Chanel Violet Touch Inimitable Waterproof

Chanel Violet Touch (67) Inimitable Waterproof

As the last installment of Chanelย Reflets D’ร‰tรฉ de Chanel, we’re taking a quick look at *Chanelย Violet Touch Inimitable Waterproof! I have the impression that the colored versions of Le Volumes tend to be very muted, but it is a whole different story with colored Inimitable Waterproofs! Case in point: there is nothing muted about Violet Touch!

Chanel Violet Touch (67) Inimitable Waterproof review

Chanel Violet Touch Inimitable Waterproof (67. RRP in Belgium: 31,50 euros) has one more fun factor than the fact that it is violet: purple mascaras might not be new, but have you seen one with sparkle?

Chanel Violet Touch (67) Inimitable Waterproof wand

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof has a spiky flexible wand. We get along pretty well because the tip is small enough to get to my bottom lashes without much fuss at all. The volumizing formula holds curl well, and it doesn’t make my lashes stiff or too brittle.

You can hopefully see the sparkle in the swatch!

Chanel Violet Touch (67) Inimitable Waterproof swatch

What I like the most about Violet Touch is that it is obviously tinted, but it still gives my lashes enough definition. You might think it doesn’t look dark enough, but it doesn’t make my lashes look like they have disappeared somehow.

Here I’m wearing two coats of Violet Touch with no primer underneath. I wish it would separate my lashes a bit better, but all in all it does a fine job on its own!

Chanel New Moon Illusion d'Ombre, Violet Touch, Dior It-Black It-Line EOTD

Chanel Violet Touch Inimitable Waterproof EOTD

I’m wearing Chanel New Moon Illusion d’Ombre as an overall wash. I thought it’d be too much as an overall wash, but I turned out to like it quite a bit on its own! It goes on smooth and nicely-pigmented as well.

Have you jumped on the colored mascara bandwagon? They’re a bit everywhere this year!


  • Pau B.

    This looks like a grown-up version of the colored mascaras I used when I was younger – ah, those were the days.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahahaha they’re definitely coming back!

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    I NEED IT.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Haha because it’s sparkling and purple? ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is also an orange one, but I think it takes much more courage to go THERE.

  • Bella

    It actually looks quite pretty on! I have some blue YSL babydoll mascara. I wore it on a couple of trips in May/June; must break it out again!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Bella, it’s a great season to rock colored mascaras! You should definitely take that one out!

  • truecolorjoy

    umm… my birthday is coming up… maybe i can consider this for a self gift…

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha for sure! Those are the BEST ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 38noodles

    Yes and plenty yes!! This paired with New Moon is absolutely perfect on you! Have you tried the Dior It Lash in purple? Wonder which is the winner.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Noodles! Nope I haven’t tried the purple Dior one. I’ve tried the black and the pink one. Must write about them soon!

  • Lily

    This looks great on you Sunny! I’m more basic when it comes to mascara though. Black and black. LOL!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Lily! Oh black mascaras are definitely my go-tos! I think this would be a lot of fun for a beach party or something, assuming I ever go to one of those again LOL

  • Divya

    Oh this is beautiful! I am a black mascara girl though.. very boring!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Divya, oh no I’m like that, too! I never really remember to bust out my colored mascaras, although I’m getting better at wearing non-black eyeliners :)

  • Redhotjillypeppers

    It’s a lovely colour but I tend to stick to black mascaras

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I think that’s most people! Don’t worry about it :)

  • Laarni

    I think colored mascaras are not for me. Maybe when I get more wrinkles in the future and I need something that will draw attention away from them. The green ones would be perfect for my brown eyes. lol. Hey, Sunny, I sent you an email. I hope you got it! xx

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Laarni, haha I’ve never thought about colored mascaras that way! I’ve tried a khaki one or two, and they are fun! I think literally every color goes with brown eyes!

      Yup I got your email! I have to look for a pink ribbon. I’ll let you know!

  • Syirael



    *gets up*


    *passes out again*


    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny



      • Syirael

        Hehe, but seriously – I’ve never actually had a coloured mascara yet…but this might have to be my first if I can somehow get a hold of it…

  • Icaria

    Gorgeous purple!!! My kind of purple!!! Love purple!!! But, and this is a big but, beent there done that and it kinda made my lashes disapear. I guess it’s because of my skin tone and eye color. :(

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hahaha wait have you tried this one yet? It doesn’t make my lashes disappear! I think liner plays a role too, though.

      • Icaria

        Oh liner is definitely a must but since this would likely work only on the tips of my lashes I can’t really justify it. I may get a cheaper version just to revisit the idea tho. :)

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Yup that’s another possibility!

  • fiona furtado

    It definitely looks lovely on you Sunny!! I haven’t tried the colored mascara before but someday may be I will.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Fiona! It’s a great time to get one. Literally every brand has a couple of those available now!

  • Krithi Marla

    looks good Sunny on you
    I have tried color mascaras in the past and eagerly waiting for these to launch in India

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Krithi! I hope you’ll like this one!

  • Sofia

    I have not tried coloured mascara yet, I can pull off coloured eyeliner but I’ve never gone out of my comfort zone from black mascara. Would you wear it out, or just for the pics? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I saw New Moon again in a shop the other day and am beginning to really like it and am thinking about getting it!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sofia, haha to be honest I don’t think I’ve worn colored mascaras out! Most probably also because I don’t go out that much at all though :p

      I was surprised how much I like New Moon on its own. It goes on smooth and pigmented as well! Mind you, that was over a primer, but I ALWAYS wear one.

  • Sarina

    Wow, that mascara is goregous. I have never seen one with sparkle <3. Awwww. Chanel, those bastards :D, they nailed it.

    (I have tried colored mascara, but I do not like the overall look on me. :D)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sarina, haha they also have an ORANGE one if you’re brave enough!

      I find that it depends. I like some colored mascaras, but not all of them. The light minty green Chanel did last summer for example, was just way too light for me! And that yellow one? Hmm…

  • rano

    thanks for the review, btw it looks so gorge on you

  • rachlovespenguins

    Oh my gosh that is soooooooooo pretty!
    I just picked up the purple dior though. But you say they have orange??? I wonder if I’d be brave enough to wear that outdoors! Lol
    I’ve been wearing the doir it-blue as my everyday colour.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Rach, yup they have one called Orange Touch! I had this revelation the other day when I was watching football: I think that one and Mirabella were made with Dutch supporters in mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Way to go! How are you liking the formula? I think it lengthens well on its own, but a primer gives it much more volume and I need that, too!

      • rachlovespenguins

        I totally approve of Dutch mascara looks. In fact that sounds really fun! ๐Ÿ˜€
        As for It-Lash, I’m really liking it a lot! Sure the volume is more on the moderate side (never tried it with primer!) but lately I’ve been obsessed with combing through my lashes to fan them out more and that really seems to be making up for the lack of volume in the formula. I like how much it lengthens too. It’s just right for me- a nice amount for added oomh but not enough that my lashes threaten to touch my glasses! And the colour….. I could sing the praises of the blue colour for…well….quite a long time, I think. Can you tell I’m smitten? LOL

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Hahahahaha yes I can!

          You’re one of the lucky people who have problems with their lashes hitting the glasses. I don’t think I EVER will :p

          • rachlovespenguins

            Oh I’ve only had it happen a couple times, mainly because lengthening mascara + very straight lashes seems to be a recipe for disaster. How did I ever cope before I broke down and bought a lash curler?!? lol
            You should see my little brother’s lashes. Even as a child they were about enough to make grown women weep, and they sure haven’t gotten any worse with age. SO not fair. <—- completely jealous.

          • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

            UGH. I’ve met so many boys who have much better lashes. This is depressing LOL

  • Jennifer Monforton

    What a gorgeous violet tone! I’m wearing Dior It-Lash in It-Purple today and really like it! xo

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh yay! Glad to hear you like it, Jennifer!

  • Silke Laura

    Coloured mascara.. hmm. I haven’t tried that yet ๐Ÿ˜€ I did get tempted to go for a coloured eyeliner very recently and bought the DIOR addict It-line in hot pink (Gosh, I just love the formula, want to buy the black one aswell!). Step by step, right?!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Silke, oh wow you went straight to the pink! Good job! I was thinking that’s got to be the most challenging shade out of the four. I hope you’ll move on to colored mascaras some day soon :)

  • Michelle

    Omg ! We did the same thing today !

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Oh yaay! Glad to hear you’re also a fan :)

  • Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup

    Wow, this is stunning, Sunny! I didn’t check out the colored mascaras from the collection, and now I wish I had! You’re right, the colored mascaras in the Le Volume range are definitely muted (I had the navy and plum versions before), but this is beautiful! I love the idea of a colored mascara that is both flattering and actually noticeably colored, for once!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Carolyn, oh this is noticeable for sure! I think it’ll be so pretty for a beach party or something. You can really see the sparkle!

      • Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup

        Thank you, Sunny! Was this easy for you to remove as well? (That’s why I normally stay clear of waterproof mascaras.)

        • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

          Hey Carolyn, well it’s waterproof, so a bi-phase remover/cleansing balm and some patience are required. It’ll never go anywhere though!

  • Jaa

    Purple and with sparkle? Nice! I’ve never seen one like it! The purple is really strong, too. But I already have the Dior It-Purple…. but that one doesn’t have sparkle…. it’s okay to try this one then, right? Right? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jaa, hahaha yeah it’s totally all right :p

  • Julie from Swatch and Review

    I will definitely check this out in store as I am TEAM PURPLE! I saw Dior has a purple mascara too that is a bit more of a cool purple.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Julie, colored mascaras are all the rage nowadays! I think summer is a great time to be playing with them, too!

  • Multitasking Damsel

    its look beautiful on you! definitely something to try for the those who dare too!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Lisa, this one actually isn’t all that challenging! You have to try it on to know what I mean. I don’t think it looks odd or out-of-place at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jacqueline Ma

    That’s beautiful Sunny. I really want my colored mascaras to stand out, this looks like so much fun.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Jacqueline, I think Violet Touch definitely has enough color! Check this out if you can!

  • Liz

    Lisa Eldridge totally sold me on this and I love the idea, but most mascaras and I are not friends. Really liking how visible this violet is on even black lashes though!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Liz, aww well I thought I’d never find mascaras that work, but I have found a bunch so far! I’m sure you can find something, too :)

  • Izzie

    The combination of purple and sparkle is amazing for brown eyes. I’ve been trying to track down the purple Dior It-Lash but it’s sold out every time I look for it in a brick and mortar store. I guess it’s time to buy it online.

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Izzie, oh wow it’s THAT popular? Seems like many people are on board with this colored liner/mascara thing!

  • Sara_BeauTime

    Hi Sunny,

    I have jumped in the bandwagon last year, and I haven’t used the mascaras I got so often so this year I was thinking not to get anymore. Then I couldn’t resist the Violet Touch and the orange one from Chanel. After trying those out though, I remembered why I haven’t worn the others so often… They are a pain to remove :-( I don’t like using oil on eyes and these are a challenge with anything else. Any tips?

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Sara, oh yeah that’s the downfall of waterproof mascaras. I don’t really have any tips, except for using a bi-phase remover or cleansing balm, and exercise a lot of patience!

      What do you usually use to remove eye makeup?

  • Miss. Louise

    I’ve always been a big fan of colored mascaras! Love, love, LOVE the combination of the violet mascara and new moon! Gorgeous!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Louise! I saw that on the Lisa Eldridge tutorial for this collection, and I thought I’d give it a go to see how I really feel about wearing New Moon on its own!

  • Pinks (@naturelbellefemme)

    Looks fabulous mascara. Seems perfect for Orchid/Purple trend :-)

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      I’ve always been big on purple, so it’s nice to have such a fun one in the stash!

  • Whitney

    I still haven’t jumped on the coloured mascara wagon, but I do really like blue and purple for brightening my eyes! The Dior ones are so tempting!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Hey Whitney, you wear blue and purple very well! I hope you’ll pick up a blue or purple mascara soon. They’re very much IN this season ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Natasja

    I have not actually! I certainly would like to try it though.. but I’d opt for a cheaper brand in case I don’t wear it often. The purple is subtle on you though :) for a colored one, anyways!x

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      Thanks, Natasja! The purple is pretty visible in my book. You’re right. If you only want to use it a couple of times, it might make more sense to find a budget-friendly one :)

  • SprinklesOnACupcake

    Oeh, nice little accent!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      It’s fun but not over the top!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I think I might be able to get away with this shade as opposed to the more pink ones out right now from Dior. L’oreal did a color range in the voluminious formula, I need to find those babies!

    • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

      That sounds promising! I think it depends on how often you plan to use a colored mascara. If you plan to stick to it for three months, it’d be more worth the investment. If you only want to wear it a couple of times, a drugstore one would be great!