#PerfumeMonday: Open Happiness with Chanel Chance Eau Vive!

Chanel Chance Eau Vive Eau de Toilette review

Chanel is adding a new member to the Chance family just in time for summer! Described as “a lively fragrance, radiant with energy,” *Chanel Chance Eau Vive Eau de Toilette is a juicy floral that is grounded by some earthy/woody notes. It is perfect for spending a day in the sun, preferably with some happy color on your face! [Read more…]

The Beauty Spotlight Team Round-Up for 14th June, 2015


This week’s Instagram highlights (follow me!)…

1. Coral-holic Anonymous

2. The new Dior Diorshow pieces have landed! You’ll read about them soon!

3. Favorite ice cream, fresh flowers, and a new Chanel blush stick (yes, I caved in and bought 22): my weekend is made!

4. Beauty hack! Are your favorite powders hardening to the point that you can’t pick anything up anymore? Don’t throw them away! This happens because the oil on your fingertips/brushes gets on the powder. The solution is simple and almost free! Just take out some scotch tape, put it on the powder, and lightly press down to remove the hardened part. Voila, your powders are good as new!

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Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.9: Let’s Talk FAQs


Some blogs have an FAQ section, but I’ve never been able to come up with one because I get asked a lot of different questions! For this week’s Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column, you get to read about the FAQs on our blogs. Do you wonder what they are? Check out our answers and feel free to ask me any questions you haven’t got around to asking in the comment (beauty-related or otherwise)!

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Dive into the Shimmery Guerlain Blue Ocean!

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Happy Saturday! Before I head out to enjoy a sunny and warm weekend (fingers crossed), let me quickly show you *Guerlain Blue Ocean Summer Shadow and *Guerlain Blue Ocean La Laque Couleur in detail!

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#5forFriday: 5 Layering Combos I Can’t Get Enough Of

#5forFriday layering combos

Purely because I am pretty lazy, I seldom experiment with layering. In my book, whatever works, works. I can’t be bothered to go the extra mile for the stuff that doesn’t. While that hasn’t really changed, recently I figured out that sometimes one plus one equals more than two! Therefore, I am dedicating this week’s #5forFriday to 5 kickass combos I can’t get enough of!

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