be the only thing I’m not feeling 100%. With the less pigmented colors, I’m sure a tip like this works fine. With something as intense as Suspense however, it takes a little more patience to make sure the line is crisp. It is definitely doable though, and I haven’t had to bust a lip brush out!

Chanel Suspense (80) Rouge Coco Shine closeup

Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine is a warm-toned fuchsia with fuchsia and ruby red shimmer. The shimmer is very fine, but definitely visible on the lips. The formula is excellent all-around. It packs an incredible amount of pigment. One thin layer would give you pretty much opaque coverage, though with the high juicy shine, it is not the same type of opacity you can expect from a cream formula. It goes on easily, has great lasting power (it will last you through many glasses of water, and even after a meal there will be such a strong and even stain that there is no real need to reapply), and it is very comfortable to wear as well as hydrating.

Here is how Suspense swatches. Left: one swipe. Right: built-up

Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine (80) swatch

Here are a couple more photos with Suspense on my lips:

See that glossy shine?

Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine FOTD

I have Burberry Pale Barley and Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss on my lids. I know I haven’t been very creative on the eyeshadow front, but this is a combination I haven’t been able to get enough of recently!

Burberry Pale Barley, Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss FOTD

Bottom line: Pigment, juicy shine, comfortable formula, and great lasting power: Chanel Suspense Rouge Coco Shine ticks all the boxes! I personally think it takes a little bit more patience to work with the tip (mostly because Suspense is incredibly pigmented), but only a little bit more. If you love a shiny finish without wanting to compromise pigment level, Suspense might hit the spot!

Are you a fan of the original Chanel Rouge Coco Shine line-up? Are you eyeing any of the new ones?

PS: Stay tuned for a (pretty big) giveaway coming up later today!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    Everyone loves this one, it seems! I’m not sold on this formula, but I’ve bought a couple for mum (like the Dior Addicts, hahaha), so maybe this would be a good one for her, too!

    • Sunny

      Hey Larie, with some additional pigment I actually find the formula really good! If your mama likes a bolder lippie from time to time, definitely check the new ones out!

  • http://miaka-mylife.blogspot.com Ruby

    I really love Chanel rouge coco shine but the pigmentation was disappointing. Looking at Suspense, this could be the savior to the range!

    • Sunny

      Haha now we pigment-lovers will finally surrender to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine’s charm 😉

  • http://beautiesatwork.wordpress.com/ beauties

    nice pigmentation :) this goes on the wishlist!

    • Sunny

      Yaay good to know you like it, Eva!

  • http://www.bellachique.be Teri

    Wow, it looks a lot lighter on you, and just like a very different shade. I’m really glad that they added some more pigment, it was very much needed for me :p. And man, I really love what’s on your eyes! ^^

    • Sunny

      Hey Teri, I think that’s our different undertones at work again! You should eventually get Cosmic Bliss. I’ve been using it a lot!

  • http://mybeautyhoard.blogspot.sg/ Jacqueline

    I do not need to see your post about Suspense, now I want it. I have way to many bright lipsticks already, I must control myself. That being said, it looks fab on you Sunny.

    • Sunny

      Aww sorry Jacqueline! I think what makes Suspense hard to resist is the high juicy shine!

  • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

    I love the texture of these Coco Shines and thought they were too sheer. Now that they are more pigmented, I think they will be hard to resist! Super gorgeous :-)

    • Sunny

      Hey Lily, I know! This is great news for people who like pigment in their lipsticks 😉

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.wordpress.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    Sooo gorgeous! It looks like it was made for you :-)

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks Melissa!

  • Anne

    I’ve swatched it at the counter and it does look great! I’m impressed, I must say. But I’ve been eyeing Guerlain Flirt for a long time, and while they do seem different (my guess is Suspense is warmer, less fuchsia?), I don’t think I could justify purchasing both.

    • Sunny

      Hey Anne, Suspense actually reminded me of Flirt too! They are in the same vein but definitely not too similar. I’d say Suspense has more “pink” in it while Flirt has more berry, if that makes sense!

      • Anne

        It definitely makes sense, thanks! I’ll guess I’ll pass on Suspense then… for now. :)

  • http://www.perilouslypale.com Perilously Pale

    I have the same feeling about sheer lipsticks as you! I had 7 RC Shines at one point and got rid of them all. I LOVE this! Must try!

    • Sunny

      Aww yeah some of them look really nice, but I just know they won’t look too much more than a tinted lip balm on me. You should DEFINITELY check the new ones out, Christa!

  • Dominique

    We have 8 new RCS here, Suspense is gorgeous but the whole collection is pretty. I won’t purchase now because they are permanent except Saga I think. Suspense looks so pretty on you, it’s quite pigmented !

    • Sunny

      Whee thanks Dominique! I got this little sample board with 3 Rouge Coco Shines (Fiction, Saga, and Monte Carlo) and 1 Rouge Coco (Le Baiser which I have). I’m a little worried I’ll fall for Saga and Monte Carlo so I haven’t tried!

      • Dominique

        I purchased Saga today, it’s a lovely pink shade. The texture is definitely better than the other RCS, I love it. I have RCS balm, Chance, Candeur and now Saga^^ it’s worth the splurge, I need Suspense such a bright colour ( and never garish, that’s what is remarquable with Chanel lipsticks ).

        • Sunny

          Oh yay, I’m glad to hear you like it! I tried Saga on the other day and I was really impressed too! I hope I’ll be sufficiently distracted before it’s sold out, so I won’t cave in :p

  • http://www.natzisstash.wordpress.com Natalie

    Oh gosh, that looks lovely! It suits you really well. I have pigmented lips too, so I know how you feel about sheer lipsticks.

    • Sunny

      Thanks Natalie! I reckon if I’m paying the same amount of money, I might as well get more pigment with it LOL

      • http://www.natzisstash.wordpress.com Natalie

        Exactly! Haha. I honestly don’t understand why they bother with deliberately sheer formulas sometimes – you may as well stick with tinted lip balm if that were the case.

        • Sunny

          I think there is a market for that though. I know many people who haven’t got used to seeing bright/bold lipsticks on themselves yet!

  • http://memorable-days.net Elisa

    niceeee pigmentation 😀 loving the color! it really suits you ^^!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Elisa! I think this one actually works for many skin tones!

  • http://mylucitedreams.com Taylor

    Yay for 30% more pigment, that exactly why I’ve skipped on them as well. I will definitely have to check out the new one. This is a beautiful bright pink!

    • Sunny

      Yaay I hope you’ll like the new ones! I haven’t swatched the others but some shades look very promising!

  • http://www.cuteandmundane.com Dovey

    Hi Sunny, I love Suspense on you! You pull of bright lips so well!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Dovey! You’re too kind :)

  • http://www.beauty-reflections.com Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    GORGEOUS!! This is such a great colour on you! And more pigment hey? I should check these out!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Tracy! Definitely check these new ones out. When they said more pigment they were really not kidding!

  • http://icarias.blogspot.ca Icaria

    So pretty on you! More pigment, now that’s nice to hear since I too have pigmented lips. I like sheer but once in a while it’s nice to have a l/s that will show it’s “real” color. :)

    • Sunny

      Thanks girl! Suspense isn’t AS opaque as for example a creamy formula, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t look bright on anyone’s lips.

  • VickyM

    This is such a gorgeous color 😀 my type of color entirely. It suits you very well, I think it´s your color. Glad to hear they have made the pigmentation better in this range, since that was what was keeping me from trying the Rouge Coco Shines. I have many of the normal Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure, but had passed on the shines, since they lacked pigment, but from what I have seen, there is a good chance Suspence and Pygmalion might become my fist Rouge Coco shines.

    • Sunny

      Hey Vicky, I’m glad you’re also in camp “gimme more pigment!” I could use a couple of sheerer lipsticks. They’re convenient and you can smear them on without a mirror any time. However, most of the time I think if I’m paying the same amount of money, I might as well get more pigment for it 😉

  • http://corallista.com Ankita@corallista

    Now this is my kinda shade! Looks great on you!

    p.s- I love pairing fuchsia/berry lips with green and blue outfits, I think the contrast looks awesome!

    • Sunny

      Hey Ankita, I bet it’ll look REALLY good on you! You should take a look at the new ones when they’re available there 😉

  • http://beautyreductionista.blogspot.ca/ Liz

    I’m not well versed in Chanel lippies, so all I can offer is… PRETTY! lol I don’t know why I haven’t taken the plunge yet. They look so alluring every time I see blog posts about them. :)

    • Sunny

      LOL thanks Liz! Chanel has several different formulas, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a color you love in a formula you enjoy :)

  • http://wade-ashore.blogspot.com Caise

    it looks gorgeous on you!

    • Sunny

      Aww thanks Caise! Same goes to you!

  • http://www.glambunctious.com Kristen @ Glambunctious

    This color is so perfect on you!! I am a lover of sheer lipsticks, but I can totally appreciate a nicely pigmented lip color. Plus, I mean….it’s Chanel. Everything about it is lovely!

    • Sunny

      Thanks Kristen! I still have to swatch the rest of them. I know there are still more everyday type of shades in the new ones, and perhaps those will be just as easy to wear!

  • http://www.nailsandcupcakes.com Isabelle

    Ahhhh I love these too! I own just one of these which is quite sheer but gives my lips this gorgeous ‘my own lips but better’ look.

    • Sunny

      Hey Isabelle, I can see the ones in the original line-up great for this purpose! I still have to swatch the rest of them. I got this board of tiny samples to try. Just put Saga on and uh, I like it more than I thought I would!