Let ‘Em Lashes Be Bitchin’ with Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara!

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash

I am personally not too surprised about Guerlain‘s new tendency of naming everything “d’enfer” (from hell). After seeing the shades in their Rouge G L’Extrait line named after the seven cardinal sins (like Envie), I can only assume the brand is adding a cultural touch to product names that way. But I digress. Have you tried Guerlain‘s new Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara? I get pretty bitchin’ lashes with it!

(PS: I didn’t coin the term bitchin’ lashes. Jessica did. It cracked me up so bad that I decided right there and then I’d have to use it in the title.)

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer mascara

The packaging of the full-size Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara is luxurious gold. Size-wise I think it’s the same with Gloss d’Enfer.

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash wand

Cils d’Enfer has a light rose scent. I only notice the scent during application, and afterwards don’t really smell it anymore. The brush is on the big side, and it works pretty well. My only complaint is some mascara tends to cluster around the tip. Therefore, especially if you want to work on your bottom lashes with the tip, you might want to wipe some off first.

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash review

Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash promises volume and curl, but in reality it does pretty much everything! When I first opened the tube, the formula was slightly wet. After two weeks, it became optimal (I experience this with most mascaras. This is why I never review a mascara after 2 days). It lengthens well, volumizes, and holds curls superbly! I used to think only waterproof mascaras could hold my curls, but I have discovered some non-waterproof formulas that excel in that regard, and Cils d’Enfer is one of them!

Here is how Cils d’Enfer looks on me. Upper left corner: curled bare lashes. Upper Right corner: one coat of Guerlain Cils d’Enfer on the upper lashes. Below: two coats of Cils d’Enfer on the upper lashes, one on the bottom.

Guerlain Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash swatch


Pretty amazing! I always swatch with no primer or any other eye makeup, so do bear in mind that things could get better!

For example, what you see here is two coats of Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara over one coat of Diorshow Maximizer Lash-Plumping Serum:

Guerlain Terracotta Makeup Palette for Face & Eyes FOTD

I’ve got real lashes (with a considerable amount of help)!

Bottom line: While my current favorite mascara remains Diorshow Iconic Overcurl (if you click on the link and compare the swatch photos, you might see that Iconic Overcurl separates my lashes better, hence giving them a rare “fluttery” effect), Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash might just come as a close second (it volumizes a bit better than Chanel Le Volume for me, which is also a great mascara)! I think the result is a bit more dramatic in general, though I wish it would separate my lashes better.

Have you tried Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara? Does it work well for you?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

  • http://redhotjillypeppers.com/ Redhotjillypeppers

    I haven’t tried this one yet but I wouldn’t want to Miss out on some bitchin’ lashes ! :’D

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      LOL try to lay your hands on a sample ASAP!

  • Lily

    LOL at your title :-) Thought it sounded familiar!
    And this mascara does make your lashes go va va voom… a keeper.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Lily! Now I have to try very hard not to buy the duo set at the airport :p

  • beauties

    the packageing is the most beautiful i’ve ever seen for a mascara

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      It’s so luxurious, no? I like how Noir G looks too!

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.wordpress.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    Hee hee, this made me lol :-) Yes, I use lolling as a verb! Your lashes really look pretty bitchin’ with this mascara.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha thanks, Melissa!

  • Jacqueline Ma

    I’m flying off in a week and am looking for a great waterproof mascara to buy. Sunny what would you recommend? I’m thinking perhaps the YSL one. Or this?

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jacqueline, I actually haven’t used anything waterproof for quite a while now! Cils d’Enfer isn’t waterproof as far as I know. You might have to look into something else!

  • http://twitter.com/Icarias1 Icaria

    Now talk about “bitchin lashes” 😀 I haven’t tried Guerlain’s but might consider Dior’s which I used to loooove!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Helene, I’ve tried Diorshow Iconic Overcurl and New Look. I love both (New Look is PERFECT for my bottom lashes)! I think I have a sample of Extase sitting somewhere too. Got to try that next!

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    LOL. Mascara is my least favorite item and I keep wanting to splurge on a nice one, but then I rarely use them, so not worth it! And then it’s like well maybe if I found a nice one I’d use it, but honestly, probably not. LOL.

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      What do you mean, mascara is your least favorite item? LOL

      OK fine, you are naturally blessed with great lashes. I really am not, so I keep trying new mascaras :p

  • http://wade-ashore.blogspot.com/ Caise

    I really like this Chanel Le Volume mascara so now I know that I have to try out this one too:)

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Daria, do give this one a go!

  • VickyM

    That is one bitchin mascara :P, it made your lashes look really long I think it´s nice. I hope it isn´t limited edition because right now I´m using the Helena Rubinstein lash queen feline extravaganza one (yes seriously it has such a long name) and I love it but when I finish it I could give this one a look :) .

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Vicky! It is permanent so don’t worry about it! You should try to lay your hands on a sample ASAP though. It seems that they only offer samples when a mascara is new!

  • http://MyLuciteDreams.com/ MyLuciteDreams

    Lol! I needed a explanation for that title. But seriously girl… Your lashes be bitchin’

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha thanks, Taylor! I don’t think I’ve ever said that about anything in real life, but Jessica’s post left such an impression on me 😉

  • http://twitter.com/KrystleKouture Krystle Kouture

    That’s a really unique (tube?). Your lashes look amazing though even from a distance

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Krystle! Guerlain is great at making one-of-a-kind packaging!

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    You know, I’ve never tried one of their mascaras! I should! It’s looks pretty great on you!

    • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Tracy! I have a small sample of Noir G. I’m already praying I won’t fall for that one!

  • http://www.glambunctious.com/ Kristen / Glambunctious

    This looks gorgeous on you and totes bitchin’! 😉

  • http://www.glambunctious.com/ Kristen / Glambunctious

    PS: Loved your photography for this post! Beautiful job.